Every Armor Set You Can Unlock in Halo 4

As I mentioned in my review an hour ago, Halo 4 features a rather fantastic unlock system that will have you playing for eons. The best thing you can get? A billion sets of new armor, which at least triples the amount found in old games.

Some you get within the first few levels, others are going to take a long, long time. But nearly all of them are incredibly badass, and the design work that went into them is truly impressive.

This gallery shows the 40 odd armors you can unlock, but I’d be willing to be there are a few secret ones floating around somewhere. Check them all out below, and hunt them down in the game starting today.

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  • HarshReality79

    So is it just a rank up and purchase like Reach or is it event driven?

  • eLTeezy

    It looks like they borrowed heavily from Dead Space on a few…

  • Xioninon

    @ Harsh, it is event driven like Halo 3

    Anyone else see a little Assasin’s Creed in the stalker armor, that thing at the top kind looks like an eagle, which wouldn’t be significant if not for the name and the color scheme.

  • Mr. Right

    Cool, now if only they could bring Halo to a console that doesn’t suck.

  • Jack Baxter

    Is one of those the armour/helmet combo Agent Maine wears?

  • joelski

    @harshreality : Event driven. Ranking up via Xp for some armor mods, one has you using a HALO WAYPOINT app to unlock, and specific goals such as mastering certain weapons ( human/covenant/promethean/alloftheabove ). That’s not counting specializationa rmors, which is ten more sets (and pictured above)

  • Hailey

    The Oceanic one reminds me of a Big Daddy from Bioshock.