Deus Ex: Human Revolution Enlists Actual Humans for New Trailer


It’s a rare occurrence for a game to sell me on a single trailer, when previously I knew nothing about the series. No, I never got to play the old Deus Ex titles, as I wasn’t allowed and/or my PC couldn’t handle them. But I sure as hell am excited for the new game, Human Revolution.

The trailer that got me pumped isn’t even the one above, it was this one, which is quite simply one of the best video game cinematic spots I’ve ever seen. Watch it if you don’t believe me.

But now the ad campaign for the game is being ramped up with this new well-made live-action trailer you see above. It’s all the rage for games now to do live-action spots, as Halo has probably done it best and many followed after it. For Human Revolution, we get to see exactly why the game is called that, and how the future of augmentation might doom us all. Check it out above.


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