Debate of the Day: What Video Game Do You Wish Existed?

Alright, so this is less of a “debate” than it is an open-ended question, but it’s one I’m curious about. If you had the power to make any type of game, what would it be? It could be a sequel to a long lost franchise, or a completely original idea and property that you think just hasn’t been done yet.

I’ll start, as from the picture you might guess what one of mine is. I have never been able to understand why Nintendo refuses to release a full fledged Pokemon console game. Maybe they just haven’t been able to handle a big open world like that with crappy Gamecube or Wii hardware, but now that their new console is out, I’m really hoping for an actual console Pokemon title with great graphics, free roaming and online battles. It just seems like a no brainer, as it would sell a billion copies, and even consoles, by itself.

Another just “genre” idea I’ve had for a while is an open world first person shooter that players like an MMO. There are loot drops and guilds and territories to be taken over and characters to be leveled and upgraded. This is obviously why I like a great many things about Borderlands, but it was lacking the MMO element. The closest thing I can think of this is the upcoming Dust 514, the EVE spin-off shown at E3 for PS3, but I’m told it’s not as good as it theoretically sounds. Too bad, cause if it was, I just might have to pick up a PS3.

I’d have more ideas if I thought about it I’m sure, but I’m running out of space, and I want to hear what YOU guys have to say. What game do you wish existed?

  • Ham Boss

    Pokemon + Smash Bros. = Pokebrawl

  • hXc007

    a crossover fighting game with fighters from all of the major (and a few minor) namesakes

    for example: sf vs mk vs kof vs tekken vs doa vs sc vs vf vs etc etc etc

    would be epic

  • Schiapu

    Yeah, a Pokemon MMO would be a true threat to civilization as we know it. Productivity levels would go down almost 100% and mankind would face extinction.

    But yeah, I’ll play that.

  • Greg

    There are two things I would like to see:

    1. An Assassin’s Creed title with a MMO-aspect could be very interesting. Team up with other assassins to take down targets (this was honestly what I had hoped would be the multiplayer part of Brotherhood – I did not particularly enjoy the multiplayer they did have…)
    2. A Legend of Zelda game that lives up to OoT while incorporating modern gaming aspects. I feel like Nintendo is not giving this franchise enough attention; Twilight Princess is an awesome game that I love playing, but it is gamecube port and you can definitely tell. Skyward Sword looks like it will be a big disappointment, with rudimentary 1:1 motion at best (“gee, there is a big horizontal opening in this boss’s defense’s, I wonder how I should swing my sword herpa derp”), a reversion to child-like graphics, and no real voice acting (I mean seriously, look at games like the AC franchise that have big names like Kristen Bell, and other games that have real, no-sh!t actors…why can’t Nintendo figure this out!). I have had to wait 5 years for a real Wii Zelda title, and this is all I get? Lame.

    I would love to see a Zelda title with graphics on par with Metroid Prime or The Conduit (we know that Wii’s hardware can do it), incorporating 1:1 sword control in a real way (the Zelda team wasn’t going to do this at all until they Sports Resort do it), a mature story line (I know Nintendo’s market includes kids, but they HAVE to recognize that kids grow up and will abandon their console if they don’t provide titles for them as they get more mature), and good voice acting (Link could still be stoic, but other characters could have vocie acting). Maybe that will happen on the Wii U, but so far I have no plans to buy that console.

  • matt

    1. i would kill for an xbox version of the legend of zeldas with better graphics and a little grittier like twilight princess was

    2. a shooter that has dedicated servers, 100 vs 100, vaulting over objects and sliding under them like in brink, amazing realistic battlefield graphics, awesome personal and gun customization, awesome vehicles like tanks and choppers, and the ability to take down a skyscraper that then takes down a city block filled with enemy soldiers and tanks.

  • Pokemon MMO would be fantastic. It seems like such an obvious idea and it probably would have been done already if someone other than Nintendo held control on the franchise.

    I’d really like a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus, one of my all time favorites. How about a new Jedi Knight game as well? It has been too long since I’ve played a decent Star Wars game.

    As for a game that has never been made, I’d like to see one for Inception. I’ve heard it is in the works and if done right, it could be awesome. I think of the game almost like an advanced version of Hitman: Blood Money which gave you a lot of options on how you wanted to carry out an assassination. Being able to construct different dream worlds based on the target and then choosing how to navigate them could be a lot of fun.

