Debate of the Day: What’s the Hardest Video Game Level You’ve Ever Played?

Games are generally a lot easier than they used to be, so I’m guessing most of today’s answers will come from older titles. What game have you played that had a level so difficult, you remember it to this day?

I have a few options on the table, the primary one being the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time, seen here. It frustrated me so much, I actually quit the game, as no, as a result, I have never beaten the game in its entirety. Yes, I could probably go back and do it now, as I’m smarter than I was at eleven, but this level stills scares me to this day.

Other examples would include rings levels from both Superman 64 (I’ve heard I’m not the only one who had problems with this), and also rings in GTA: San Andreas, where somehow flight school became the hardest damn mission in the entire game.

Alright, those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, what about you? A “level” can also be a boss or a segment as well.

  • Kristoph

    Mmmm no. I never got stuck, I’m the Boss.

  • ben

    prinny can i be the hero is one tough psp game!

  • I totally gave up on Timeshift. (Don’t laugh) Final boss was impossible. I tried for a month then finally traded the game in. Almost gave up on Force Unleashed when you have to bring down the Imperial whatchamacallit. My disc had a glitch. Beat it the first try with a new disk. I don’t know who was dumber, The new Bionic Commando or me but I gave up on that too.

  • Greg

    You could do the Water Temple! This is how I remember doing it at age 12: start at the bottom and work your way to the top, then go back to the bottom and work your way to the top again.

    I always thought the Tick Tock Clock level in Mario 64 was pretty challenging. Also, the Halo CE level on board the Truth and Reconciliation was really hard if you were on Legendary (I guess that’s true for any Halo level on Legendary, but for some reason that sticks out in my mind). The Poison Ivy fight on Batman AA was also pretty tough if you were playing on Hard (I thought that was kind of the only real “boss” fight in that game, and it took me more than 1 try to beat it, whereas Harley and Joker were both taken down on the first attempt).

  • MajorTool

    Any game where I had to look up the walk-through and been like “WTF! I would of never of figured that out”

  • Mortecouille

    Clearly the Elite Four!

  • Kristoph

    Wait I thought of something, SKI-FREE!

  • Rainbow Road.

  • Rob J

    Shit I got stuck on the Flight School in San Andreas and I thought it was just me! I got an awful lot easier a few years later on my own PC with a real gaming mouse and the controls set-up properly though 🙂

    Killing outright X-atm092 in FF8 and some underwater level in TR2 back in my very young days.

    Lately though hardest game and most satisfying game has to be playing L4D2 on Realism Expert mode with 3 other competent players 🙂

  • Ratsqueezer

    If there’s any doubt that it’s the jetbike level from the original Battletoads, you clearly didn’t play Battletoads.

  • trashcanman

    Battletoads. Every goddamn non-fighting level of Battletoads.

  • Erin Norris

    Darksiders. I wanted to play it since it was said to be like Zelda and had Mark Hamill as a voice actor. Very first boss, I got stuck. And I’m a very determined gamer (I took it very personally when God of War started asking me if I wanted Easy Mode on Ares). Tried and tried and tried again. I simply could not kill Tiamat.

    Box is still sitting on my shelf, taunting me with its daily reminders of my shame and embarrassment.

  • Brendan

    The game itself of Dennis The Menace. No clue what you were supposed to do or where you were supposed to go. Things would randomly hurt you and there was I think a landing you were supposed to jump to but in no way was it jumpable.

  • Bigdog

    The Water Temple almost sucked the life out of me.

    I would leans towards the Sanctuary, in Cave Story or the last Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both very very difficult yet highly enjoyable. Died at least a hundred times in each.

  • mcnuggets

    7th saga. i’m not too sure if it was just hard, tedious, or straight up unappealing, but i never brought myself to finish that thing.

  • Comfortable Madness

    Ug. The water temple definitely ranks up there. The ice level in the original Mega Man also drove me crazy. F*****G dissapearing bricks almost drove me insane.

  • Kankerz

    Mike Tyson. I’ve cheated on an emulator and slowed it down to 10x slower, and still only won by decision. He has a punch that’s literally one frame long. he’s standing still, then you’re punched in the face.

  • rearadmir0l

    The level near the end of Ninja Gaiden with columns that you had to jump on — just couldnt ever do it, so I quit.

  • CPT Awsum

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day/Live and Reloaded. Both versions: nearly every part of it! Specifically, the Poo King and the WWII area. I was only able to get through it with 2 others, constantly handing over the controller each time one of us died. 13 hours from eve to morn we did it!

  • Dante

    Ninja Gaiden. The originals for NES. I’m just now to the point where I am emulation cheating and load save stating to get to the end. It’s been a couple weeks now.

  • Jonathan

    it sounds dumb, but the worst i’ve been stuck that i can remember right now is on a boss fight in Dante’s Inferno. fighting his father at the end of the Greed circle was irritatingly difficult. my friends and i started passing the controller around and trying every strategy we could think of. finally beat it after an hour and a half of trying.

    of course, then my roommate started his own game on easy mode (like a bitch) and beat him on the first try.

  • Bandit

    NES – Kid Icarus
    that game is unpossible.

  • Joe

    If any of you played Call of Duty 3, the checkpoint that starts off with someone saying “We’ve got to get across this road” will suck a good five hours of your life away, easily.

    I hated that game so much for that one single checkpoint…

  • freakscene

    Hands down: NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Technodrome level.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to beat this game, never to succeed. They don’t make em like that anymore.

  • ørjan benjaminsen

    the coloseum in Spartan:total warrior was a pain in my ass.. I stopped tryin and then 2 years later i came back and pwned it. One of the athen missions were hard as nails also.

  • flash1049

    The original Bionic Commando…particularly the section trying to shoot the helicopter windshield.

