Debate of the Day: What Do You Want to See at E3 2011?

Today E3 officially begins and yes, like last year, I will be personally liveblogging each of the “Big 3” press events. I believe its Microsoft at 12:30PM (EST), Sony at 8PM, and Nintendo tomorrow at 12PM. Yes, I’ll even be liveblogging the 8PM one, so tune in after hours for that.

Since every goddamn thing I’ve been reading said the show was from the 7th to the 9th, I thought this started tomorrow, but now I’m seeing that no, it all starts today? I’ve never seen so much conflicting info on the internet. I have to get this sorted out, as if so, I wrote way too many posts for today and my posting schedule is all screwed up, but oh well.

In the meantime, I’m wondering what you all want to see out of the show this year. Nintendo is supposed to debut a new console, so what do you want it to do? How do you think Microsoft and Sony will answer? What can they premiere that will get your excited? Are you done with Kinect and Move, or do you want specific titles using that hardware? What new games do you hope to see announced?

Alright, well hopefully with a few more readers this year, there will be more of you to chime into my liveblog if it truly does start in an hour and a half.

Update: OK that was confusing. The Microsoft conference is on SpikeTV and the Sony’s is on G4. What the hell?


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