Diglett’s Dark Secret

Everyone who has played Pokemon has always wondered what exactly is going on underground with Diglett. Is he just a round little pellet, or is there another side of him that we’ve never seen before?

Here one artist imagines that Diglett is actually the most terrifying Pokemon of them all, if we were able to see what lurks beneath the surface.  The picture above is only a taste, the full image is below.

All hail Diglett.

  • jaromir

    Like the idea, but it kinda gets out of hand visually and practicality wise at the octopus head thingy. It just looks like 4 separate pictures put into one.

  • Ed
  • Gabriel

    WTF how does that all fit ino a Pokeball?!

  • @Ed: how is that better……??? 0_o

  • Paul S.

    Don’t wanna know what Dugtrio brings to the plate…

  • Sam

    @Ed: I wanted to write same post.:P

  • Mheart

    @Ed umm no… in no way better because both are too much for children to comprehend >.<

  • Mheart

    And also if they had stopped at the tentacle head then this picture could have been plausible

  • Bay

    @ed: I would so love to catch me a dugtrio now..

  • Jeremy

    Pokemon: Lovecraft Edition

  • jake stone

    Oh look, more Pokemon.

  • lilymoncat

    Prof. Oak: I told you boys not to go digging the rest of a Diglett up, but did you listen to me?