Debate of the Day: Why Are You a Fanboy?

In the entertainment world, the term “fanboy” is thrown around fast and loosely, but often accurately as you can stumble into any website (including this one at times) and hear people taking sides about various issues in the industry. There are typical divides like console vs. PC, Xbox vs. Playstation or Apple vs. Microsoft, but there’s also die hard devotion to a particular brand or content creator. There are Twi-hards, Kevin Smith devotees, Bioware worshipers, and so forth.

The question today is “why?” I’m not saying I don’t understand the concept, I’m just wondering how you got to be in the position you are in if you’re in one camp or another. If you straddle the lines and take no sides, I applaud you, but that’s a rarity on the internet these days. Most of us usually fall in certain camps, and I’m just curious as to how you got there. For example, I’ll start.

If you read most of my reviews, you know that I’m generally in the console camp when it comes to gaming. This is strange since I grew up PC gaming, as I wasn’t allowed to even own a console until I was a teen. So what happened? For me, it was when I started to realize that my average computer would need to be upgraded to an uber gaming PC in order to keep playing the best titles. Processing power wasn’t an issue during Rebel Assault 2 or Starcraft: Brood War, but today, trying to buy an play top titles, you need a specifically designed gaming rig. It’s been frustrating to drop thousands of dollars on new laptops and desktops only to have them barely able to chug along playing games on the lowest graphics setting.

Yes, I know it’s possible to assemble a gaming PC for “cheap,” meaning $600 or so, but when compared to a console that plays ALL games with NO modification for $300? It was just less work to be able to enjoy my favorite titles. I realize I’m probably not giving PC gaming a fair shake, and it’s less difficult than I’m envisioning it, but I’m just explaining how I got my bias, and why I feel the way I do. I like PC gaming at times, as I’ll play Starcraft for hours even though it’s on low graphics, but if a game comes out for Xbox and PC? The console is always going to win out, hence all the recent disbelief that I’m playing Deus Ex on 360.

So that’s one of my fanboy camps. I suppose I could explain my reasoning behind being and Xbox and PC guy (over Playstation and Apple), but I want to hear you guys’ own thoughts on fanboyism, and which camps you stand proudly in and why.

  • Rob J

    Judging from the comments on your first Deus Ex journal your not the only one in disbelief that your playing it on an xbox for the first time instead of the PC. Not a big deal to you since you haven’t played the first one but it will give your review a bit of variety which can be nice 🙂

    However, Let me try show you this from a pc fans point of view.

    The problem is so far your main complaints are few but concern the game controls and that a quick save/load feature would of been nice.

    You know from reading about the game and from the comments on your journal that the PC has those features and that the controls are generally more fluid

    It’s kind of like when people review multi platform ports of major console games to Wii…like the new call of duty. The graphics suck compared to the console version and its missing some of the other consoles content so its gets a more negative review.

    That’s what will happen with a lot of Deus Ex reviewers who choose the console version…the pc will get the shaft.

  • matt

    i have to admit im ill attempt to argue for the xbox, because i have one but i have to admit the PS3 does seem better. And i am a bioware worshipper becasue of DA, KotOR, and mass effect, along with bethesda and ubisoft

  • MZC

    I’ll admit, I’m a little bit of a PC fanboy myself but only when it comes to FPS. I grew up playing Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Half-life, etc… and it alway rubbed me the wrong way when console players shout out to the heavens that Goldeneye was the best FPS ever, or how “leet” they are at playing COD on their 360. When ever I hear stuff like that all I I can think is if they grew up playing games on a PC then they’d know that none of that was actually true.

    Of course then I remember to stop thinking like a douche and accept that just because someone had a different experience with gaming than me doesn’t make them necessarily wrong.

  • Mike Hunt

    I enjoy both, but am more bias towards pc. PC generally allows for reconfiguring controls, better graphics(hardware dependent), allows for more aim control and has no auto aim function and modding. PC also has a strong competitive community and is great for most genres (fps, rts and indie games).

    I think PC players tend to dislike consol players for several reasons. Console gaming has had negative impacts on PC gaming, it normal practice for developers to charge for DLC and due to its popularity developers usually spend more time on console game development and release bad PC ports(GTAIV for instance), which in turn removes the PC’s player ability to customise games to their liking such as FOV and FPS caps.
    Furthermore I also believe that there is a certain mentality to pc gamers saying they are superior because they feel threatened. FPS gaming, TDM and multiplayer all began on the PC and it was a specific sub cultural group. But now gaming is more accessible to casual gamers through consoles. This has taken away from the uniqueness of PC gaming and made it more mainstream.