    Ninja Gaiden 2…every level was a chore after the first few

    Street Fighter Alpha 3….fighting M.Bison

  • Ninja Gaiden (NES) – pretty much everything past level 4 is worthy of controller throwing.

  • Velku

    The first and original Resident Evil: By the end of the game, to get to the lab you need two crest but you just have two freaking books. I spent days looking for them, checking the books over and over again… until a friend told me to check the side of the books. Damn RE ¬¬

  • Velku

    And the worst one I’ve played is Friday the 13th for NES. All that game is a nightmare: Walking… Jason. Running… Jason. Exploring… Jason. He was everywhere!!! And worse of all is to have to fight him with rocks while he has this huge machete. And if by some miracle you manage to defeat him, it doesn’t matter cause you have to do it again. Problem is, you’re probably out of campers, out of life, and the only guy left it’s not the one with the best weapons… but rocks again. That’s the most difficult game I’ve ever played in my life.

  • Drester

    Legend of Zelda on the NES. I still hear the sound of almost dying in my head sometimes…

  • Rikard

    Those Flight Missions in GTA:SA are the hardest shit ive ever played, i havent even completed them yet…

  • Val

    As I can remember Super Ghouls’n’Ghosts on the SNES. The last Level and the Final Boss… And lots of Achievement for HALO on the XBOX

  • Megan

    Okay, what is with that Zelda level. I’m stuck at it right now. It’s so frustrating. I hate the spiders in that game too.

  • Mike

    Easily the water temple in Ocarina is the hardest level I ever played. I had to use a guide to beat it.

    Every level of Battletoads was the worst. Eff that game.

  • Blackpill

    That f***in’ b**ch of Scarlet in Silent Hill Homecoming!

  • AlJoelBra

    The Shadow Temple in Zelda:Ocarine of Time used to freak me out, making it the hardest for me. The Water temple was a pain in the ass as well…

  • Jeff

    Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. I thought Boba Fett was near imposible without the rocket pistol.

    Any defend your location level in the Call of Duty games. (Mostly on Vetran/Extreme)

    Katze from the Bushido Blade games. Mostly the first one. That game by itself had a steep learning curve and the fact that one well placed sword strike (or a single bullet from Katze) would kill you just made it more irritating. On reflection I don’t know if I ever “officially” beat it.

  • Gabriel

    I never had a problem with the water temple, (other than that it was very very long).

  • Jim

    Dr. Wiley in Mega Man 2. I became an expert on getting to him and I only ever got past the first of 4 levels to actually try and beat him. Crazy hard.

  • Brendon

    The museum level of Simpsons: BArt vs. The Space Mutants. Actually, the entire game.

  • Roy

    if you want a recent game, some of the levels in donkey kong returns costed me 50+ lifes. Once you died like 10-15 times i got frustrated, wanted to play faster and died even faster 🙂 but it is one of the best platformers out there!

  • joe

    Wow good question but i’m going to have to go with Battletoads and or Ninja Gaiden for the NES. well pretty much ANY game for the NES…Those were hard core days ha ha ha. oh ya Castlevania 2 ranks pretty high up there.

  • Chris

    The boss brothers from the two thrones.

  • Chris

    The Spider Boss in the first Mega Man X game, that thing had the smallest weak spot I have ever seen 90% of what I shot at him just bounced off.

  • Mikey

    Home Alone for the NES. I was young when I played it but always got caught and never beat it.

    I agree with the jet-bike level of Battletoads holds the throne of hardest level ever

  • tissmekyle

    i gave up on trying to beat cournal radec on hardest in killzone 2.
    also there is a level in “metal arms glitch in the system” where you defend a base with a. well on hard it took a mate 3 days to beat.

  • xXburekXx

    any level in battletoads, you pick, or megaman 1 docter wiley all the stages really

  • Martin

    Rainbow Islands, the 6th island. No platforms to jump on and random blobs constantly flying at your head. And yes I have bragging rights because I know most of you people never even made it past island 3 or 4.

    A little more recently I would say level 5-9 in Plants vs Zombies, although I did beat that after 10-20 tries.

  • JoeandMarysOtherSon

    Ninja Gaiden (NES). Every level past 4. Only reason I ever finished that game was through save states on an emulator.

    And the jump at 1:45 damn near caused me to put my fist through my monitor. Never been so pissed off in my life.:

  • Brett

    well, its not a level but does anyone remember that you had to put water on the instruction manual of Star Tropics in order to get the secret letter? I mean, c’mon, seriously?

  • tdwp

    the cactus on FF13, was way to impatient to lvl up

  • when I was younger, mario bro’s definately took the cake in being difficult. Some legendary NES game.

  • Danny

    Mortal Kombat. I was like 7 when I first started playing it (in ’97). I passed the lower level without too much difficulty. To this day I have still not beaten the harder levels. It wasn’t the difficulty that stopped me…it was an anger issue. I ran out of working controllers.

  • Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES. I have never been quite so frustrated. Those old NES games were merciless, but none more so than an impossible jump, followed by swimming in TMNT. I got all the way to the very last level of the game but I never beat it. Hell, the game was so hard that no one at school believed me I had even gotten past level 3, I had to take a pic of the television. THOSE were the days (but the games are better now).

  • fisken

    rainbow island secret level, a bitch to get to it cuz you needed big diamond on all levels, and the amount of creeps was damn relentless.

  • woody

    definitely agree with the Water Temple. Also, not so much a level as a puzzle, but that piano bit in Silent Hill (it might be 2) where you have to press the keys in a certain order. Me and a mate played the game but could never figure it out.

    more recently, Nightmare Train on Tekken 6 is insane

  • Ali

    Mario 3 for original nintendo- Level 8

  • Mark

    Anything after the first two levels of Battletoads.

