Easy Console Typing: Why Has This Not Been Invented Yet?

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This is one of those ideas where you slap yourself in the head and say “wow, how does this not exist already, and why didn’t I think of it?”

For too long, typing anything on consoles has been a tremendous pain in the ass, as you have to manually navigate to each letter on the virtual keyboard like you’re a grandma pecking the keys to forward a funny chain email.

But this two stick typing system is pure genius. One stick controls the group of letters, the other controls the individual letters within the group. So in other words, once you got the hang of it, you could probably type in a console as fast as you text, possibly even faster as it’s just flicking the stick in a direction or two.

I pulled this from reddit, where the creator is crowd sourcing to help him get this made. I, uh, hope he threw up a patent or something for it first. If you think you can help, head over there and chime in.


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