    And the most important point, PC gamers are better looking and better players then u console scum 😛 jks

  • Metallimetal

    This was a pretty good topic, although, I’ve never really considered myself a fanboy…

    Growing up, I had no real biases, as I had most of the major (NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis) consoles. However, when the N64 came out, I was not interested in it whatsoever, my brother actually ended up getting it. A year later, I got the Playstation 1… I had been sold on the system after playing Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, and Twisted Metal with other friends who already had them. Since then, I’ve stuck with Sony as my system of choice. The mere fact that following systems would be backwards compatible didn’t hurt either. Also, I don’t typically buy systems on day one, I usually wait a year or so for the price to drop, and for them to have a decent lineup already available.

    Late Last year, I purchased an Xbox 360. It was the first Microsoft system that I’d owned, something that I thought would never happen. However, when you have money to spend, you tend to buy things just because the deal was too good to pass up. That being said, I still don’t play it all that much, and the fact that I have to pay for online still doesn’t sit well with me. Currently, I only own about 5-6 titles, compared to about 30 for the PS3 system. Being that I’ve only owned it for about a year, those numbers are a bit skewed, but the truth is I don’t see many games coming up that I’ll be getting on Xbox. The only games that come to mind… Gears of War 3 and Halo (whenever that drops).

    Like I said, I don’t picture myself as a fanboy, but if I had to choose, I’d go with Sony all the way. Despite the outcry for the PSN Hack, I never felt like it was a do or die moment for Sony. As for the people who dropped Sony like a bad habit, well, that’s on them. Aside from Sony’s impressive collection of quality games, I also enjoy not having to pay to play online, and I’ve yet to have any major problems when gaming online. In fact, I’d say it’s about the same experience that I get on Xbox Live, only it’s $50 less a year. Basically the only way I’ll buy a game for Xbox, is if it’s an exclusive title…

    Bottom line: Both systems have their ups and downs, both have great games to play, and virtually the same online experience (Xbox Live players can be downright obnoxious!)can be had on either system. However, sometimes it just comes down to what you know, and how much you’re willing to spend. With Sony, I know what to expect, even if they don’t always deliver… And, for the time being, I don’t have to pay to play online, so there you go.

  • Comfortable Madness


    “….rubbed me the wrong way when console players shout out to the heavens that Goldeneye was the best FPS ever…”

    Agreed. It IS the best FPS ever.

  • Giliz

    I’m kinda the opposite of Paul wherein I grew up with the consoles but have transitioned to PC as my primary. We had one computer in our house and time on it was limited until I got older as opposed to my SNES/PS1 which was in my room. I started loosing interest in consoles once PS2 and XBox came out because I saw the high sticker prices and my jaw just dropped. Once I got to college PC games were the easiest things for me to get a hold of and I’ve been an avid PC gamer since. I know more people play consoles than PCs but I’ve yet to play an RTS or FPS (my main genres) that works as well on a console than a PC. I will agree that the constant need to upgrade irritates the he** out of me but I’m usually laid back about graphics. If I can play it fine on minimal settings then I’m happy.

  • andrew

    Speaking of Deus Ex…Paul, I’m curious to see your take on this one:

    Stupid Game Stop.

    I’m not a fanboy, I go where the games take me. I grew up with a Atari, then a Nintendo (NES-N64), then a Playstation (1 and 2), and now I have an Xbox 360. I just buy the system that looks like it has the most going for it at the time. I know, lame.

  • Johnny Boy

    I read all the comments and it got me thinking about where I stand. Owning a decent PC and a PS3, which one do I play more? Which one do I ultimatly like better?

    I was going to say PC, but… well, to tell the truth, both, equally!

    For the PC, I enjoy the precision in FPS, like in Fallout or Call of duty and I really enjoy D&D type games like Diablo or Heroes of Might and Magic because mainly of the controls and the use of a mouse. Notice I didn’t include the versions. That’s because it’s fun to play the old versions of these games. I personnaly think HoMM 3 is the best one in the genre ever made. I still play it from time to time.

