Final Fantasy 2 and The Devil Went Down to Georgia “Mashup”


Has anyone been watching the Geico Commercials with Mike McGlone lately?  I’m really not sure what to think about them.  The whole “does Geico save you 15% on car insurance….does a bear shit in the woods” routine is a little annoying and having a guy in a tuxedo introduce the subject doesn’t make it anymore interesting.

However, I will say the one with Charlie Daniels playing his mean fiddle was kind of awesome.  Awesome because it’s seeing Charlie Daniels play his fiddle and absolutely zero to do with Geico.

Speaking of Charlie Daniels, I decided to do a little searching on the web for any cool stuff involving “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”  What did I find?  This amazing mashup which wasnt’ even intended to be a mashup.  The youtube user who posted this had this to say…

So I was showing my friend how to use windows movie maker. I picked a random video (ffx-2) and a random song (Devil went down to Georga) and got this. It was supose to be just a tutorial and thats why its off in some places, but if you watch it, it actually came out really funny. We laughed for hours.

Kind of cool.

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