  • Policeman

    Battletoads! Every freaking lvl!

  • Assman

    Nah man you talkin about the final ship level? Just jump in the water and you can swim under the ship for the entire level!

    Alex Kidd in high tech world – the entire game

  • pat

    I’ve been playing video games since I was 6. The hardest level I’ve ever played in any game was the end of Shinobi Legions on the Sega Saturn. I think it’s level 9. I kept getting killed on this level. Finally beat it after about 100 tries. I still remember playing this level. What was frustrating was that the game was super easy until the very last level.

  • matthew paul

    one is gta san andteas when with that nerd you had to fly a toy plane and shoot the delivery boys of berkely in the second city
    Another one was in wolfenstein when you reach 80% completion you have to face the leader of the nazi army

  • Jerry

    MasterBlaster’s last level for the NES.. That was rough

  • Askolc

    Not so much hard as frustrating – the racing car bit in Mafia. It seemed the car was rigged to skid in the last corner.

  • domin8r

    Ikaruga, just about every level.. It’s a beast of a game, but I love it nonetheless!

  • Logan

    Phantasmagoria. There’s a scene when you’ve found all the objects but the now-crazed-killer husband finds the wife, and of the dozen or so objects you’re carrying, you have to figure out which one to show him to momentarily bring him back to reality long enough for her to break free and run. I got it wrong over and over and if you do, you have to play through that final scene and watch yourself die until you can try again.

  • Mota

    Metal Gear solid 3. ‘The Sorrow’ Boss. How the hell was anyone meant to figure that out bwhaha. Went through the crazy ghost swamp at a painfully slow rate, getting atacked by ghost and their lazors only to randomly die at the end. Did it so many times, trying new things, finally gave up checked the net, the answer made me -___-

  • Archie

    Well, not particularly the hardest, but it does get on your nerves: the Hades blades pillar climbing level in the first God of War. One slight touch of the blade, and you fall flat on your face, forcing you to start from the bottom again (and again and again if you keep touching the blade). And just when you thought you’re safe, another blade pillar stands in your way.

  • Jimmy

    Black Belt for the Sega Master system. The game is fun, side scrolling with the boss fights being one of the worlds first fighting games. The final boss is impossible even with unlimited lives.

  • Darrin

    Original Far Cry, even on easy it was just too hard. Finally enabled cheats just to see the end of the game. Even went back a year later and played again on easy and still had to enable cheats, the AI was just too good.

  • AndrewHobbit

    The game pacmans adventure for The Sega Gensis was Imposible. I look at it today and wonder how you save a yellow guy from a angry farmer with a omnipitoent sling shot…

  • Jon

    I swim through a sea of stars, without looking back to shore.
    Faster than light, bending time.
    Forever, Wherever

    R-Type Final, Stage F-C, R-Typer Difficulty setting.

    Not “bad AI”, not “clunky controls”. Just pure, unmitigated, merciless difficulty that demands a mastery of the game. I can’t even pull it off anymore.

  • Matt

    Legendary Halo 2 when the ships are breaching the space station and the enemies come flooding out … that was such a pain in the ass. Wasted so much time trying to get through that on Legendary.

  • lol

    every level in every stalker game. not because the game itself is difficult, but because the majority of them just crash to desktop anytime you try to do anything. and when it does work, the game gives you no information about where you are supposed to go or what youre supposed to do.

  • manny

    devil may cry 3 pretty much that whole f#$*@(%$ game was unbeatable -_-…still a sick a$$ game though ;p

  • Geoffrey

    The Driver in GTA Vice City.

  • JayNiner

    Demon Souls, the entire f***ing game!!! Never been soooo angry at a game, crazy. Even thinking about it pisses me off and a sequel is coming out soon. Lord help me!

  • Rob

    The entire MYST series. Why the hell do I have to close the elevator door to make it go up?!

  • Farggot

    lol – not a very content-filled post is it? Either way GTA IV (suck it you haters – a materpiece!) had some really sick “missions” in it. Just as a closing note…these “nintendie” based fanboy “blogs” need to stop because they’re starting to bore me shitless now

  • JayNiner

    I’m going Charlie Sheen on Dark Souls when it comes out!…

  • anonaxis

    Shinobi for the ps2. My god that game was hard. Besides avoiding falling into bottomless pits at every corner and worrying about killing enough things in order to satisfy your swords thirst for blood ( to prevent it from killing you). Get lost and you’re dead. The final boss was so cheap too. You have to hit him like a million times to drain his life bar just to find out that there is another life bar. The boss can kill you in just one hit, and the while avoiding cheap attacks from his minions. I finally beat it though after many tries

  • Enderbean

    TMNT Underwater/Electrocution level for original NES. I have never seen it beaten without cheats nor met anyone in person who has completed it.

    Even tops Battletoads in my humble worthless opinion.

  • jon f

    naw you are all wrong. every level in the game SUPER SMASH TV for super nintendo were the hardest levels ever

  • kaka

    Gota agree with ben. It’s prinny can i be the hero. Even after lookin up the youtube clip of final boss. Still couldn’t beat it.

  • Slick N Slime

    The trick to every single Nes game was to memorize everything. Battle Toads Level 3 i had that level mastered after replaying it over and over until it was a reflex action. Same with all the Mega Man games. I thought it was a joke when they had to make an “EASY” mode for Mega Man 10 on the new consoles.

