Don’t Play With Fire in Minecraft


Have you heard of Minecraft yet? It’s some highly addictive game with highly terrible graphics that everyone on the internet, can’t stop talking about. I’ve only really gathered that you mine minerals and build things, and not much more than that, but I might have to play it as it seems to be taking over a lot of people’s days. Though I’m wary of anything that claims to be TOO addicting.

In any case, even if you don’t play the game, you should appreciate this video. A guy has spent eons building an incredibly detailed Minecraft house out of wood, and his now going to demonstrate how to make a fireplace in said house. Guess what happens next?

  • hun23

    Minecraft is actually still free to play at the moment. The creator held a free weekend and his site got killed by the masses of people trying to play it. All you need to do is download it from his site and run it. Press “Log In” and then you can play

  • JapJay

    That video is awesome.

  • sam

    the major aspect you missed is the nighttime horrors that come out at night, and suddenly the game turns from an innocent building game to an epic fight to survive for as long as possible.

  • This is why my house is made of Stone, after witnessing the power of flint and steel in a nearby forest. It’s like New York City now, but hotter xD

  • VileThings

    I doubt he spent “eons” building that house, but he sure takes seeing it go up in flames with good humor. A friend of mine had a wooden ship go up in flames and another on his home after an update introduced lightning. Both didn’t take those “disasters” with that kind of humour, since they reall did spent considerable time on building the stuff.

    Back when logs would burn forever we had an area on an island on our little server where a lavapool ignited a huge forest. We called it the “inferno” and it was really cool travelling through it at night with the railsystem one of our friends built to connect all projects.