Debate of the Day: What Would Make You Buy Nintendo’s Next Console?

In case you haven’t heard, it’s now official that Nintendo will be debuting their next console at E3, with a hopeful release this fall. The company has amassed a ton of cash from ridiculous amounts of Wii sales, so they have the capital to pump this new system full of hardware.

It’s supposed to be more powerful than the PS3, support HD and 3D, and have controllers with integrated touchscreens. But what I want to know is what would make YOU buy it?

The Wii currently is the console that collects the most dust for people in my age demographic, as it was fun for a week when it came out, and every so often when a new Mario title came out, but other than that? Not so much. But with a brand new console capable of much greater things, I have a hunch this could be something I might pick up. But first, things it would need:

Good online play – Perhaps the biggest obstacle for Nintendo right now is not Xbox, but Xbox Live. They need a good, consistent online network for players to play.

Legitimate 3rd party support – Yes, Mario, Link and Samus are all great series, but when your port of Call of Duty looks like it came out in 1999, we have a problem. Hopefully with the new specs, it would be capable of releasing any third party game out for the other two systems.

Non gimmicky controls – I want to play video games to relax, not jumping around in my living room waggling remotes. If this touchscreen is fitted into an actual controller, it could have some cool functionality, but if it’s too much of a gimmick, that’s a problem.

Evolution of franchises – The classics are great, but they really need to evolve. With more power, that means more can be done with them, and if I don’t see a goddamn open world Pokemon game with HD graphics, I’m going to kill someone.

What do you need to see for you to consider buying this system?

  • drown_panda

    I am a father and not a hardcore gamer (because I only have a Wii) and I loved playing the Wii with my kid and wife. I loved the family friendly controller and games but I will say it was depressing not getting any real hardcore titles on the Wii. If this next console can satisfy both family games (easy controls and fun titles) and hardcore gaming, then it will be a definite buy for me.

  • Sideshow

    Starfox, Rogue Squadron, Smash Bros.

    Just sayin…

  • Sam

    I usually buy nintendo systems one generation too late. I bought a gamecube when the wii came out, bought a gba after the ds came out, ds after the dsi, etc. so I guess the thing that will get me to buy the new one is another system.

    Also, I thought it was set to come out in 2012, not this fall. I could be wrong, that’s just what I heard.

  • Postal

    Nothing would. I learned my lesson with the Wii. I would rather spend the money to upgrade my PC for gaming.

  • Igor

    A new Mario game and reverse compatibility!!!

  • 8bithero

    As long as they keep the backwards compatibility with the GC/Wii games and offer an open online option (no…more…CODES!!) I’d buy it.

  • steve p

    one word:


    i bought a wii solely for twilight princess (and this new one if it ever comes out).

    oh yeah, and also for metroid, but the latest one was crap, so i dunno about that series anymore.

    but if they make a new zelda for the new console, i will be buying it.

  • Something that doesn’t collect dust after a month. Sure I played NES and SNES but I can do that on my phone now…for free.

  • Bigdog

    As long as the next console doesn’t sleep with my girl, and spit on my dog, I’m buying it.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll always buy a Nintendo console for Zelda, Mario, Metroid alone. Anything else I get from it is gravy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m liking that it’s supposedly more powerful than the Xbox and the PS3 but I highly doubt that Microsoft and Sony will be going to E3 empty-handed. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some new consoles being announced by each company to serve as competition against Nintendo’s newest console.

  • Kevin

    I’m gonna buy it no matter what really. Its Nintendo and I want to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, the next Smash, etc.

    What I want is all those franchises plus StarFox, F-Zero, and Pikmin 3. But most IMPORTANTLY a new Earthbound game, an open world online Pokemon game that is extremely customizable (like Sims but with pocket monsters!) and at least 1 new franchise to get kick started here like how Pikmin and GoldenSun did for the Gamecube and GBA respectably.