  • Ummm anyone heard of

    Ico? Impossible every bit of it

  • Andy

    No way, the final boss and a lot of levels from Jet Force Gemini were the hardest levels i have ever played, fun as hell though

  • GFH

    Demon Soul’s level 4. I hated that level as a melee guy. The boss is the easiest part of it…

  • Chris

    God of War II, God Mode, the part where you have to protect the translator. I got stuck for weeks, read online about it being considered the hardest part on god mode, and finally gave up. Ive been stuck for 2yrs now and refuse to pick up the controller again. Impossible not to die, impossible not to let the translator die. Impossible segment.

  • Ms Pac Man, the last level where you had to escape the witches giant chompy monster thing! My dad and I seriously tried that level like 1000 times. That was back o the PS1 I’m pretty sure. Eventually we just gave up I still have never beat that game to this day haha.

  • Kevin

    In general, landing your plane on Top Gun for NES at the end of every level.

  • Miguelito

    Battletoads jet bikes. Hands down

  • matt

    Wow someone else already mentioned my most feared level…the ice level from megaman 1.
    Tried over 40 times before I even got to the boss.
    And ya that water temple drained the life out of my brain.

  • wikiBuddha

    I’m surprised by all the Ocarina Water Temple complaints. I don’t remember any trouble (although I probably had some). I thought that was one of the easiest Zelda’s ever (although one of the best).
    I second all the NES games mentioned – Meg Man(s), TMNT, Ninja Gaiden, Bionic Commando, Battle Toads and Friday the 13th (of which I had previously purged from my memory, damn that game sucked).

    I found Metroid to be particularly frustrating. Super Metroid wasn’t much better. These games made me feel lost and demotivated.

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but the McDonald’s game for NES got ridiculously difficult.

    Ico wasn’t too hard. It was way shorter than I expected. Shinobi (PS2) was pretty tough. I know I made it to the last level, but not sure if I ever beat it.

    Not entirely on subject, but I’m playing BoF3 now and I kind of screwed up by not looking at a game guide in advanced. My characters are weak as a result of not having received “training from masters”, but I plan to push through it and read up in advanced for BoF4…

  • Battletoads scooter level!


    Once you get passed the scooter level, you don’t have enough lives left to get much further!

  • Bramble Scramble in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

  • Wrench

    Mission Impossible for NES was seemed actually impossible.

  • Britishbuddha

    Ireland on Broken Sword, only because of that bloody goat!!!

  • boner face

    ecco the dolphin 1 and 2. they were both impossible

  • Alex

    Any one ever played Breakdown for the original xbox?

    That game with it’s “true perspective” was impossible.
    And once you get to what you swear is the final boss he’s impossible!!!

    And if by some freak chance you beat him, oh wait,…. like 30 of the “normal” enemies at one time that are hard to pick off one at a time!!

    Seriously… and that was just medium! I have no idea how I actually got all the way through that game.

  • Bryan

    People who say water level are stupid, Ocarina of Time was one of the best games ever made and definately wouldn’t be considered so if there were a part that was as difficult as everyone is saying. I can’t remember a hard part in that game TBH.

    Now here are some hard games/levels:

    Zombies ate My Neighbors for SNES
    Ninja Gaiden for Xbox
    Battle Toads for NES
    Dragon Warrior Monsters Gameboy (Not the actual gameplay, but just the breeding to get the cool ass monsters and all that)
    Mystic Quest SNES (only RPG I couldn’t ever figure out how to get past ice level)
    Halo / Golden Eye / any GOOD Shooter on Legendary/ Expert ect
    Diablo 2 (Probably only hard on hard and nightmare b/c I was young and didn’t plan for monsters who would be immune)
    Starcrafts’ last level
    Poke’Mon (not gameplay, but EV Training and getting ALL of them)
    Contra for NES
    Doom on Nightmare
    um….. thats all I can think of atm. but each game there was just hard at certain points.

  • DarthOpto

    Descent – nearly every level was difficult, although the boss on level 7 was pretty friggin hard. Then my dumb butt went and bought Descent 2

  • Ryan Schwieger

    The aircraft carrier landing level on Top Gun for the NES. It was IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Battle toads jet ike was a killer. also Tomb raider level wher you have to jump to the platforms that are invisable. DAMN

  • Improvised

    @trashcanmanon. Dude, you are so right about Battletoads! That game was impossible/impassable.

  • iSynic

    The Water Temple was apparently confusing, even for whoever wrote the official Prima guide for Ocarina of Time. They missed a key so you would literally go in circles even if you had the guide.

  • Darkhawk


    I never beat the final boss in Final Fantasy X because I refused to grind for it.

    Amplitude’s “final” song (there’s a secret after it) remains unbeaten on Insane mode.

    I’ve never beaten Contra III because of the Spinning Sand level.

    I got stuck on the Crab Boss in Parasite Eve, sold the game, eventually repurchased it about a decade later, replayed it, and beat it.

    Anything in IWBTG!

    (There are plenty of impossible levels in crappy games, but I picked these because, despite the absurd difficulty, each is one of my all-time favourite video games.)

  • coop diddy

    Super Meat Boy- The Kid levels.That is all

  • Tarek

    Jet-bike, BattleToads.

  • Andrew

    How come NO ONE has mentioned Control on goldeneye 64? I must have played that 100+ times to beat it, and that was on secret agent not 00! plus I remember the invisibility cheat giving me a lot of grief! (archive in 1:15 I think).

    Some of the very best parts of my childhood involve playing that game. Of the hundreds and hundreds of hours I put into it not one of them was wasted

  • I can’t remember the name of the boss but it’s like this witch in Devil May Cry 3. Never beat it yet to this day, might go give it a shot although I’m scared because even if I get past her I’ve read that Vergil is one of the most difficult end bosses ever.

  • Mike

    Goldeneye N64. Trying to beat Train on 00 Agent was the hardest thing for some reason. It took so long that I had to put the game down but for a while but when I went back and beat it was awesome.

