Eight Impossible Video Game Feats Achieved


There are some accomplishments in video games that are so rare, that only a few select people in the world can claim to have done them. And there are even fewer that have recorded them on video. Here are eight nearly impossible video game feats you are lying if you say you’ve done, but are pretty damn cool to watch.

1) Halo 3 (360) – Legitimate Killionaire


If there’s another known video of ten legitimate quick kills in Halo 3, I haven’t seen it. A bit of luck, a bit of skill, a bit of awesome.

2) Super Smash Bros (N64) – Fox vs. Two Falcons No Damage


What really makes this impressive is that it’s on the smallest level available. Absolutely inhuman.

3) Silver Surfer (NES) – Level 1 Complete


Yes, accomplishing the first level in Silver Surfer is a borderline impossible feat, and if you actually could do it, you had the patience of a saint.

4) Mario Kart 64 (N64) – 15 second Wario Stadium Finish


You could maybe do it once, possibly twice, but all three laps? Good luck.

5) Guitar Hero 3 (360) – Dragonforce Through the Fire and the Flame 100% on Expert


I’ve never seen this replicated. And by “this” I mean this kid’s level of toolage. But seriously, insane.

6) Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) – Escaping a Six Star Wanted Level



Especially with GTA IV’s new wanted system, it’s a nearly impossible task to escape the damn army coming after you. But someone did.

7) Battletoads (NES) – Perfect Turbo Tunnel Run


Battletoads is quite possible the hardest game ever created. And to perfect the Turbo Tunnel level? You’ve got to be kidding.

8 ) Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (PC) – Two Billion Point Combo


I didn’t believe it until I saw the unblurry number at the end.

  • The LOU

    Some of those were impressive but the six star wanted level Isn’t impossible at all I’ve dont it plenty of times not even meaning to, all it takes is get in a car drive until there are no cops behind you get out run through alleys get in another car, repeat process

  • AndrewST

    The only one that I have a question on is the Mario Kart 64 video. It has been a very long time since I played it but I do not recall ever starting with Mushrooms without some sort of cheats.

    It isn’t a legitimate achievement if it was done with cheats. But if I am wrong feel free to correct the error.

  • AndrewST

    I also never found Battle Toads to be an overly difficult game and a perfect Turbo Tunnel run wasn’t something rare…maybe I played video games a little too much as a child!

  • clarksc4

    Perfect tunnel run on Battle Toads is far from impossible. The main reason it wasn’t done that often is because there was a warp in front of the 10th stone in the last section.

  • Gabe

    Uh, you seem to have forgotten that if one presses the accelerator in Mario Kart at the right time before the go signal, one gets a boost similar to using mushrooms.

  • radar

    If you do Mariokart on the time trial mode you get three mushrooms…

  • Trippyhippy

    You start out with 3 mushrooms in time trial.

    I Beat silver surfer when I was a little kid.

    I got close to 2 Billion point trick on THPS. 1.6 Billion. The others are a bit harder than all that though.

  • loz

    I’ve seen at least 6-7 legit Killionaires and I myself have come quite close to one several times. TTFAF 100% is probably the rarest out of all achievements on this list.

  • Jordan

    For some reason nobody seems to know, but if you play time trial on the N64 version, you start with 3 mushrooms.

  • Dax Braxxon

    if you do a time trial in mario kart 64 you start out with 3 mushrooms. It would be impossible to do in a regular circuit match.

  • Mike

    You start off with 3 mushrooms in mario kart for time trials purposes.

  • anonLovER

    It would not be impossible to do in a regular circuit match.. you just have to start at the precise time to get the boost.. i’ve done it twice in a row before, but can’t nail the third..

  • Joe

    What about halo 3, legendary, all skulls on, solo?

  • george

    the ttfaf is a fake, the only person to do this was iamchrisforlife, that video is copied from a boots video, this is seen from the fact a)it’s the same character and guitar as the bot video
    b)the wammy is way too fast for a human to do, and he doesnt hit the notes early too start the whammy a.s.a.p but the whammy starts straight away

  • Brock

    Good list, except for the fact that that Through the Fire and Flames video is a fake. Three people have done it so far with a few other people being close. All three people that have done have a video on youtube. Just search for Iamchris4life, GHPhenom, and Baseballkid if you want to see them. Jprez, JameslikeCoulter, and ShonSuperStar are close as well. Every other 100% vid on youtube is fake.