    But then, for the PS3, I really enjoy having the opportunity to rent a game and try it out before I buy it. If I can finish it in 2 or 3 days, then I’m very glad I didn’t pay 60$ but rather 6$ for it.
    Like it’s been said, the thing I enjoy the most is to be able to play games like Crysis 2 where the graphic card on my PC would not support it.

    In conclusion, I think the PC versus console is not the real debate! This is where I think the debate stands (and to answer Paul question):

    PC vs Mac: Power and customization over looks and stability… anytime!

    PS(1,2,3) vs Xbox. Sorry, can’t says that I know the difference! I hate Microsoft! That’s it, no logic behind. Never played an Xbox in my life… and that’s why I know i’m a Fanboy! 😀

  • Andy

    It’d take all day to defend all my camps, so I’ll just stick with console vs computer gaming for now.

    I grew up with consoles, and didn’t get a computer until I was in my teens. That definitely planted the seed, but I think the main reason I choose consoles over pc is because it’s just easier. You know the game is gonna work when you put it in. You don’t need to have certain specs, you don’t have to download drivers, and you don’t have to configure ports in your router or mess with your firewall to play multiplayer.

    It doesn’t help that I’m fairly computer illiterate. I can imagine that I’d probably prefer the customization that pc offers over consoles if getting a game to work properly wasn’t such a hassle.

  • JenovaImproved

    Computers are the definition of freedom in use. I can do anything and everything I want with it. A console is like the high security prison of the RIAA-game style. I can’t do a damn thing outside of what a game creator wants me to do, and multitasking is impossible. Not to mention a keyboard has much more freedom and accuracy of input and such a higher amount of applications available. Not to mention im not forced to upgrade when they decide to only make newer games on the newer platform.

  • tuffy

    I roll with Microsoft and Nintendo. I Have a Windows phone 7, Xbox 360, Zune HD and Windows 7 on my PC. It’s really convenient to pay $15 bucks a month for unlimited music and be able to stream it from my computer to the Xbox and swap files from any of my devices effortlessly. As far as Nintendo goes I was a die hard Nintendo fan all the way through the GameCube. The Wii has really set them back in my eyes, I was in line for 5 hours in 2007 to get one and I have played exactly 5 titles for it. It’s been such a disappointment to me and I have no plans on buying the Wii U unless they get some major support… and even then I’m so invested in my Xbox with a big library, so much Zune support and my gamer score idk if I’ll ever be able to justify buying a competitors console unless Nintendo really does something special. I might get a PS3 for the Blu Ray player but we’ll see… All that being said I have no problems with Playstation, it has its own merits. As does the Wii, they just weren’t my choices.

  • trashcanman

    Fanboys = losers. No matter what you’re a fan of. I happen to love every single film Tarantino has made and I prefer the Xbox 360 as my gaming system of choice FOR RIGHT NOW, but the second QT makes a crappy film or the PS3 has better games, those facts will change. A fanboy is somebody who will get worked up into a hate-filled lather telling you that Littlebigplanet is better than Halo and Gears of War and Mass Effect put together if you’re a “true gamer” or that only idiots will play Skyrim on a console because you can’t create a child-killing or nudity mod, or that Transformers is the greatest trilogy in the history of cinema just because. The actual facts and personal tastes that account for opinion mean nothing; everyone who doesn’t agree with a fanboy is an enemy to be slandered. It’s pathetic and it’s made nerd culture resemble sports jock culture in ways that make me ashamed to be part of the community much more so than when being an adult who plays video games and reading comic was considered socially unacceptable. I don’t have a shit-ton of money to buy a gaming PC and constantly update it every time a new game comes out and I don’t have the know-how to build my own on the cheap. Deal with that fact, PC enthusiasts. I’ll still stomp you flat at Halo or MvC3. Oh wait, you can’t play that one without a console. Wah.

  • Console people always throw the price out there like it’s *OH SO MUCH CHEAPER* for a console. IT’S NOT!

    $300 for your Xbox / PS3
    ~$150+ (minimum) for a cheap monitor / TV
    ~$10-$20 for an HDMI cable
    $50 for your extra controller (or more if you want more)

    It’s really not much cheaper at ALL. And no, you don’t get to count your existing TV for free, because I don’t get to count my existing monitor for free in my “cheap PC”.