  • Ryan

    I was too lazy to go and unfreeze the king, and I never purchased the water tunic; I beat the entire water temple, at age 14, without a water tunic.

  • Ethan

    “Legendary Halo 2 when the ships are breaching the space station ”

    I’m stuck on that right now.

  • Doc

    The “steal the cop car” level in Driver (in Havana I think).
    For weeks, every day I would sit down and play that level on my PSX, but I just couldn’t beat it.
    Of course I got it eventually, and I still have the memory card that has the save file on it. I refuse to throw it away because then the world wouldn’t know that I beat that level.

  • frodonz

    Goldenye – Earning the invincibility cheat by completing Facility in under 1:13 or whatever it was when I was 13 (only to have Rare release the button codes to unlock all the cheats the week after!!!)

    Portal – had me banging my head against a wall for a few hours.

    Ocarina of Time – definitely needed a guide for most of the adult temples

  • Anthony

    Gunsmoke for the nes towards the end is pretty hard, and for some reason I could never ever ever beat the last level of driver 3 for the ps2

  • beanieee

    Although it’s not as difficult as it is time consuming, the PAL Key segment of Playstation’s first Metal Gear Solid is always daunting. Having to run to and fro from various levels and areas always gave me the heebie-jeebies in a not-so-great place.

  • Parintachin

    Final level of Psychonauts, the Meat Circus. Described by Yahtzee as “an exercise in controller snapping frustration”.

  • big alf

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned Jungle level on Goldeneye?! Or did everyone play it on easy ; )

    Swimming on TMNT Nes was an instant flacsback of pain

    As was water temple (prob worst memory)

    And the ship on super mario 3. If you could really swim under that, i will be mad

  • Ted

    Flight school on a laptop was my worst experience in video gaming history. It took me four hours to do the one where you take off and circle the runway. Coming to it later on while playing on an xbox and beating it in 15 min was just icing on that sadistic cake

  • Nick

    Tick Tock Clock from Super Mario 64.

    I got every single star in that entire game except 2 from that level I just could NOT get (the 100 coin star and one of the other ones).

    A few years later I finally went back and got the 100 coin star but I still could not get the last one.

  • Metronome

    Jet Bike – Battletoads…played it for MONTHS
    Mike Tyson – for sure

    anyone feel me on Festers Quest?…in the sewers…finding your way around…without a guidebook or with it…still sucked

  • chamiidzhar

    battletoads jetbike level, hands down

  • Pawsick

    The 5th level of Double Dragon 3 if you’re playing co-op with a friend. The first challenge you’re faced with is a hole to jump over. Good luck clearing that hole with 2 people at the same time. Especially if you’re stuck with Chin. Pretty much game over.

  • Mike

    The final level of ‘Driver’ for Playstation. Loved the game and spent soo00 much time on the final level where you need to drive the President (who sounds a lot like Clinton) only to never complete the game. The closest I’ve ever made it was about around the corner from the safe house when I got T-boned by a cop car.

    The entire game was challenging because all of the cars handled like a bathtub on wheels and the police would ram you kamikaze style. I still regret coming that close and never completing the game.

  • John Hall

    Good mentions above. I don’t know why anyone is saying the flight missions in GTASA were hard. They weren’t that difficult once you figured out the trick. What I mean is that once you can get bronze, getting gold is pretty easy. The driving school, by comparison, had a few that are actually incredibly difficult to get a gold star on. I’m talking about the ones where you have to do a PIT maneuver, the parallel parking, the one where you have to reverse. All very tricky to do well enough to get a gold star.

  • C.Sheen

    I never loose at a video game. I’m to busy WINNING!

  • Reecardo

    Without a doubt, the third level of the old arcade game Sinistar.

  • brizzle

    Back to the Future on NES. I have never met anybody that has beat this game.

  • Juli

    Cobra Triangle. Any level. This game was designed by Satan’s minions, or at the very least people who enjoy making children cry.

  • Preved Medved

    Meat circus. Full stop.

  • Errk

    aight it has been a minute and i forget what they were called but some of the “time trial runs” on Grand Turismo the original for the ps2 i think to this day are impossible.

  • Ak spraya

    How is nobody mentioning level 2 of Terminator 2: Judgement Day for Sega Genesis.

  • Ak spraya

    @big alf – Haha that ship was a pain but you get that frog suit and swim under that ish all day. GOTTA CONSERVE THAT FROG SUIT…

    But that reminds me of another IMPOSSIBLE level, the castle on world 8 after level #’ 1 & 2. On the page of the world with the spot light on you

  • bob

    Ninja Gaiden was the hardest without a doubt and it wasn’t because my age either.

  • jonathan

    hey i beat god of war 2 on god mode transporting that guy! i kinda remember the difficulty too. so far every god of war on hard (god mode) takes a long time to beat.

    god mode with the very first boss on gow 3 killed me, actually every boss fight on that game has been the most difficult. i literally hated the game after i finished it, the first and last boss took me the longest of this generation in consoles.

  • david

    BattleToads, Level 9….

    i made it to level 11 twice and that’s it. That game still haunts me today…. and the only way to even make it that far is to life up in level two by hitting those birds over and over again.

  • Sean

    As a kid, beat Battletoads and TMNT (thought I was just really bad at games on the harder levels so I just kept practicsng) but never, ever, did I manage to get that damn plane to land in Top Gun twice consecutively.

  • Wes

    Last boss of Megaman Legends. It had so many different phases and you had to you all of your abilities and items at the right time to dodge incoming damage. I played that level until my thumb bled, literally.

  • will

    Rambo c64. The first section.

  • Justin

    Wow! No mention of The Adams Family: Festers Quest. That game was ridiculous!

