Debate of the Day: What Makes You Rage in Video Games?

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This rather awesome picture is the genesis for our debate topic today, “What makes you rage in video games?” This image features some of the “greatest hits” so to speak of games both classic and current. It can be player behavior, or something that happens or occurs in games, but I’m curious to see what you guys would add to this list.

As for me? It’s hard to think of new ones on the fly, but the “character didn’t jump when I said jump” and “unskippable cutscenes” really strike a chord with me. But man, there really are a lot of good ones in here. I would have to add “computer makes half court shot at the buzzer in NBA Jam 100% of the time.”  Also “accidentally blow up teammate with rocket launcher splash damage, booted. Teammate assassinates you to get the sniper rifle, no option to boot.”

That’s all I got for now, but shout out your own pet peeves in the comments!

  • Roy

    accidently pressing the windowskey on the keyboard while playing starcraft 2 online, hoping that you’ll get back in the game before you lose connection, and then getting back in the game a few seconds after you’ve dropped!

    Pure Rage! 🙂

  • Sideshow

    “You were killed by a grenade” REALLYY??!! is that why i was running for dear life through cross fire even though my screen was already half red with blood???!!!

  • Greg

    AFK kills.

    Goddam blue shell.

    Useless summons (FFXII).

    Also, I thought the water temple was actually one of the most fun, but if OoT had given you a way to switch in and out of the iron boots, it would have been less frustrating.

  • illeaturfamily

    The big wheel toward the end of LBP.

    I haven’t had to retry something that many times since Contra.

  • Prof. Frink

    1. Losing 99% completion in GTA because the game saved incorrectly

    2. People refusing to use any of the not top 2 teams in sports games

    3. “Half intentional betrayals” — where a douchbag teammate kills you to within an inch of your life just so the other team can come along and kill you. You cant boot

    4. Lack of a direction arrow or rendezvous point for missions in huge open world games.

    5. Ridiculously long periods between save points (see Deadrising)

  • illeaturfamily

    @Greg – thank you for sparking up some FF memories. There’s nothing like grinding for days then going back to the boss you couldnt kill only to find you still cant kill him. Rage ensues.

  • Greg

    @illeaturfamily – I just remember spending hours and hours leveling up my characters to go get these espers that were not part of the story line, and then when I finally got to use them, their attacks were weaker than my character’s normal attacks, I couldn’t control their actions in any way, and they died so quick. Just another instance of throwing the PS2 controller down and saying “f*** this, I quit!”

  • el_terrible

    All these guys have really good ones, and I agreed with half of them in the pic.
    My worst, was outside gaming, House was broken into and my ps2 was stolen. I was a couple bosses away from finishing final fantasy IV and chrono cross. Hated life afterwards. -.-

  • ComfortableMadness

    Spending all your money/gems/souls whatever to upgrade a particular weapon to ultra-badassery only to be forced to use a certain weapon, which isnt available till the end, to finally beat the game.

  • Steve

    Seems like most of the problems you guys have are from RPGs. I’ll even things out with these: Battletoad hoverboards, Quicktime events, and having to tap the buttons really fast for whatever reason.

  • Guy Incognito

    I actually can’t even believe this one isn’t in there:

  • josh

    Wasting money on polishing weapons “rusty shield”, “rusty sword” only to find out it is weaker than your current equipment.

    Buying new equipment in an RPG only to find it for free in a treasure chest in the next dungeon.

    Leveling up a character just to have him leave halfway through the game. Now I am stuck with the level 5 pom-pom girl who keeps dying.

  • saxon

    camping, nuff said

  • illeaturfamily

    WoW: Flying mounts that take forever to get but can only be ridden in certain, constricted areas of Azeroth. lllaaaaammmmeeeee

  • Guy Incognito

    I think more annoying than “Aeris Dies” in that picture should be “Leveled up Aeris” which I of course did because she was awesome and then had my team gimped.

  • Ben

    “Steal something when no one saw you”

    I HATE it when open-world games have omniscient law enforcement. Why do you think I’m in this stupid town, game? To trade? To find quests? NO! I’m here for the sole purpose of waiting til nightfall, then systematically breaking into every house and murdering every villager until the entirety of the city is nothing but inf respawn guards. WHY WON’T YOU LET ME DO THAT?

  • Greg

    @Ben – Haha, sounds like you’ve spent some time playing Oblivion.

  • Guy Incognito

    @Greg & Ben

    Actually Oblivion and Fallout 3 were both really good for allowing you to commit a lot of crime with no repercussions. If you do into Sneak mode it tells you whether someone can see you or not and if not, you’re in the clear. The Thieves Guild was one of the most enjoyable bits in Oblivion for me, especially some of the more daring burglaries. The Fable games were much more annoying in terms of all-knowing guards.

  • Jared

    Platinum trophies that require you to buy peripherals.
    **Glares at Burnout Paradise

  • Ben

    @Guy Incognito

    Yeah, I was referring to Oblivion, and I initially said that directly in the comment, but then I realized that it does have a mildly lenient arrest system. So that particular game is okay. But I’d still like murder to be way way easier to commit.

    Someone should make an open-world version of Manhunt where you’re just given an idyllic 50s suburb and a large amount of silent weapons and no police unless a witness gets to a phone. That’s what most people do in open-world games in the first place, why not encourage it?

