Every Weapon from Halo 4 Discovered So Far

I’m starting to get pretty damn excited for Halo 4. Whether that’s a good idea or not, I don’t know, as it could end up being a massive disappointment, but you know, I’m tired of being cynical. Yes, it’s like eightieth game in the series and being remade from scratch by a new company, but I want to have as much fun as I did with Halo 3 goddamnit!

A very important aspect of every Halo game is the weapons in your arsenal, and Halo 4 has spared no expense bringing back nearly every weapon from all the old games, in addition to creating a new class of weapons that I believe are from the forerunners.

A gallery has been assembled below of each new weapon in question, and you can check it out and pre-select your favorite.

Middle click to open each picture quickly in a new tab.



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