  • EVE Online with Freelancerish combat gameplay

  • Wills

    Ok so I’ve got two, one a continuation and one original. Firstly I want to see the end to the Ogre Battle franchise. March of the Black Queen and Person of Lordly Caliber were amazing, expansive games with a style of play I haven’t seen since. I wish Square Enix would do something with this property.

    Also i want to see an MMO (and before you tell me i know this is pretty unrealistic to want but sue me because this would be awesome) zombie apocolypse. But it’s done using the real world streets, houses and businesses. Think about it, you start the game from your address and create your house on your land. This adds to the gaming experience as there is now a new location to go in the game as before it was just a placeholder house you couldn’t enter. You then start from your house and just have to survive the zombies. The more people in your area of the world that play the more allies you have. Once you are bitten you play for the zombies and everything is reset after a week or a month.

  • Lubz

    Not really a new game but one I wish they would make, an updated X-Wing/TIE Fighter NOT based on the prequels.

  • After reading Will’s post… I want a damn MMO zombie game..

  • Gil

    I wish Blizzard would follow thru and make a Starcraft FPS. You can start as a marine and thruout the campaign work your way into other roles like a Reaver or Ghost. Put in some vehicles like a Goliath or Viking and just go to town on some zerg. I could see Blizzard and EA teaming up to make a “Battlefield:Terran Revolution” type game.

  • matt

    oh yeah one more. for the love of god bioware just make a damn knights of the old republic 3 already

  • gamer_ely

    a TRUE zombie game where realism is the name of the game, like a mix of far cry 2/gta/left 4 dead, the open sandbox, realistic wounds, actions, movements, guns, car handling, safe haven areas of far cry 2, the expansive urban environments of gta, and the unpredictableness of left 4 dead. except not with super rage infected people, but actual slow moving zombies. where you can have a stronghold and fend off or go and look for other safe havens if you get overwhelmed, and you have to manage food supplies water supplies barricades, etc. you could call it… the zombie survival guide game.

  • MotOR III, but with an actual completed script and story line

  • Mike

    WoW ported to the 360 and PS3.

    An updated Starfox that sets the bar the way the earlier ones did plus an upgradable, modifiable ship that you could alter to meet the needs of each mission.

  • vicky

    I would love that!!! A Pokemon with great graphics!!But not only battles i want to train my pokemon and travel ,too.
    And I don’t know i would like a GTA outside USA. Rio or Tokyo with a fake name or something like that.

  • George

    Avatar the Last Airbender MMO

    Choose your bending, choose a spec (water can heal, do freeze damage, or debuff… air can do air damage, lightning damage, buff… fire does fire damage, damage over time, and heavy melee damage… earth does tanking, heavy melee, and direct damage)

    Run train with a group of people using awesome techniques (air can choke people to death, water can take the water out of people’s cells and make them explode), and just be obscenely badass.

  • uncle phil

    I would love to see a giant GTA style game based on the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett. There’s so much great material to work with there. The world is so huge and fleshed out already. That’s the one I would love to see.

  • Cerbyn

    Global Agenda is an open world mmofps 🙂 Pretty much has everything you described

  • Andy

    A true sequel to Super Metroid. As of now, Shadow Complex is the closest thing I’ve seen.

    Eternal Darkness 2. I’ll even settle for a reboot of the original.

  • Well, im a true Square Enix fan so maybe Final fantasy or kingdom hearts

  • Exyle

    Fallout MMO!!!

  • Darthsat

    Final Fantasy VII for the PS3…


    Let’s try again. The game I want to exist is a Superman game set in a massive and populated authentic looking world, with real things to do, amazing graphics, and actual fun gameplay for once. I want there to be cities, country-side, ocean, and high elevation skies…similar to San Andreas.

  • Vonter

    Is there ever going to be a good underwater game? It seems the only territory where there hasn’t been a good franchise.

  • Jon

    Damn everyone seems to be in agreement: FULL FLEDGED POKEMON CONSOLE GAME. I’m still not sold on the Wii U but if they announce a Pokemon game for the Wii U that isn’t just another Pokemon Stadium I’d buy that console in a heartbeat.

