Debate of the Day: What Video Game Do You Wish Existed?

Alright, so this is less of a “debate” than it is an open-ended question, but it’s one I’m curious about. If you had the power to make any type of game, what would it be? It could be a sequel to a long lost franchise, or a completely original idea and property that you think just hasn’t been done yet.

I’ll start, as from the picture you might guess what one of mine is. I have never been able to understand why Nintendo refuses to release a full fledged Pokemon console game. Maybe they just haven’t been able to handle a big open world like that with crappy Gamecube or Wii hardware, but now that their new console is out, I’m really hoping for an actual console Pokemon title with great graphics, free roaming and online battles. It just seems like a no brainer, as it would sell a billion copies, and even consoles, by itself.

Another just “genre” idea I’ve had for a while is an open world first person shooter that players like an MMO. There are loot drops and guilds and territories to be taken over and characters to be leveled and upgraded. This is obviously why I like a great many things about Borderlands, but it was lacking the MMO element. The closest thing I can think of this is the upcoming Dust 514, the EVE spin-off shown at E3 for PS3, but I’m told it’s not as good as it theoretically sounds. Too bad, cause if it was, I just might have to pick up a PS3.

I’d have more ideas if I thought about it I’m sure, but I’m running out of space, and I want to hear what YOU guys have to say. What game do you wish existed?