Debate of the Day: Will You Buy Black Ops 2?

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By now I imagine you’ve heard all about Black Ops 2, how Treyarch is “reinventing” the series by taking it to the “near-future” in 2025 when wars are fought entirely by robots. But not cool, Terminator robots, just like boring drone planes and stuff that get hijacked by terrorists and turned against the US.

It’s a “bold” new direction if you think that boldness involves changing from what your series has done for years and into something that OTHER series have done for years. But that said, it is different enough where fans might view it as a “new” experience for the series.

Is it going to sway you? I hate to admit it, but it’s  just enough to get me to pick it up. What can I say? I love the future. But really, even with this being my job, if Black Ops 2 was set during the Cold War or some other similar boring locale, I probably would have skipped it. But the future? I do want to see how COD mechanics translate into the era, though I have a distinct feeling that even if the skins are all changed and the guns makes slightly different noises, it’s going to be exactly the same game. But with horses.

Have you finally exhausted your time with Call of Duty, or does the future setting give it a bit more life? What would be a change to the series to truly get you interested again, if you no longer play it?


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