Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay


Apparently, this clip contains some gameplay footage from the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever.  It looks pretty good so far, but obviously needs some polishing.  My main concern, though, is the title of this game.  Duke Nukem “Forever?”  Batman Forever was an abomination, and Wu-Tang Forever was an overrated album and far inferior to Enter the Wu-Tang.  Will Duke Nukem Forever follow in the footsteps of these failed “Forever” projects?  I’m not real happy with Duke’s voiceover in this clip; it sounds pretty lame.  The character is a blatant ripoff of Ash anyway, so they might as well pony up the cash and hire Bruce Campbell to do Duke’s voice.

I’d also like to see some sh*tting down the neck, my favorite part of the original.

  • Ailise

    All this footage, screenshots, designs and so on got leaked because 3D Realms went bankrupt. Hence Duke Nukem Forever will never be released now.
    Just happen a few days ago.


  • Steve

    Yeah, guess you all hadn’t seen this yet:


  • G.R.

    I love this site, and most of the articles in here, but you guys should really hire someone who knows about videogames to write these articles. The text on this one reflects null knowledge about this game from the author. Your main concern is the title of the game? How about the 10 years it has been delayed, or the recent bankrupt of the company making it and how we may never see it.

    “Will Duke Nukem Forever follow in the footsteps of these failed “Forever” projects?” – Well, duh.

  • Madison

    @ G.R.

    Sorry dude. I had thought I read something that another developer was going to take the reigns from 3D Realms and finish the game, but apparently not. It’s not an uncommon concept.

    Still pretty cool to see what the game would have looked like, so it’s not a total loss.

    At least the “Forever” theory has gained a bit more momentum.

    Thanks for reading.