    I play a lot of fighting games, which are definitely superior on consoles, and I am certainly not a “console hater”. The fact remains that Shooters and RPGs are unquestionably better on PC, while consoles are inferior for just about everything but Fighting games, actually…

    That being said, there’s nothing wrong with playing on a console, but the fact that there are actually people who say they’re “console gamers” is just about the dumbest thing ever. Saying your a “PC Gamer” makes sense because it’s an entirely different market with a rich history. Saying your a “console gamer” is stupid because everyone and their mom played Super Mario on the NES and no one is special for being a “console gamer”.

    It’s also completely ridiculous for anyone to ever try to argue that PC gaming is anything but superior, much less that consoles are some how BETTER. Consoles have their purpose, and it’s great, but they are always behind on hardware and limiting in options. Some people like the simplicity of them, and that’s fine– good for you–but saying they are BETTER than PCs? That’s just freaking stupid.

  • xXwatsthepointXx

    Personally i grew up playing everything. Growing up my favorite game was GoldenEye on the N64. I absolutley loved Diablo and still play it to this day. But that being said the moment I picked up an xbox controler I was in love. It was the most comfortable thing and it just felt natural.

  • @MetalMusicMan

    Not to egg you on here but come on…

    – Practically everyone who is interested in video games already owns a TV so yes, you do get to count that. Even still, I wasn’t actually including monitor cost in my initial price assessment for a gaming computer. Also on laptop, the screen is built in.

    – HDMI cables can be included, but if not, you can get them for about $3 online

    – So how does local multiplayer work on a PC again? Oh yeah, it doesn’t exist, unless your friend is sitting in the room with you using another $600-$1000 gaming laptop.

    As for the rest of what you said, you are the definition of the picture I posted.

  • @Paul

    “Practically everyone who is interested in video games already owns a TV so yes, you do get to count that.”

    If you’re going to say that, then I might as well say that practically everyone owns a monitor, or a TV that could be used a monitor. It’s 2011, nearly everyone who has ever even thought of gaming in any regard has an LCD screen of some sort.

    “As for the rest of what you said, you are the definition of the picture I posted.”

    Not even, I don’t have anything against consoles. I have something against people who think consoles are “superior”. If anything is going to be superior, it’s going to be the one that, you know, does more things and is infinitely more capable.

    Local multiplayer works fine in games that are designed for it. You can play Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC with two players by plugging in two controllers to any USB port. The same goes for many racing games, etc.

    Games like First Person Shooters aren’t meant to be played in local multiplayer (no one likes split screen anyway, it’s TERRIBLE), and neither are RPGs. This is why they don’t have the feature, because everyone just wants to play online anyway.

    Consoles are, at best, equivalent to PCs. Which is fine, but if you had to designate one as “superior”, it would certainly be the PC.

  • ilikeicecream

    Comparing ps3/x360 is relatively redundant, there’s just not enough high profile exclusives these days. I remember when the playstation first came out, and it was a massive turf war with the 64. I became a firm sony fanboy (thanks FF!) but have retreated heavily because i couldn’t afford the sticker price of a brand new ps3. I ended up getting an x360 about a year after it came out, and it was purely a price decision. Somewhere around my first job i could no longer expect a new console under the xmas tree.

    PC vs. console on the other hand is one i’m still fundamentally involved in. Why would i constantly spend money on a computer just to play games with good graphics? Why would i accept a reality where i click to shoot, instead of pulling a trigger? I always felt weird clicking around playing counterstrike, a game that people still play. Not to mention it’s a little more difficult for me to just throw my gaming rig in my car and LAN with a buddy, as opposed to picking up a second controller (or using system link, which i appear to be the only person in history who ever has).

    As far as modding, i don’t really see the point. It might be fun to play someone elses levels and such (which THPS2 allowed you to do, all the way back on PS1), but it’s not a major drawcard of the gaming experience for me.

  • abc

    I used to be a major PC guy.. but now am for consoles. The main reason is being that im on a PC all day for work and dont really feel like sitting in front of it all night. The other reason is that im really fed up tinkering with stuff to get it to work just right.. i dont have that time anymore since i work full time. I still crank up the PC for games of SC and DoTA games since consoles cant do those type of games well (yet.. im sure they will find a way of doing them well sometime in the future.. heck 15 years ago we didnt think wed see fps on a console)

    The main benefits of pc really arnt there anymore. Most games cant be modded or are difficult to mod. The gap in graphics really isnt that noticeable since games are limited by the consoles (inb4 some kid says he can tell the difference between a game 720p and 1080p), the framerate on most quality games is pretty smooth so no big deal. Mouse and keyboard controls are the real only advantage and the dedicated servers (a lot of pc games are moving to matchmaking unfortunately)

    But as someone who only plays maybe a hour of games a day consoles seem to be the way to go.