  • Angband, beating it on Ironman. Took me 500+ tries and probably over 500 hours.

    Wolfeinstein 1(not 3d), without sound. All the fun of the state lottery.

    Street Fighter 2, all perfects

    Doom 1&2 on Nightmare, Doom2’s final stage on Nightmare especially, if you don’t win fast enough, your computer chuggs and makes it near impossible.

    Ninja Gaiden 1’s final boss

    And all those trash games you can’t figure out how to play let alone win.

  • Vodenii

    Platoon on c128 – impossible

  • Arash

    Any lvl from Demon’s Souls… ANY LEVEL!!!!

  • Another voice for the jet bike level in Battletoads. My roommate nearly lost his job while spending hours a day trying to beat that one level for half a year straight. He’d lock himself to the couch trying to memorize those obstacles. Such fun game, yet so impossible to play.

  • Pilot

    Zombies Ate my Neighbors- Giant Baby Level. Even with the game shark and every weapon in the game, that fn baby messed up my world.

  • Vince

    Mike Tyson in “Punch Out”. Just impossible to win.

  • The Guy

    “I Wanna Be The Guy”
    the entire game is the hardest level. ever.

  • DaveDave26

    Yunalesca boss fight in Final Fantasy X. Had three forms and would counter literally every action you did. Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I remember having to be extremely high-leveled and have the best keyblade. Even then you have to have extremely fast reflexes to avoid his 20 foot sword. The hardest game I’ve played hands-down though was Viewtiful Joe. On adult difficult it was hard as hell and that was considered a normal difficulty. I couldn’t believe after fighting through five levels with five tough bosses, the sixth level involved fighting all five bosses again in consecutive order in one long ass level with a sixth new boss at the end. No checkpoints even after beating the original five. The last level was brutal too involving beating the most annoying minor enemies under a time limit or you die when the time runs out to go into another room to do it all over again. I’ve beaten hundreds of games but that game was the hardest ever. Damn japanese torture us with their ridiculous games.

  • Everyone always talks about TMNT the dam stage but once you get the feel for it that stage was so easy.
    I cant BELIEVE more people don’t think of Ninja Gaiden (xbox) stage 1 and 2. Those had me crapping shades of florescent even on normal. The rest of the game is just fantastic but every time i think I want to go back and play it again I am always dissuaded because I remember the anguish that awaits just around the first corner. I am just glad nun-chuck man turned out to be the last boss, gave me GREAT satisfaction to kill him.

  • Last level of Vanquish on Hard. Lost 148 times before winning. Currently stuck on the first around level 1-3 or 1-4 on God Hard.
    The funny thing is I really love this game, the pain feels good!

  • IG-88 anyone? shadows of the empire for 64. If not the hardest definitely the scariest this dude poped out from everywhere as hard as i tried to run

  • losdos2007

    My ones are:

    Ultimate Weapon – FF7 (PS1)

    Took literally weeks of grinding to get anywhere good enough to put up a fight against him. (Final Attack – Phoenix) (Counter – Knights of the Round)

    Seth – Street Fighter 4 (PS3/Xbox360)

    Extremely overpowered!

    Red – Pokemon Gold/Silver (Gameboy Colour)

    Had some of the best pokemon in the game.

  • LadyNukEm

    Just one level i encountered in all my gaming i never managed to beat, and now my system is to hard for it to keep trying

    Mechwarrior3-PiratesMoon-Commonwealth campaign last level-assaulting the pirate base


  • Aaron

    My top 5
    1. Final Level Blaster Master (NES)
    2. Top two levels of Milon’s Secret Castle (NES)
    3. Same game tie: Technodrome or the underwater Dam level TMNT (NES)
    4. Jungle level on 007 Goldeneye (N64)
    5. Bramble Scramble Diddys kong kwest donkey kong country 2 (SNES)

    Water level was harder when I was younger now i play OOT and fly through it maybe just mememory for having played so often

  • Ak spraya

    Leisure suit Larry….no pun intended

  • The last boss on Super Contra on the hardest difficulty.

  • @Enderbean,
    That TMNT level underwater electrocution(NES), I vividly remember beating that when I was like 10-12, but I agree that shit is soooo hard I remember re-playing it at like 14 or 15 and couldn’t beat it so I rage-quit.

    I didn’t find the Water Temple in OOT too difficult but it is a pain when you get -lost-
    Basically all you do is explore the f** out of it a few times then u do it one more time, and you finally know what to do next 😉

    Super Metroid (SNES) is epic hard when you have no idea what Super Metroid is, but after a long while I became a pro at it and could do speed runs in 40 mins, but before then it took days to beat the game.

    A TON of NES games were literally MADE impossible, ’nuff said there.
    TBH about half of the whole collection of NES games were impossible, and about 1/4 of the collection of SNES games were made impossible as well, could be 1/3.

  • oh man – I cracked up at the battletoads comments and then I saw Ikaruga. Oh damn – level 2 = instakill every time. It may literally be impossible.

    also, freaking Sunset Riders on Super nintendo. Like three bosses is, an you’re toast

  • oh also – Scar on The Lion King for SNES

  • price

    Ecco the-mother-f’n Dolphin!!… that game was impossible in direct defiance of god!!!! What in the hell did “Search for the Key-Glyph” mean!!?!?!?! I WILL NEVER KNOW!! *FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-*

    Also the jet bike thing on Battletoads was ridiculous. I never beat that either.


    The water temple wasn’t that hard, I beat it when I was 7 and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I went back and beat it on Legend of Zelda Master Quest too. Some how I had two little keys left over. WTF?