  • lc

    Poke’mon MMORPG. enough said.

  • DarkKnightSparda

    I’m with you, a console, open world pokemon game. I love me some pocket monsters.

  • thegreatfatsby

    A new Tenchu game. The first two were pretty good games and with the advances in tech these days I reckon they could make a great game out of it.

  • dagny t

    I’m gonna go old-school here & cast my vote for reboots/updates of System Shock2 & Deus Ex. Both awesome games, hampered by limited graphics. And both created by gaming god Warren Spector.

  • Sean

    1. A game like Assassin’s Creed but with Ninjas.
    2. A game like Red Dead Redemption but set in Medieval times w/ Knights and such.

  • Gabriel

    Just make a pokemon MMO for PC and call it good, doesn’t need to be a console game lol

  • Anonymous

    An open-world zombie survival game set in a I Am Legend-esque environment. You’d be following pointers and clues left around the city requiring you to cross the city numerous times. Working cars and weapons would be rare to come across. Your final objective would be to see where these clues led you to; is it a safehouse? A way to escape? You don’t know!… because the game is all in my head.

  • RabenaTeRa

    A Legend of Zelda featuring Fierce Diety Link that’s a bit more adult-oriented with deep storytelling elements akin to the Mass Effect series. 🙂

  • Aaron

    I’d love to see a Mechwarrior-based MMO.

  • Calvin

    Left 4 Jersey (Shore). Credit to the Drunk Tank

  • Matt


    I have never seen a decent version… Not sure what it should be (FPS, GTA Roamer, etc)… but the world is owed a decent video game based on it.

  • Moreen555

    I also love the Pokemon franchise and have always wanted a spin off game, where Ash accepts the invitation to join team Rocket at the top of the bridge in Route 24.

  • fartface

    I think a good game would be a cross between diablo 2 and starcraft. Have the gameplay style of diablo 2 but in a sci-fi, space environment like starcraft. You could team up with other players to fight in space and have find items such as weapon upgrades, shields, armor plating, engines, laser, torpedoes etc. As you level you can develop your ship with higher skill levels like in diablo 2 where you increase character skill levels and abilities.

  • Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter.

  • Manuel

    Chrono Trigger 3.
    Hey Square-Enix, stop this re-release nonsense and make a new Chrono game.

  • Hutch

    I would love to see an MMO that is all person based. You have to team up together to build your main city, you have a city council/ruler/republic (Depending on what’s going on). The different classes are based off of what you do, not what level you are, in fact, take away the leveling system all together. For instance, if you have scouts (Guys trained in riding, escaping, etc.) and they see an army approaching your city, they take off towards the city and warn of an impending attack, and your city prepares it’s defenses. If the territory doesn’t have enough people in it, or enough people online, your ruler/city council/republic can hire mercenaries for a hefty fee. The money is generated by players doing things for your city, trading, hunting, gathering, fishing, farming, whatever they want to do. Just a thought, but I would love to see an MMO that actually requires teamwork and doesn’t have NPCs except for the mercenaries.

  • David

    Being Australian, I would kill for a decent cricket game. One like NBA2k11’s my player mode.

    Start out playing domestic cricket in t20’s and one dayers, work up to first class and then if your good enough you get chosen to play for your country.

    Would fit well with my player as it’s a such stat orientated sport and other cricket games fail because people don’t enjoy how long a match can take whereas playing one person’s innings and overs is more simple.

  • Swerto

    Something like EVE, but in a fantasy setting. Instead of using spaceships and stuff you’re just a resident in this massive fantasy world. Build cities, wage wars, be responsible for the rise and fall of empires.

  • Giauz

    My God, YES!, to KOTOR 3. As for a Pokemon MMO I’m not so sure the gameplay would fit. Then again I’ve been lax to start games recently, so my thoughts on these things are a little blah.

    Off-topic, but I’m really looking forward to the next Zelda game, hoping it lacks the slow parts and the simplified boss fights TP had (also, graphics look fine).

  • Ju571n

    Minecraft for game consoles!

  • starr

    1. i’d like to see a updated version of star wars pod racer (like the n64 version). better graphics, mods for your racer, online, more tracks, maybe a little story.

