‘Dragon Age: Origins’ May Have the Coolest Launch Cinematic Ever


Now if only there was a way to prove that this kind of awesomeness would continue in-game. I have yet to see any actual gameplay footage from Dragon Age yet, so I’m split on if I should buy it. I’m probably just going to wait for the Metareviews.

My conflict is this. I love Bioware, mostly due to my third favorite game of all time, Mass Effect, but even though that was an RPG of sorts, it wasn’t turn based, and Bioware’s previous project, KOTOR, I just couldn’t get into due to my extreme distaste for any turn based game that isn’t Pokemon or Final Fantasy X.

I will probably end up getting Dragon Age, and I’ll learn to deal with the turn based crap if I have to. Knowing Bioware, they’re make it worth my while.


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