Debate of the Day: What Makes You Rage in Video Games?

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This rather awesome picture is the genesis for our debate topic today, “What makes you rage in video games?” This image features some of the “greatest hits” so to speak of games both classic and current. It can be player behavior, or something that happens or occurs in games, but I’m curious to see what you guys would add to this list.

As for me? It’s hard to think of new ones on the fly, but the “character didn’t jump when I said jump” and “unskippable cutscenes” really strike a chord with me. But man, there really are a lot of good ones in here. I would have to add “computer makes half court shot at the buzzer in NBA Jam 100% of the time.”  Also “accidentally blow up teammate with rocket launcher splash damage, booted. Teammate assassinates you to get the sniper rifle, no option to boot.”

That’s all I got for now, but shout out your own pet peeves in the comments!