Debate of the Day: What Would Make You Buy Nintendo’s Next Console?

In case you haven’t heard, it’s now official that Nintendo will be debuting their next console at E3, with a hopeful release this fall. The company has amassed a ton of cash from ridiculous amounts of Wii sales, so they have the capital to pump this new system full of hardware.

It’s supposed to be more powerful than the PS3, support HD and 3D, and have controllers with integrated touchscreens. But what I want to know is what would make YOU buy it?

The Wii currently is the console that collects the most dust for people in my age demographic, as it was fun for a week when it came out, and every so often when a new Mario title came out, but other than that? Not so much. But with a brand new console capable of much greater things, I have a hunch this could be something I might pick up. But first, things it would need:

Good online play – Perhaps the biggest obstacle for Nintendo right now is not Xbox, but Xbox Live. They need a good, consistent online network for players to play.

Legitimate 3rd party support – Yes, Mario, Link and Samus are all great series, but when your port of Call of Duty looks like it came out in 1999, we have a problem. Hopefully with the new specs, it would be capable of releasing any third party game out for the other two systems.

Non gimmicky controls – I want to play video games to relax, not jumping around in my living room waggling remotes. If this touchscreen is fitted into an actual controller, it could have some cool functionality, but if it’s too much of a gimmick, that’s a problem.

Evolution of franchises – The classics are great, but they really need to evolve. With more power, that means more can be done with them, and if I don’t see a goddamn open world Pokemon game with HD graphics, I’m going to kill someone.

What do you need to see for you to consider buying this system?


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