Debate of the Day: Where Will Grand Theft Auto 5 Be Set?

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Grand Theft Auto 5 is on its way, and with it comes a whole host of speculation about what exactly it will entail. A trailer is premiering next week on the 2nd, so that leaves us a whole week to guess what it might contain. Two notable questions come to mind.

Where will the game be set?

What race will the main character be?

The first question affects gameplay far more, while the second will effect news coverage. I remember protests from Italians over the early games, and then black people San Andreas. In GTA IV they banked that no one would get offended over a violent hero from the Balkans, and no one did. So, will it just be some white guy to avoid controversy? Or will they take another stab at a different race or creed?

CJ was my favorite GTA hero to date.

Do you think the game will stay in Liberty City? The money-inspired “Five” symbol on the logo indicates it might have a Wall Street  theme with the current crisis, but Liberty City IS fictional New York. Part of me thinks they don’t want the elaborately crafted map of GTA IV to go to waste, and they might just tweak it for the new game. That would break tradition howver, as in each new title, there has been a new map. So if not Liberty, then where?

I didn’t ask this initially, but I’m also wondering about the tone. Before IV, the games were somewhat goofy, and had plenty of mayhem, but it was all in good fun. IV had a super serious plotline with a tragic ending that was unavoidable no matter what you did. With some praising Saints Row as a “more fun” version of GTA, will they dial back the solemness of the last game a bit?

Your thoughts?


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