Debate of the Day: Why Are You a Fanboy?

In the entertainment world, the term “fanboy” is thrown around fast and loosely, but often accurately as you can stumble into any website (including this one at times) and hear people taking sides about various issues in the industry. There are typical divides like console vs. PC, Xbox vs. Playstation or Apple vs. Microsoft, but there’s also die hard devotion to a particular brand or content creator. There are Twi-hards, Kevin Smith devotees, Bioware worshipers, and so forth.

The question today is “why?” I’m not saying I don’t understand the concept, I’m just wondering how you got to be in the position you are in if you’re in one camp or another. If you straddle the lines and take no sides, I applaud you, but that’s a rarity on the internet these days. Most of us usually fall in certain camps, and I’m just curious as to how you got there. For example, I’ll start.

If you read most of my reviews, you know that I’m generally in the console camp when it comes to gaming. This is strange since I grew up PC gaming, as I wasn’t allowed to even own a console until I was a teen. So what happened? For me, it was when I started to realize that my average computer would need to be upgraded to an uber gaming PC in order to keep playing the best titles. Processing power wasn’t an issue during Rebel Assault 2 or Starcraft: Brood War, but today, trying to buy an play top titles, you need a specifically designed gaming rig. It’s been frustrating to drop thousands of dollars on new laptops and desktops only to have them barely able to chug along playing games on the lowest graphics setting.

Yes, I know it’s possible to assemble a gaming PC for “cheap,” meaning $600 or so, but when compared to a console that plays ALL games with NO modification for $300? It was just less work to be able to enjoy my favorite titles. I realize I’m probably not giving PC gaming a fair shake, and it’s less difficult than I’m envisioning it, but I’m just explaining how I got my bias, and why I feel the way I do. I like PC gaming at times, as I’ll play Starcraft for hours even though it’s on low graphics, but if a game comes out for Xbox and PC? The console is always going to win out, hence all the recent disbelief that I’m playing Deus Ex on 360.

So that’s one of my fanboy camps. I suppose I could explain my reasoning behind being and Xbox and PC guy (over Playstation and Apple), but I want to hear you guys’ own thoughts on fanboyism, and which camps you stand proudly in and why.


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