Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the Best Movie Trailer I’ve Seen All Year


Holy crap. I don’t post many video game cinematic trailers anymore, but I had to when I saw this spot for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is better than every single movie trailer I’ve seen this year. Apparently this debuted at E3, but it’s flown under the radar until now.

It’s perhaps one of the best video game cinematic spots I’ve ever seen. It’s well written, well scored, visually gorgeous, packed with creative action and it really makes me wish this was a feature film. I’m hooked on the storyline after only three minutes, and I’ve never even played a previous Deus Ex game. All this technology does seem just a bit ambitious for 2027, does it not? I’d say 2087 and we’re talking.

I’m sure actual gameplay isn’t quite as cool, but if the story and writing is an in-depth as is implied here, I’ll definitely be checking this out.


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