El Presador Guest Commentates a Modern Warfare 2 Game


Alright, I know I’ve featured at least one El Presador video here before, but he’s back with another one worth featuring. Despite his Spanish name, he’s actually a very exuberant (I have just now learned NOT black) dude who commentates his Modern Warfare 2 games where everything he does is awesome and everyone else is “camping bitches.”

Well, the fact is he’s not terribly amazing at the game itself, so a lot of his games are pretty average, though it’s hilarious when he gets frustrated. But Fellow MW2 player, Sandy Ravage, thought it would be a good idea for him to commentate one of HIS games, and this guy is actually really good, which makes El Presador call him a “beast” for most of the game. And by really good I mean he sprints around with the one hit kill SPAS, but whatever, it’s fun to watch if you’re not on the receiving end.