    The most frustrating level I ever played was halo 2 on legendary the map Delta halo. After the first firefight you get funneled through these mountains. As you start to go around the bend you come up on four jackels with sniper rifles. No matter which one you shoot, you always get sniped. You can’t take them on one at a time, it’s bullshit. The whole time you keep dying and respawning, sergent johnson keeps saying, “there’s a big buildin’ in the middle of this island’s lake”. You go nuts after the first 3 times he says it.

  • Xx Voyd xX

    Every batman game listed in this video( Batman – Angry Video Game Nerd – type it in to youtube and watch it. These game were made so badly that some are practically unpossible.

  • Thames

    Disagree of Legend of Zelda (beat all non NES ones) I did not find then that challenging extremely fun though. Grinding in RPG for a boss battle i dont think it is so much hard as just time consuming, (mixed bag on looking for items) though sometime like FFT were baddies are matching the level of your highest person can be head bang.

    Battletoads, Ninja Gaiden or most games on Nintendo were difficult some seemed impossible.

    Non NES

    (a couple picks)
    Machinarium (puzzle)
    Halo 3 / Halo Reach on Lengendary all skulls (FPS)
    Gran Turismo (racing) (though in general not good at racing games)
    Maximo ghost to glory (platformer)

  • F34nor

    Demon’s Souls. NG, deleveled to 50 before getting to Yuria. No Spells. Had to fight the Old Monk over 100 times to defeat him. Got to the point where I could backstab the BP squids back and forth like a rag doll.

  • Bill

    Level 16 in blackberry brick breaker

  • Mincie

    Wow, for me its clearly Doom II – Icon of Sin @ Nightmare difficulty.

    Do that without cheating. I don’t think it can be done.

  • Lenny

    The two games that are hard for me are final fantasy 11 where just about everything u need 6+ more people for. And also fatal frame1 2 and 3 it wasnt hard so to speak but it sure creeped me the hell out!!

  • Read the posts to the end. Amazed no-one ever mentionned “F-Zero GX” on Gamecube. Hardest-game-ever.

  • NoLife

    OH MY GOD. the last level in Metal Arms: Glitch In The System. if you dont get everything PERFECT throughout the game and end up with 120+ washers at the final showdown with the General you have to do the whole game, from level one, all over again.

  • NoLife

    oh and all the Peerless bosses in Ultima Online (PC, RPG). they werent hard if you had a solid strategy, but they took forever to kill (some are 10+ hours) and they almost always have one-hit kill. so you need like 10 mage/ archer combos to just pour mana draining spells, immobilisation and arrows into it. its well woth trying to kill them, though, because they have some insane loot on them.

  • NoLife

    and the Zelda saga, its always “oh this is the last dungeon” when theres like 3 more after that. its not bad, though. prime examples are Majora’s mask and Twilight Princess. oh, and on the topic of Majora’s Mask i found the Lon Lon Ranch mask (the one where you have to hold off the alien attack) absolutely impossible. Even my friend Armand, a seasoned Zelda veteran, had to spend a good three days doing it. i personally have never managed it, and now the cartridge is sat in my draws, whispering taunts into my ears.

  • Will

    Definitely the mission “Supply Lines” from GTA3: San Andreas. Thats the closest ive ever come to intentionally breaking a video game console.

  • thatotherdude

    i gotta say the hardest boss i ever fought was sepheroth in kingdom hearts. my character(level 60) could take down almost anything else in 3 hits or less and sepheroth still kicked my ass every time.

    the hardest dungeon/level would have to be that part of the first red faction where your in the office building after the submarine mission. never managed to make it out without being caught and i only had 16 rounds for a pistol, not enough to amount to anything.

    then of course theres TTFAF on guitar hero III.

    and who can forget the part of halo 3 where you have to fight your way to the power source of that huge ship infested with flood. even on easy that part gave me hell.

    then theres the part of god of war when you climb your way out of hades dodging those revolving blades.

    but for me, the grandaddy of them all(the one that made me feel like a complete idiot) was dry canyon on spyro the dragon. that one dragon that i could never get to. after 8 years of trying, i watched a youtube video and it worked on the first try.

  • thatotherdude

    oh and i forgot the special levels on super mario world. tubular was effin’ crazy.

    and for all you sega genesis fans. the kraken in shining force 2. i had to replay previous 3 battles like 12 times before i was strong enough to put a dent in that thing.

    as Bryan said earlier “Mystic Quest SNES (only RPG I couldn’t ever figure out how to get past ice level)”

    and just for the hell of it. pokemon diamond and pearl- mt. corinet. that place is PURE F***ING TORTURE!(after the 3rd floor anyway.) you run into a pokmone in its 30s or 40s every 3 steps and most of them wont let you escape. god it pissed me off.

  • CriticalQuit

    That I’ve played and beaten? Cave Story’s Sacred Grounds. I’ve lost track of my number of attempts but I’ve only ever beaten it one. single. time.

    Also, the last world of Sly Cooper and The Thevius Raccoonus was pretty hard.

  • thatotherdudescousin

    level 74 (the coffee cups) of doddle fill on the ipod touch. i swear its impossible.

  • KakaSensei

    You guys don’t know hard. The hardest part of any game was in Banjo Tooie when you race Canary Mary for the third time on Cloud Cukooland. You physically cant get fast enough until after racing her 157 times.

  • KakaSensei

    There is also the Naruto vs Kakuzu fight in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

  • Aztec on GoldenEye, 00 Agent difficulty. There is a way to cheat but to do it right takes insane patience and persistence.

  • mysterybkk

    i’m surprised that nobody has mentioned that particular level from goldeneye….. you know, the control room….. targeting the guys running with the little analog stick…… impossible.

  • Wraith

    Ah nostalgia.

    jet ski’s on battle toads was evil.