    2. MMO Pokemon game sounds AWSOME, i haven’t played since red/blue. but i’d definately be in on that.

  • DBF68

    A revamp of Star Trek: Klingon Academy with a real engine that wasn’t just a major patch work of the creaky piece of crap Starfleet Academy engine. When it came to creating a high quality gaming experience, Klingon Academy, the developer team, and the fans got shafted by the likes of Interplay and ex-CEO Brian Fargo If the development team would have been allowed to secure the rights to use Volition’s Freespace 2 engine, more time would have been put forth at making a sensational Star Trek combat simulation game.

    Instead, time was wasted in trying fix all the kludgy crap in the Starfleet Academy engine and to work around all of its inherent limitations . It didn’t help that the developer team had its head up its rear end by having an X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter fighter pilot pov mentality of game play. With all its inherent flaws, Totally Games ST: Bridge Commander did it right regarding exterior ship view game play and camera target following mechanics. If the best of Klingon Academy and Bridge Commander could be brought together into one game; along with with any other worthwhile current space combat game conventions; if would be Star Trek ship combat simulator and campaign nirvana.

  • Locke

    I’m with Lubz. A new X-Wing game. Maybe set up like Lego Star Wars Complete, where you can pick the era you play in.

  • Commando

    Dear god, just a decent rugby game. EA could easily make one, but obviously it won’t sell as well as FIFA would, so it’ll never, ever happen…

  • blatantinja

    1) Baldur’s Gate 3 (using the Infinity Engine)
    2) Ultima: Worlds of Adventure – Arthurian Legends
    3) Ultima IX: Original alpha (3D isometric) with Bob White plot
    4) Privateer Online

  • A sequel to BattleZone 2.
    It was a brilliant game and pretty much inventor of a new genre(-mix) that sadly never catched on. [RTS hybrid with 1st Person Battlefield-esque shooter in there, where you would build your base and order your built armies around in 1st person battlefield view, and jump into any vehicle to take control over it and lead the charge]

  • Don

    Hey Paul, Have you ever heard of planetside? Its an MMOFPS, its still running but sony doesnt do much with it. I remember at its peak having 300 plus player battles, the world was constant with 3 empires and 9 continents, you fight to control different kinds of bases which give you bonuses, it was an incredible game, supposedly theres a sequel in development, check it out.

  • Wei Bey

    I would love to see a Western MMORPG. A game where you can do what ever you want. Mining for gold, Bank robber/train hijacker, Play as a sheriff, Or own a Saloon that is also a Brothel… No Raiding, dungeons or instances… everything is in the open world and everthing is up for grabs.

    As a business man you would need to hire help to protect your business from criminals. Or as a criminal you making a living robbing and stealing. Law men or bounty hunters can hunt down the criminals.

    Basically Red Dead Redemption with all these features for multiplayer.

    Just more western games in general would be awesome.

  • @Don

    Yeah, I have, though haven’t played it myself. Looking forward to seeing what the sequel has to offer, as it kind of sounds up my alley.

  • J. Nix

    So it’s fairly simple. It’s a Super Smash Bros. game with only Pokemon. The catch is that it’s also a Pokemon Stadium game. It’s Pokemon Stadium in the fact that you can battle the Pokemon you trained in the Pokemon “Two Random Colors” games. This means the exact same stats, whatever held item you gave them, and the 4 moves they could learn would be mapped to the “special” button (the B button). This will have the Pokemon RPG elements running through it completely. This includes things like type advantage, EVs, status effects, and those natural abilities. Now i understand that EVERY SINGLE Pokemon can’t be in-game, but a great deal and all their evolutions can. You’d play as your own customized Pokemon Trainer, not as the Pokemon, so you’d get to switch between all six (through some quick switch in-battle menu). I’m also aware that down+B was “swap Pokemon”, but that’s an easy fix. The matches would default as a stock match with the number being a multiple of 6, but they would be stamina matches, and the HP would be exact amount they have in your Pokemon game. Of course it could manipulated to anyway you wanted to play including a way that plays EXACTLY like SSB that’s based on percentages of damage. Leveling would work like battle towers in other games where your Pokemon was scaled down to a certain level, by your choosing.

