Debate of the Day: Who Won E3?

E3 is technically still going on I believe, but now that the big three’s press conferences are over, it’s time to start debating who “won” the event as we always do. The above graphic may clue you in to my thoughts on the matter, and this should disprove the notion once and for all that I’m an Xbox fanboy. I know enough to admit when my brand has dropped the ball.

But really, I think the entire event was kind of a bust. Nothing from the Big 3 got me particularly excited, and really my only “holy shit!” moment came during the incredible Skyrim demo.

Microsoft: Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect and oh yeah, more Halos. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I expected Microsoft to not do much this year, but that doesn’t mean they should haven. Yes, they have strong sales of both 360 and Kinect, and are in a comfortable position, but the entire presentation was devoted to the Kinect system, and honestly it did nothing to convince me to actually buy one. If this is included as part of some future console, great, but I’m not going to pay $150 to talk my way through Mass Effect or 3D finger paint. Halo 4 would have been a nice surprise, if it was just that, a surprise, but their own ineptitude caused the info to leak early, and that wast he crux of their entire presentation.

Sony: As I’m an Xbox guy, Sony is supposed to be my Mortal Enemy, but even I have to admit they did a much better job than Microsof this year. I think finally everyone will be able to stop talking about the PSN breach (that is, if the hacks actually stop), and move on to talking about actual games again. Uncharted 3 looked phenomenal, and I was further impressed with how much I actually dug the Vita, in both name and execution. At only $250, Nintendo has a real handheld competitor on their hands, and ironically LACK of 3D might be what gives the Vita a leg up. Sony pushing console 3D and Move was annoying, and I don’t think that 24 inch TV bundle is going to spark the 3D gaming revolution they hope it does, but overall, a well done show.

Nintendo: Congratulations to Nintendo for having the most confusing console reveal in history at E3. I understand wanting to showcase the innovative new control scheme of your console, and downplaying the specs that the actual box has if they’re lackluster, but you need to be clear that this IS a new console and it DOES have a box. I was less able to be impressed with the tech as I was mainly trying to figure out what the hell I was seeing.  The name, WiiU, certainly didn’t help, as for a while I thought it was just an extension of the current Wii. But once we figured out what was going on, the tech does look cool. I’m not going to say it’s not a gimmick, but it does seem to be more relevant to gaming than straight up motion controls, as that second mini-touchscreen has a lot of potential.

Nintendo has won E3 by the simple virtue of a new idea and originality. What do you think?


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