    As for hardware; It’ll be 6 years more advanced than the PS3/360 so I expect it to be impressive. HD is mandatory. Nintendo has to finally except online with open arms (Pokemon!) and of coarse strong third party support. This is tricky because Nintendo is a company that likes to keep an iron grip around quality control over 3rd-party games but they can except highly profitable games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Final Fantasy (even though I think they should go back to they’re owners at Sony, Nintendo was they’re original main distributor), Soul Calibur (Link!), etc. it will really help the Nintendo system attract the non-Nintendo crowd to get they’re system and help they’re image.

    As for the controls, as long as a Wiimote is not mandatory and forced upon you (like it was for Metroid, DK, and the Mario game) then I’m happy. Plus I could totally see the touch screen working. Imagine easy access to your inventory in Zelda, Pokemon, Batman, etc..

    Overall, I’m excited.

  • I grew up with Nintendo as many my age (32) did but I just feel like Nintendo should focus on games for other consoles as opposed to developing a new system. I own a Wii but honestly, it just sits there gathering dust. I applaud Nintendo for trying something new with the Wii (at the time) but I just think they would be better off producing games for other systems…just my 2 cents.

  • woody

    more mature games. Mario and Zelda are great and all but with the rate that video games are maturing where we now have games like Mass Effect, GTA IV and the like, those are the games I get excited about. games have more potential now than just being fun interactive cartoons

  • Xspawn69

    They have to show me anything that neither chic or ps3 coul be capable of. Something comes to my mind battlefield3 with pc highest setting graphics with 64 multiplayer. That will make me buy it eyes closed.

  • BuhtwholeSimmons

    Maybe if they had a third person Pokemon. Almost RPG format, with Pokemon’s roots, modern graphics and a more mature tone to it. Think that would be fun. Not like Pokemon Stadium, but more whereas you’d control your pokemon in the fight instead of the old dialogue combat. Have your own Pokemon creation too…something like a hybrid of Spore, but the game still revolves around you as a trainer. Maybe even have some Online capabilities, or even an MMO.

    If it’s going to be more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox, I don’t see why they can’t make it happen if they put the right amount of effort into it.

    I’m interested to see what their gonna do with a touch-pad on their controller. The whole Project Cafe just sounds like it will appeal more to kids than adults.

  • nintendoSUCKS

    NOTHING , nintendo fucking SUCKS.

    Kiddy,shitty,mini-games for FATMERICANS and old farts and lets not forget the retards.

  • roddy

    What Would Make You Buy Nintendo’s Next Console? Ok if they paid me to use their console, I got fed up of shovelware from them along time ago.

    I don’t care if it supposed to be “More powerful than PS3 or XBO360” , Power means nothing if all they are going to produce is child ware.


    NOTHING! Im an adult and the Mario&Zelda games just don’t appeal to me anymore, and u can pretty much expect rehash after rehash of the same games I played over 20yrs ago.

    Sure the controller looks cool, but im sure sony and microsoft will come out w/ a controller accessory to combat that … not to mention, y would I buy a new nintendo console just to play kids games even tho it may be better than ps3 and xbox NOW, when if I wait, in a couple years sony& M$ will be coming out with a new console that will make the wii2 once again obsolete … no thx nintendo, ill save my $ for something else.

    I agree w/ the individual that nintendo needs to move onto just making multiplat games.

    Add me on psn (when its working again): sithlord-gamble

  • wiifan

    Controllers for jumping around and waggling? Are you serious? I’m a core gamer and an old school gamer and if you are playing Just Dance all the time, then you don’t know of any other game. I’ve played through MANY games (I own over 40 Wii titles) and I don’t have to jump around or waggle controllers. By your descriptions alone, you are not a fan of nintendo or the wii. So stick with what you have and go with that. Cafe needs to bring better graphics just to satisfy the devs for multiplats. But as for great games and great controls, the Wii was the answer for it. The “gimmicks” are everyone else jumping on the motion wagon after trash talking it for 4 years.

  • Mr H

    I would only buy it if it were an uber powerhouse. And if Sony and MS were not releasing a more powerful console any time soon. Yes I am a graphics whore 🙂

  • Charlie

    @wiifan: I would like to learn what these 40 Wii games are that don’t require “waggling” and “jumping around”. Because I hate that crap. Oh, and also because I think you’re exaggerating and want to call you out on it. 😉