Debate of the Day: What Call of Duty Features Would You Pay For?

Yesterday, many of you might have heard the news that Activision is planning to charge for a new subscription package for Modern Warfare 3 called Call of Duty Elite. I wrote a whole article about it here for Forbes, but the bottom line is that a lot of the features are yet unclear, as is the price.

What we know so far is that it will include “social’ aspects, like Facebook connectivity (barf) and the ability to better form groups or clans and play exclusively with them. Also there’s some sort of upgraded “career” metrics page that looks awfully similar to Bungie’s (free) Halo Waypoint system. There was also a brief mention about Elite only maps, but I haven’t heard any clarification about that.

Some aspects of the program are free, some will be paid, and so that’s the question I want to pose for you. What could they add to Call of Duty where you would actually pay and extra monthly fee for, if anything?

I’ve been racking my brain, and I can’t for the life of me figure out something that would be worth a monthly charge, and I don’t understand this move by Activision. They’ve gotten fans angry enough with this announcement where people are acting like they’re charging to play online (which they’re not), and they have yet to produce any features that seem like they warrant a subscription plan. It seems like a cash-grab, but with such limited information, we’re not even sure what it is we’re being overcharged for. Even the term “Elite” in itself is divisive, as it paints a picture of a future gaming space divided into tiers of upper and lower class players.

What are they thinking with this? I get from a business perspective trying to capitalize on the most successful entertainment franchise out there, but at some point, your obvious greed is going to cause your devoted fanbase’s loyalty to falter.

What could be in this package to make you want to buy it?

  • Want it to be worth while, give me a new map or some other improvement a month.

    I’m not talking about a new color scheme to a uniform, I want new guns, new game modes, new maps or new classes even.

  • Rob J

    The ability to play in guaranteed 18’s+ servers

  • 8bithero


    I already pay for XBox Gold membership, I’ll be damned if I am going to pay again to play a game.

  • Critical_Bill

    I can not WAIT for Battlefield 3. I’m done with CoD for a long while. I enjoyed Black Ops but I just want something more and a tad bit different.

    BC2 kicked all kinds of butt and, IMO, was better the B:Ops.

  • The dude abides

    No glitch’s or mods that happened in mw2 lol. Honestly its nothing new to add the whole money aspect to online play. Those who pay more for a better internet connection get selected to be host all the time and thus the game is in their favor. The industry does not seem to really care. I cant speak for psn but xbox live is no longer populated by young adults and adults but by children who’s parents left their credit card info on the dash. Since these kids dont pay for it , or even if they do they have nothing else to spend their money its now common for dlc to be 1200 points and released after a month of the games release. In short nothing would be worth it for me.Bad Activision bad.

  • the only thing i am willing to pay for is the dedicated servers beyond that there really aint much..maybe maps but besides that i wouldn’t pay for anything else

  • newbanZo

    Im not even sure I want to pay for the game, much less any additional content. Each Call of Duty game since MW1 has been steady worse than the last one

  • Tim

    If I pay $60 for a NEW game, I don’t want to pay another dime to do anything with it. I should be allowed to do as I pleased on the basis that I payed $60 freaking dollars for it.

  • john

    I would pay 0 for the game. They’re releasing it like its f’ng madden. Done with that series furshure

  • Jim Jahey

    There is nothing they could offer that would get me to pay a subscription. I played WoW, so I know about triple paying for a game, its expansion(s), and monthly subscriptions, and I’m more than a little jaded over the idea. That subscriptions are making it to console FPS games is more than a little ridiculous.

  • Breasna

    I already was thinking of not buying mw3 and then i heard this. I’ll be proud to not buy it now. They should pay me for putting up with constantly spawning with an enemy behind me!

  • Jace HARVEY

    I think it is absolute bullocks, they should be ashamed of themselves, why dont they just pull down my pants and give it to me with no lube because that is what it feels like. I will switch to battlefield, not that the game is better just that they dont try to rape me every chance they get. It boils down to GREED and greed is not good in this case, thanks Gordon Gecko. The only thing worth paying for is the 18+ server but that should be free, if they are doing monthly then release the game for free or very cheap, Activision is a greedy assclown. I cant wait for a shooter to knock them out of thier first place ranking and I hope they go out of business. Rage, Red Faction, Elder Scrolls and a bunch of new games are coming out so save your money for companies that will not stick it to you, rough, fast and no lube, ride you hard and put you back wet, also GEARS OF WAR 3 is going to kick so much ASS that i will not even buy MW3. As much as it pains me becuase MW1 and MW 2 were epic but they are just plaing assholes who need to make more money to support thier fat asses and bitchy ugly wives.

  • Mikey

    Since it’s Activision, there is nothing they can do to make me pay extra for their stupid shit. Maybe if they sent out hot women to suck my dick while playing. I really fucking hate Activision. Billions of dollars in sales and they want to charge extra?! They already charge an extreme amount of money for a small selection of maps for broken games. God dammit I’m really angry now

  • Jace HARVEY

    The thing that I just thought of…… Imagine this, that your friend has a PS3 and always says how good he is and could kick your butt at COD; the problem arises that you cant play eachother online because you have XBOX 360. What to do, what to do???? He wont shut up about how epic he is at this game and how he slaughters more noobs than osama bin laden and he kills many “experts” also, you are not good on the PS3 since you are used to XBOX and want a level playing ground to beat his ass once and for all. MY idea is that make there a joint server with Xbox and PS3 so that we can play each other and find out who is the best. That is why PC based games can charge a monthly fee because everyone can play together and it supports hundreds of thousands of players at one time, how many can xbox 64?? There is not enough content to charge us a monthly fee yet, make it so that each roung thousands of us can have a real war, like 1,000 vs 1,000, that would make sense to charge a monthly fee, just because it would cost so much to keep running.

  • Mikey

    There would have to be true extras that non-elite members couldnt get for any price (other than buying the elite service). Special but balanced guns, classes, achievements, Elite-only rooms, maps and servers. Anything less than all that will be buggery on Activisions part.

  • Zachary

    The idea of making people pay to play a game where at least half have to do worse for others to benefit is retarded. At least with WOW your success doesnt rely on the skill of other players. I wouldnt pay for a game where i lose more often than not. hopefully this subscription thing will just crash on their own heads

  • James

    If you are going to make people pay for online games then make the game free to pick up. I don’t understand the concept of paying $60 for a game and then paying to play the game you already paid for. I will quit playing games before I will pay monthly to play a game like COD.

  • This is anothe reason why consoles have changed gaming for the worst. Not trying to come of as a pc elitiest or anything, cause i too play consoles, but what is considered DLC nowdays use to be stardard out of the package content or free mods and maps. SDK were usually always released with the game or soon after for free and maps and new content was released with no extra cost This meant the game was continually supported by the community. Since consoles it has now become custom to pay for DLC.

  • 8bithero


    This is why games like Counterstrike are still popular and have several servers always available after years. Players get new content for free.

    The PC will always be my platform of choice because they don’t rape your bank account on a constant basis.

  • tqup


    $60 COD Black-Ops
    $15 map pack
    $15 map pack
    $15 yet to be released map pack
    $105 for 1 game
    $ elite service
    $ XBox subscription
    ?$?$ = A SH*T load of money for 1 game

    I am almost positive I would be able to buy a new system or mp3 player,etc,,,

    The cost of a COD Black Ops -VS- Baby sitter or good parenting = PRICELESS

  • Guy Incognito

    I don’t understand why people even buy a new MW game at all. The only new thing each game is the campaign which no one plays anyway.