    I have been kicking around this idea ever since I was disappointed by the first Pokemon Stadium. There’s a lot more to it, but i don’t wanna be here all day typing, and I’m adding ideas all the time. Like if you’re playing with the default Pokemon in a special mode, there’s a item that behaves just like a smash ball, but when you get it it allows you to evolve and gives a whole whole set of more powerful moves. Just fun things like that. If you see a hole point it out bc i might already have a fix.

  • treeman

    for Konami to quit being dicks a re-release Suikoden 2 statesde, and perhaps make a suikoden 6 that series was too good to die out 🙁

  • ¨Maybe they just haven’t been able to handle a big open world like that with crappy Gamecube or Wii hardware¨

    Big open worlds dont get easier with higher spec hardware, because they tend to increase the graphical detail rather then go for more near-seamless open worlds.
    Same reason why the PS3/Xbox360 doesnt have better framerates then the Wii – they go for more detail instead.

    Nah, the reason Nintendo doesnt do a full 3D pokemon console game is because it would be bloody expensive. At least as expensive as a Zelda game to make (which typicaly take 4 years), and probably a lot moreso.
    Not that they shouldnt do it, mind you, but such a large investment probably turns them off.

    Judgeing by the recent 3DS pokedex freebie, however, they clearly have modeled a lot of pokemon in decent res 3d with animations…..hmmmz

  • ¨Skyward Sword looks like it will be a big disappointment, with rudimentary 1:1 motion at best¨

    You havnt read the previews have you? The controlls are getting glowing reports.

    Also, just because they picked a watercolour style doesnt make it childish.

  • Mega

    I’d love to see a GTA with more realistic and gymnastic movements.

    Imagine Uncharted meets GTA IV…

  • Tom

    I’d like to see some kind of an endless rpg game with new characters and quests and stories being constantly made.And every game was unique depending on the choices you make.Its pretty much impossible but it would be fun.

  • thatotherdudescousin

    i wish they would make a squeal to jade empire. with everything the 360 is capable of they can really bring to a level the first one couldnt pull off.

  • Grimm7756

    1) Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m starting to get really sick of these stupid side games, just end the series and let my wallet rest in peace. I still love the side games, don’t get me wrong. I’m just getting tired of it.

    2) That Pirates of the Caribbean game, Armada of the Damned, that was supposed to come out and Disney, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cancel in favor of the TRON tie-in game, even though Armada of the Damned was basically finished already.

  • Smittster

    I would like to see a couple of franchises continued first being “Strider” from UMVC3. Conker just because remaking it on xbox was not enough. Breath of fire series we cannot leave Dragon quarter as its last stand. and how about BoF characters in MVC.

    The only thing that would bother me is the direction of graphics over gameplay and character such as the castration of Duke Nukem. It just leaves me to believe that as much as I want them to continue the series that they may be better off playing dead.

  • >Eli: So, are you saying the home-effect is acheveid by the contrast between a home-base environment (the place to feel cozy) and an outer world, where it’s dangerous?We have exactly this constellation in Zelda: The villages are peaceful, free of monsters. As the player leaves the villages, danger STRIKES! But I think this is not the whole truth. What about games, without dangerous elements, such as old Lucas Art adventures: You couldn’t ever die, or irreversibly foul up. Although there was some tension build-up. (Blast! This, kind of, diminishes my argument. Okay maybe you’re right.)Have you seen Spirited Away? That movie has a lot of home-feel to me, for some reason. A real world girl (could be your neighbour) happens to stumble across a magical world, where strange rules apply. She learns these new rules and finally overcomes the challenge. Then she returns to the real world.(sounds like damn many other stories: Lord of the Rings, etc )Hmm, maybe we should call the feeling I am looking for, the home-to-magic-and-back -feeling? I am trying to think of movies or games that really did NOT give me this home-effect: Doom, Pac-Man, Tetris, the new Bat-Man movie (or any Bat-Man movie). I wonder why. Maybe they’re about a different theme? Tetris is about clear spacial relations, Pacman really is, too. Perhaps these games are too much one-sided’. Doom is pure tension. Bat-man movies are not about much but explosions, and crass secret technology.I think another aspect is, there needs to be some amount of complexity to the game world. If the game rules or the environments are too simple or restricted then homeliness will not occur.