  • Phat Daddi

    I own the PS3, XBox 360 and a PC. I play my PS3 far more because there are titles on that system that are exclusive, God of War for example. And @Metallimetal, I agree, I’ve never felt comfortable paying $50 a year just to play online for the XBox 360. Hell, you even have to pay that just to watch Netflix and I can stream it for free on my PS3 or PC. I used to be a Nintendo Freak and worshiped them up until the Gamecube. I still haven’t gotten the Wii nor do I plan to.

    So here’s how it breaks down for me:

    I play my PS3 almost on a daily basis. Almost daily because I have three kids and I don’t have time to play games everyday. I have more games for it as well. About 15 games since I bought the system last year. Not only that, I have a Blu-Ray player along with a game system. Right now, most of my Blu-Rays consist of the animated movies DC has come out with in the past year.

    My PC, I use everyday as it is the centerpiece to my entertainment theater. I only play FPS games on it since I suck at the PS3 or 360 versions of COD titles.

    The XBox 360 was a gift to my wife and she hardly plays it. It has the Kinect and I’ve only purchased about 5 games for it. None of which I want to play online.

    So, I’m pretty rounded out as to what I prefer. I like it all and if it’s a good game, I’ll buy it for whatever system I want it on.

    @MZC Goldeneye was the BESTEST FPS game EVAR!!!11!

  • kiniki

    I own almost every major console since the Master System (bit of a collector) and I have played all of them a lot…

    I’ve gone back and forth between the platforms so much over time. But I’ve consistently played on PC since my 386 with 4mb RAM.

    I bought a gaming laptop and I think that’s is what has made me play more on the PC, along with Steam. I travel a lot and it’s easier to take my laptop with me than a console.

    I prefer using mouse & keyboard for FPS, RPG and Strategy games, so anything like that I will play on the PC. For sport, racing and platformers I will play on a console.

    I guess I am not really a fanboy anymore (back in the 90’s I was fiercely Pro SEGA… but I was a kid) As I have got older I find different platforms are better at different things.. So I will use whatever feels best for whichever situation.

    Also I can’t stand the constant back and forth arguments. I don’t see the point in defending pieces of plastic from the hatred of others. I think as you grow older you start to not care what other people think, I do whatever works best for me regardless of other people’s thoughts on it

  • I’m a member of the glorious PC gaming master race, always have been. Started on the ZX82, then my dad bought a £3000 power house back in 1997 (the specs make me laugh xD). There’s always been a PC in the house, and I’ve always used it. The only console I can say I’ve ever truly enjoyed was the megadrive. Maybe at a push, the PS1 (I absolutely love Spyro! I just didn’t really play many other games for it).

    I suppose you could say I’m a fanboy, but it’s only really manifested recently. Pretty much in line with publishers shafting PC gamers in multiplatform releases – as the practice has got worse, so has my grumpiness. Console gamers are a conveniently present group to rage at, and they’re all too willing to do the same back. Passes a lot of time, and the collective rage of PC gamers has actually garnered some real concessions from the publishers and developers, so it’s not like it’s been pointless either.

  • Sam

    Anyone that says littlebigplanet>halo, gears of war and mass effect is wrong. However! Saying littlebigplanet, uncharted, resistance and god of war>halo and gears is a MASSIVE understatement. Xbox fans can’t claim mass effect as theirs any more since it’s no longer exclusive.
    If you couldn’t tell by that previous paragraph, I’m a big playstation fan, have been since the ps1. But I’m not the type that will deny that other systems have their merits. I used to have a 360, but I sold it because I never played it. When I had my 360 I only played reach, for about two weeks, gears for about two hours and both mass effect games completely. Other than that I used it for netflix. It wasn’t a bad system, I just preferred the ps3.
    Also, I will never understand 360 owners that scream that the ps3 is “too expensive” yet they’ll buy a 360 AND a blu ray player.

  • Nick

    I am almost exclusively a PC gamer – the most recent console I had was a Dreamcast.

    Paul and every one else who is under the impression that a PC is expensive and needs upgrading – well you’re wrong. Basically any midrange, midprice PC will give you better graphics than a console. I’ve been running my current rig for four years without upgrading and I can still run any current game on better settings than a console.