    Mike Tyson in punch-out won only by decision. Took a lot of practice but once you fight super macho man ten thousand times to get to Mike you get quick.

    The dam stage on TMNT (whats the fuss? it was a pain but not that hard), the technodrome on the other hand hardest level ever (game shark).

  • TOM1013

    After I beat Metal Gear Solid 3 I thought it would be fun to play again on the hardest difficulty.
    It was, until I got to ] part where you fight Volgin. It was easy on the normal difficulty, but maddening on extreme.
    I tried that about 100 times before giving up, I’m looking forward to the rerelease so I can try it again.

    Snake? Snaaaaake!

  • jr7

    I tried going back and beating the water temple at age 18 and I got stuck…and I beat it at age 11 so….go figure. I’ve also cheated to beat levels multiple times on seperate GTAs. I think I’m just awful though.

  • Hawkman

    I agree with everyone about the Nintendo games they always were notoriously hard. I personally have never played most of them but my friends sure have and I have their assurance on this.
    For myself some of the hardest games I have played have been :

    G – Police 1 & 2 on the PS 1 – You can handle the levels up until level 9 on both games and then things get ridiculous. I haven’t played these games in a long time and can not remember the exact info of the levels, but in #2 when you reach level 9 you have to fly to the end of the map and destroy a target in order to stop a nuclear blast, needles to say it has a time limit. I have never completed either version. Definitely a controller throwing nightmare.

    Colony Wars 1, 2 , 3 on the PS 1 – This series of games features some of the most mind numbingly hard levels you have ever played and that’s not just my opinion.
    In the magazines PSM, The Official Playstation Mag and one other one I can not remember right now. These were one of the only games that I ever saw that was given a perfect score but each had a point removed because of the levels of difficulty.

    For example in Colony wars 1 there is a level where you have to defend your Capital ship against 2 enemy capital ships.
    If that wasn’t enough you are the only ship there as supposedly no help can reach you. The capital ships launch around 30 – 40 fighters to blow you from space but you also must watch out for the floating space gun platforms which are trying to blast you with huge lasers and such your capital ship in to them.
    If you can survive this onslaught then you must destroy the two capital ships with your very small space fighter before time runs out. If you do run out of time you are beamed to another quadrant to try and save your space station, and you guessed it, you’re alone. If you do not complete this, game over, I have never been able to save even the capital ships even after much game play. Pulling hair and pooping on you’re couch definitely becomes an option.

    Ace Combat 2 for the PS1 was also quite difficult. I have others I can’t remember right now as most of us do, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind.

  • simmtre

    The game level that still haunts me and my friends to this day is the final boss level of South Park 64. Even with cheats we were never able to get that Toy killed before it walked back and refilled its life.

  • Ryan

    I feared I’d know none of these titles, as I haven’t played games in awhile. Was happy to see Goldeneye: Control, and also the obscure Majora’s Mask, fend off the aliens mission for whatever mask. Remember dying many times with my friend in Battletoads. I passed the TMNT dam stage pretty easily as a kid, but good luck finishing that game. Any game like Wrecking Crew, with 99 levels, I found damn hard past level 20. Mega Drive Alien Soldier, Hard difficulty, or any action game like Ikaruga, I’d say.

  • Some guy

    Definetly the last boss in the new wolfenstein. I gave up even when i had gotten the best weapons, looked up how to beat him on the net, and tried about 50 gajillion times

  • Cade09

    Personally I’ve beaten every game I’ve ever played on at least normal. Some are easier than others, but the most difficult level I’ve ever encountered was in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. On the hardest difficulty the one where you have to skydive out of the plane after rescuing the hostages. Drove me literally insane. Other than that the level where you had 7 minutes to disarm the nukes in CodMW. I always try to beat a game on the hardest difficulty. Most of the time I can, sometimes I just have to give up.

  • Brandon

    Kingdom Hearts: Ice Titan & Sephiroth.

    Crash Bandicoot 2: Final Boss

    Also, not really hard so much as utterly upsetting: making it through to what seemed like the end of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, only to find out that I had to go back through the entire castle again UPSIDE DOWN. So, so, frustrating.

  • Steve

    I have a few to say..
    1)Sephiroth-Kingdom Hearts
    2) Stage 6-2- Ninja Gaiden
    3)Death & Dracula-Castlevania
    4)Ghouls & Ghosts-all levels
    5) Surfing level- Battletoads

  • N64

    Control and Aztec Goldeneye levels on 00 agent.
    The Bow game in Majora’s Mask

  • Ushiwakka


    The final galaxy in SMG2 was challenging, but much more enjoyable than Tubular, which after a fairly short time just become frustrating.

    Boss rush mode on intense in Brawl was pretty tough, especially without using Charizard.

    And the #1: Colossus 3 on hard mode time attack from SotC.

    Colossus 15 was also ridiculously cheap, but on 3 you’re essentially forced to exploit at least one difficult-to-activate minor glitch to even have a chance at defeating it under the time limit, and there can be no mistakes. It’s the only ‘level’ in a game I’ve ever failed to beat. 15 took a few days, but I’ve been fighting 3 off and on for almost 6 months.

  • Ushiwakka


    The final galaxy in SMG2 was challenging, but much more enjoyable than Tubular, which after a fairly short time just become frustrating.

    Boss rush mode on intense in Brawl was pretty tough, especially without using Charizard.

    And the #1: Colossus 3 on hard mode time attack from SotC.

    Colossus 15 was also ridiculously cheap, but on 3 you’re essentially forced to exploit at least one difficult-to-activate minor glitch to even have a chance at defeating it under the time limit, and there can be no mistakes. It’s the only ‘level’ in a game I’ve ever failed to beat. 15 took a few days, but I’ve been fighting 3 off and on for almost 6 months.