  • Bert

    I’m honestly surprised that there’s been no mention of fucking Escort missions! Is it too much to ask for designers to have the damn protected character a) follow you, and b) stay the fuck behind you?

  • Drester

    Use tons of items during a boss fight
    Your supposed to lose the boss fight

    That one is so annoying, especially in Resident Evil.

    Also annoying: Tapping A to go through a very long dialogue and then accidentally pressing no to “Do you understand?”

  • Martin

    I may be showing my age with this one, but “an endless and seemingly deliberate shortage of line-of-4-shaped pieces when all you really need is one line-of-4-shaped piece”!

    Shortly followed by “finally getting a line-of-4-shaped piece but they’re coming so fast now it just gets stuck on at top centre and the next piece kills you”.

  • *Unskippable cutscenes – DEFINITELY. ESPECIALLY if I already played through the game before. Can they at least allow skipping a scene if I’ve played through it already damn it?

    *I have the opposite of auto-saves, I hate NO auto-saves more. How is it NOT an option in a game? WTF? I die then have to play the last 30 mins+ of shit I already did? *throws controller*

    *Loading screens – I understand there always needs to be some but holy lord some games want me to choke a bitch with the amount of loading screens. If more than half of my time on the game is spent waiting for loading screens I will stop playing.

    *This last one is my own fault, but realizing I needed to do go back in the game something differently in order to beat a particular boss or get a better overall score but um, I saved over my last save, and it’s my only save file for the game. Hur hur I’m an idiot. 🙁

  • More:

    I always find it strange when playing a game and I’m part of a team and all the enemy Ai still ONLY GO AFTER ME. Okay fine, I’m playing single player, but what the hell. Especially when others on my ‘computer’ team are closer to the enemies but they ALL are shooting at me instead. More of a challenge I guess, but still.


  • Joe

    Enemies that are half a mile away but just KNOW when you put your sniper rifle crosshair on their head, and then suddenly dodge. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, HALO.

  • DaveDave

    I love that they put the egg thief from Spyro. I don’t know how much meth that guy smoked, but he ran faster than most track stars in the Olympics and he’d always do the annoying “Na-Na-NaNa HaHaHa” when you couldn’t cath him. Also, I swear you could do an entire chart of rage for Cod. A few starters would be 1.) Campers 2.) Noobtubers 3.) Commando 4.) Lightweight, Marathon, Commando and tactical knife 5.) Quickscopers and the list would go on and on. I miss the good old days of simplicity in Cod 4 when nobody needed a handicap perk to win a knife fight and people didn’t camp to get killstreaks.

  • hit the nail on the head with “water temple”

  • illeaturfamily

    How about some old school rage: the original TMNT game for NES. After you beat the dam level you have to jump into the water and disarm all those bombs. WTF you’re a turtle and you can’t swim gracefully??? And the seaweed that electrocuted you???? Sweet lord that shit was frustrating.

  • AgnosticTool

    Poor camera following. I’d get so frustrated in a game when you’re controlling your character through a gauntlet of ledges, drops, ropes, and sharp things that can kill you and your camera moves changing your control pads directions and you jump/walk off the edge and die. This kind of goes for games when you walk into a new room and the camera switches causing you to walk out of the room.
    It was said before but needs said again The Blue Shell… I was hit by it 4 times in one race! Anyone else notice this – The computer in mariokart doesn’t seem to be affected by weapons as much.

  • ComfortableMadness


    LMAO! It’s such bull and yet it’s so true. Beat the game on legendary and that drove me out of my mind. They never acted like they saw me(facing the wrong way or even being completely turned around) but yet the dodged and weaved like they did. BS elites.

  • Playing a Ninja Gaiden Black hard-as-shit set battle where you have to kill 30 foes, in the heat of battle get near to a door, press X (main attack), exit door (same button, inexplicably). Need to start over. The Rage.

    Unskippable cutscenes and Blue Shells!

  • JoeAndMarysOtherSon

    The bird in Ninja Gaiden….

    NOTHING has ever sent me into a rage like that bird did. That damn bird nearly made me put my fist through my monitor.

  • Numu

    Quick Time Events…half of that list I have raged through but nothing makes me want to boil bunnies and put out assassiniation requests on game developers more than quick time events, especially ones that you need to do to kill bosses. I didn’t finish playing and detest Heavenly Sword because of that.

  • kurisu7885

    I’ll add to the blue shell by saying that one time when I was playing Mario Kart DS online, this one, jackass got me with a blue shell, caught up, waited for me to recover, then ****ING HIT ME AGAIN!!!!

  • Carer

    Be a medic
    “Hold up, I’m gonna heal you”
    The dude keeps sprinting away.
    “Hold the fuck up! I’m gonna heal you!!”
    Still sprinting away.
    Get shot by a sniper, but friendly survives and ignores everything.

    Die in front of four enemies and two snipers.
    Some heroic medic spurs next to me, defibs me and takes cover.
    I die immediately.
    He defibs me again.
    I die a third time.
    He still thinks it’s a good idea to defib me.
    I shoot him just before dying a fourth time.
    Gamertag X sent you a message >> “noob”