  • kevin

    the guitar hero one is fake. but two people have actually done it. if you look at the frets on the screen they are not lighting up for each note, meaning they are not actually pushed down, meaning its a bot. but iamchris4life on youtube has done it, and also guitarherophenom.

  • iamchris4life is the only one to 100 ff. look at 130-140, did he press the button or tilt?

  • 1williamsg

    that guitar hero one is a fake because he activates the star power WITHOUT moving the guitar at 1:33 so it’s just a video on the screen and he’s just pretening to do it
    the other ones i think were ok achievements to get

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  • CJLopez

    Halo – ok
    Guita Hero one – Many other people had done it
    Mario Kart 64 – A mexican went to NintendoMania (an old mexican show of nintendo games, news, reviews) in 1997/98 and using peach he made a 12 seconds time. I have achieved myself 16 secs min, can break that though
    Smash Bros – Really, falcon, he has the worst AI of all. Try Mario or Pikachu, hell, even ness
    Battletoads – Impressive
    Silver Surfer – Never got to the game, but never found it that impossible
    Tony Hawk – Nice

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  • Tomer

    The Tony Hawk video is a fake. If you watch closely he keeps doing the same run, with the same tricks, over and over. It’s just a loop of the same run replaying over and over again.

  • jl

    i’m responging to AndrewST’s question…

    you start with three mushrooms in the time trials..

  • Arnold

    # Tomeron 22 Dec 2008 at 11:16 am

    The Tony Hawk video is a fake. If you watch closely he keeps doing the same run, with the same tricks, over and over. It’s just a loop of the same run replaying over and over again.

    So how the hell does it make that a fake?

  • Jerry

    I think Tomer is right. I’m assuming(since it’s the PC version) he’s just using scripts to play out all the tricks. I call fake.

  • Calibraxis

    For guitar hero, you don`t need to tilt to activate SP, you can just hit the button with the edge of the palm of your hand. saves time and effort, but looks less cool.

  • Amit

    Escaping the GTA IV 6 star is easy. Hide in a subway station and just keep killing cops till you get to 6. Then run away in the tunnels. They stop the trains and cant figure out where you are.

  • Brad

    This is kind of an awful list. Bungie published the first legit killionaire. That wasn’t it. Same map, wrong guy, wrong weapon. At any rate, it’s not that rare. I have about four killionaires in about 3500 games.

    A perfect on Super Smash Bros versus two computer controlled players is laughable, as is a Tony Hawk “high score” which uses cheats. The GTA escape has been done by everybody I know that’s played the game.

    The only two impressive feats on here are Guitar Hero and Battletoads, but I know several people who have completed the Battletoads course perfectly as well.

  • Jiminy

    Though many have said it – the most obvious tell that the Guitar Hero one is fake is the friggin’ “backtrack” icon on the upper-right of the kid’s tv screen at 00:36.

    Case closed.

  • mrh


    He recorded the bot video, then played it in his TV.
    If you don’t believe me then look closely at 0:36 , you will see the rewind icon in the TV.

    JefffN666 created the bot, around 40000 idiots on youtube thought they were smart stealing the video and claiming they got 100% on the song.

  • commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

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  • Nate V

    whats harder than the GTA on is getting the 5 minute 6 star achievement on foot. i managed to do it at the airport but i think i may have been using a glitch without knowing it.

  • xl Chief lx

    How about completing IWBTG on Impossible?
    Search it on YOutube.. Give that GUY the number one spot….

  • Joe

    I completed a 5 minute 6 star wanted level achievement quite by accident. Got in a helicopter and flew over to the West Island before it had been opened. Instant 6 stars, then flew back to an apartment, landed on the roof and changed clothes once inside. Easy.

  • xXburekXx

    battletoads wasnt hard i used to play it all the time and dont remember any really hard spots

  • a guy

    retarded article for retarded people.

  • wow the tony hawk one was sick