    And in terms of price there a couple of things to think about. Everyone I know who owns a console also owns a PC. So if you took the £300 that you spent on your console and used that to improve that PC you’ve got around you would have a superior gaming machine.

    It is also worth baring in mind that PC games tend to be £10/$10 cheaper than their console counterparts. Paul, I imagine that you have quite a few games so you can see how that soon adds up. Not to mention the fact that PC games tend to have better deals (just look at Steam sales). If you look at my Steam account for instance:

    I’ve saved about £600 through Steam sales which is pretty ridiculous. And I didn’t even have to go out to buy games or for them to be delivered. I’ll have it preloaded and ready to go.

    For games that require it you can plug in a gamepad to your PC whilst in most cases a mouse and keyboard will always be superior. This is likely to be demonstrated by the new Counter Strike game as it allows cross-platform play so cue shouts of complaint from console jockeys as M+K users destroy them.

    Someone earlier mentioned that they don’t care about mods…which is a pretty stupid attitude IMO. Take the upcoming Gun Runners Arsenal dlc pack for Fallout New Vegas – practically every weapon in it is already available as a free mod and generally looks better than the official version.

    In terms of greater importance mods look at Knights of the Old Republic 2. The Restored Content patch adds back in a hell of a lot of content and turns that game into something awesome.

    And as someone pointed out above, PC games tend to have much greater customisation options. When I see console screenshots of DXHR I actually cringe at the jaggies – I am so glad that I have the chance of turning up antialiasing. And FOV. And tesselation. And resolution. And texture detail. And having a UI that can display more than about 5 menu items at once (fuck you Oblivion!)

    It really isn’t too challenging to build your own PC – the whole thing is modular and if you follow intructions it really is simple.


    “So how does local multiplayer work on a PC again? Oh yeah, it doesn’t exist, unless your friend is sitting in the room with you using another $600-$1000 gaming laptop.”

    Pretty much and at least it prevents screen watching.

    So yeah, PC ftw.

  • keriv

    I’m going to have to go with PC on this one.

    I’ve gone in between my options for years, and have finally settled on the pc for being the best option. But I can say this isn’t the case for everyone.

    For one, graphics don’t matter to me. With the current batch of systems, the graphics are mind blowing. I have both xbox 360 and ps3, and on that level it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

    The number one thing that matters to me is useability and versatility. Game systems aren’t just systems anymore. Back in the day, you pressed the power button and started playing a game. This isn’t the case anymore. Now you turn it on, cycle through menus, get force fed some advertisements, then play the game. If your playing multiplayer on a top notch title, then there will be features that are denied to you because you didn’t spend another fifteen dollars for three or four maps (Halo, Call of Duty). Then if your playing ps3, every other time you turn it on, every feature will be locked until you download the new firmware and install it. This happens way too often. That kills at least twenty minutes of your time. Then its time to choose what game to play. Your choices are fps, fps, fps, another fps, and an fps with rpg elements, rpg with fps elements, or racing game. Not to say they aren’t good, but they aren’t original or varied either.

    If I’m not playing a game, and want to watch netflix, I need to pay microsoft fifty dollars a year for the right to watch a service I’m already paying ten dollars a month to access. No matter what happens or what you do, microsoft and sony are always going to be dictating how I can use the machine I spent $300 bucks on.

    With pc, this doesn’t happen. Its all my choice. Every major game that comes out on the big 2 also get released on pc. Better yet, it gets released via digital download, so it downloads ahead of time and becomes playable the day of release. No gamestop, best buy, wal-mart, or any other god forsaken retailer involved anymore.

    Plus, I get to play games I didn’t even remember I liked. They simply don’t exist on xbox and ps2. Dawn of War 2 is the best strategy game that has come out in ten years. Starcraft 2 is just a new coat of paint on the same old crap. The Witcher, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and a butt load of others. In either case, you don’t get to even know these games exist without a pc. Plus, with the advent of digital downloads, I can download the game as many times as I need. If I wipe my system, I just download the game again. No one can scratch my disks, rendering my game unplayable, steal it, or misplace it in a different box. They’re all just right there ready to go.

    So that why I prefer pc. They are wayyyyyy more expensive. I sunk $2000 grand into my main rig this january, and $1000 into my laptop the year before. But, when you add up two xbox 360’s(red ring of death), and ps3, your easily into gaming pc territory.