Every Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Fatality


 The above clip shows every fatality from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.  I didn’t buy this game because I feared it would become incredibly redundant, and I’ve never been a big fan of online play.  My fragile little ego can only withstand me being called a “f*ggot” by an anonymous 15-year-old so many times before I break down and cry.  I have been curious to see all the fatalities from this game, so if you’re like me and didn’t want to shell out the cash just to see the money shots, you’re welcome for the above clip.  If you’re not like me, want to trade lives?  I’m pathetic.

  • Bubba

    New to your site and I’m going to be back often. Keep up the good work.

    Those fatalities are pretty uninspired. Seems like every second one is just to drop the loser from a great distance and then jump on them. Lame-o. I’m not blaming you though, but maybe I should.

    The announcer sounds like Michael Dorn, i.e. Worf.

  • mk died with the snes

    I have to say ive been dissapointed with the recent MK games, but this on seals the deal. i wasnt thrilled with them doing the concept in the first place because it alone goes agenst eevrything MK was. but seeings this i know ive missed nothing. a good 50% ormo of those where just revisions of previous moves, and by revioson i mean they took all the gore out. the new ones were lack luster at best, and repetive. MK when it first came out released two games, one sega one nintendo, nintendo was “watered down” but removing the red from blood and making it “sweat” sega had the red, and by just a bit more then a landslide sega outsold the nintendo, so badly, that nintendo almost didnt get another mk game. so while they will only sell once version of this game i promise you this, other games wont hypocrisis out, your allready pitting two people to brutaly kill each other, adding blood doesnt make it anyworse, and others games will continue to do it, and MK will sadly, just be a memory from an age long gone.

  • Josh F

    Wow, this is just awful! I’ve never really been a big MK fan but the Fatalities were always good for a laugh, due to how over-the-top and ridiculous they were. These on the other hand are just plain bad. I know they had to tone down the violence level to get the “T” rating, but that doesn’t mean they had to tone down the creativity as well. There’s basically 4 “main moves” here, with several slight variations to them. Move 1.) Slam the guy into the ground. Move 2.) Shoot / throw something at the guy. Move 3.) Snap the guy’s neck. Move 4.) Turn the guy into a skeleton. The end. And why do all the characters just stand there after a victory except for The Flash? Why does The Flash feel the need to get all up close in your face? I also don’t understand why it’s fine to show dudes getting their necks snapped, burned alive, and impaled on spikes / swords, yet showing a guy get shot is a “no no.”