Evolution of the Game Controller


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From MyExtraLife comes the evolution of the game controller, or rather, the devolution of the game controller if you ask me. Going by this chain, things peaked at the DualShock2, though I think a compelling argument could be made for the not-pictured N64 controller as well.

Now with Microsoft Kinect, we have to move our lumpy bodies around in our living room to control things, a feat that is not only absolutely retarded looking, but rather exhausting after an extended period of time as well.

I don’t think Kinect will be a success to be honest. For the “casual” market who already owns a Wii, this won’t be worth buying as an addition, the hardcore players who already own a 360 all laugh at this tech and its use in games, and for those who don’t have a console, they’re sure as hell not going to drop $500 on 360 + Kinect + a game as their first foray into the console market.


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