Decisions, Decisions

From an artist whose name I’m just going to assume from that little scribble is “Michael May” comes this rather cool piece illustrating one of Mario’s most profound life choices. Fight Bowser for Peach or Donkey Kong for uh, actually I don’t know, I always assumed that was just an earlier version of Peach.

Which would you go with? Barrels and the occasional fireball seems a lot less scary than bullets, turtles, mushrooms, skeletons, ghosts, bottomless pits and hammer throwing douchebags. Also, I think I’d rather take on King Kong than Godzilla, as that’s more or less what the final fight comes down to.

Although the problem? The quest in Kong never ends. It just keeps going and going until the game glitches and you essentially die of old age. At least the Bowser quest has an END. Although he’ll be stealing her again in the next game most likely.

  • jaromir

    Cool stuff!

  • Josh

    I also thought that was an earlier version of Peach in DK (and looking at my mame emulator, it IS just an earlier version of Peach). I don’t know who that girl he’s holding there is. Awesome picture all the same.

  • krispy k

    The girl from the Donkey Kong games is named Pauline

  • HooYaH

    The girl DK is holding is from Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem on the ds. I think…

  • Sara C.

    The girl from DK is Pauline, I believe. And Peach is so totally involved in some kind of twisted S&M sex game with Bowser, so whatevs to that ho, know what I’m sayin’?

  • Buddy Lee

    Yes, that is Pauline in the mini-land mayhem ds games too.

  • emjum

    its pauline…. the one mario loved before peach. hehe what a playboy. =)

  • i have that problem alot.. which one i want to save.. lol

  • of the picture does look mario face a difficult decision …

  • Spacemecha

    I’d choose… upskirt view. Otherwise the cake is a lie, so why bother…

  • Karri

    “screw this, I’m going to Moe’s”

  • blah