Debate of the Day: Should I Buy a PS3?

Sony has dropped the PS3’s price to $250, and now more than ever, I’m thinking of finally breaking ranks to get one. I’ve been an Xbox man ever since I jumped ship from PS2. Before that I was Nintendo all the way. I guess you could say I’m not the most loyal consumer.

But now we’re at the point where loyalty doesn’t seem to matter. Why can’t we have both systems? Well, for a long time it just seemed like a waste, as 80% of the titles I wanted to play were available on both systems. But now, in the twilight of this console generation, I find myself really wanting to get around to PS3 titles I never got to play. Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Infamous. All great games (I’ve been told) that I could never experience for myself as I wasn’t in a room with a PS3 for longer than a few hours at a time.

It also seems weird to buy a new console as this generation is winding down. WiiU will be out in a year or so, and if it’s any good, I might have to pick it up. Sony and Microsoft will likely announce a new console next summer to keep pace.

I think that this is probably exactly the time to buy a PS3 though. The price isn’t going to get much lower after all. I probably should have bought it at the beginning of summer though, as now that it’s fall we’re about to have a torrent of new releases come out (BF3, MW3, Saints Row, Skyrim, etc), and I’d be prone to play those on Xbox (as it’s what I’m used to) and I wouldn’t have time for those other old PS3 games. I suppose Uncharted 3 is on the way though…

I don’t know, if you were in my spot, do you think it’s worth it for these few titles? And what other PS3 exclusives should I play that I’ve missed? I wasn’t a huge Killzone or Resistance fan as I did manage to play those some. Kind of generic as generic gets.

  • tuffy

    I want one as well, but I’m waiting until I get the holiday lineup of games played. Then when it slows down again I can get one and take the time to play through some of those games

  • Ceiynt

    Get it, you’ll like the non-multi platform releases enough to justify it. As for the 360/PS3 multiplats, it’s a personal choice as to which ones to get. Some games the xbox seems a better fit, Batman:AA, others the ps3 seems a better fit, Assassins Creed series. Personal opinion, but get it, you won’t be sorry.

  • JZ

    Just for Uncharted I would (did a few years ago). But if I had your money, I’d have one in each room playa.

  • lc

    If you don’t have a 3ds, get one of those, the price dropped there too.

  • Tim

    Yes. Yes you should. Its a sound choice. I purchased one in 2008 and never looked back. I still think to myself that its amazing three years later that I can still enjoy this piece of hardware so much and marvel in its non-video gaming uses. Nothing against Xbox, but the media features and other non-gaming functions that the PS3 performs is truly amazing. You’ll have fun. Just the same I’m strongly considering an Xbox… GEARS 3!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh.

    But, yes you would truly enjoy it. It’s a small media box that ties all of your interests together and sits conveniently right underneath your TV.

  • Dzuksi

    Well as you said 80% of the games exist on both platforms. And since there are 5 -8 exclusive games worth of playing on PS3 (IMO) and most of them are single players – you should probably rent ps3 and finish them. No need for buying another console for more of the same stuff.

    And with a WiiU coming soon, as well as the rest of the new generation, i think that you just need to have patience, and wait for the new stuff.

  • Red Anvil

    There is no debate. Get one. Blu-ray player, internet capable, multi-purpose entertainment console with top tier titles that withstands the test of time and hard use. There is no debate. Get one.

  • J5

    Thing is, if you can get a PS3, why not? I didnt read anything that looks like it’s swaying you away from buying a PS3, so go for it. Sony & MS will announce a new game system, but that game system wont be out for at least 2 years, you have time.

  • Sams

    I had a 360 (after owning the original xbox as well as the ps2 – not fanboy here…) for 3 years, then when they launched the ps3 slim I bought one as well. I’ve found the 360 has gathered a bit of dust and now I mainly use it for forza 3 and MW2.

    The ps3’s exclusives are just more to my tastes and there’s a load of them to get through that are really top quality stuff.

    Built in Blu ray’s been a nice bonus as well.

    I’d never ditch my 360 but the ps3’s become my main gaming machine.

  • Anon

    Yes. Get one.

  • MrX

    Yes! Just get one before I get a fifth PS3 πŸ™‚

  • Sam 2

    Definitely. Especially if you don’t already own a blu ray player. It is an incredible gaming system but when you include a blu ray player that really pushes it over the edge as a complete media center. All the exclusive titles you mentioned are great, but don’t forget little big planet! It sounds like a childish or stupid concept I know, but both games are great little games that have literally unlimited replay value.

  • What

    Get one and play Demon’s Souls. Then get excited for the sequel which is Dark Souls

  • vincent_D

    I was on the same situation as you a few weeks ago. Now I have a Ps3

  • J.Z.

    I have both. My PS3 is a blu-ray playing paperweight right now. Hold Uncharted (awesome) and infamous (kinda aweomse) PS3 never did much in terms of exclusives for me. (Also have a Wii. A few INCREDIBLE games. Not a lot of good games)

  • Nikki

    The only reason that I have one is because I won it in a raffle. I’ve lent it to my boyfriend because during the school year I generally only used it for netflix and very light gaming. The best game that i’ve encountered with it is Demon souls, I haven’t gotten the chance to beat it since it’s at my boyfriends, but every time i pick it up, i love it. Infamous is just an okay game, it’s relatively fun, but the only reason I have it is cause of the PSN recompense, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it. All in all, I love my PS3 though i rarely get the chance to play it

  • elnino

    I never had an X-box 360 and always had a PS3, it just made more sense financially, with free wifi and free online play (which I don’t use that often).

    As for exclusives, definitely delve into Uncharted series and Infamous is pretty good.

    Demons Souls drove me crazy and was too much for me, I came up to a giant spider fought it a billion times for like 6 hours and after I couldn’t beat it decided the game wasn’t for me.

    Besides what’s already been mentioned heres some other exclusives:

    Little Big Planet (Making gaming fun again, old school platforming with multiplayer, an absolute blast with friends)

    Flower (Beautiful, imaginative, with a fantastic soundtrack, from the PSN store)

    Fat Princess (Addictive gameplay and just all out fun, kind of like a strategy game, but not)

    Heavy Rain (probably my favorite experience on the PS3, and yes it’s more of an experience than it is a game, almost everybody who I’ve had play it really loved it)

    Team ICO/Shadow of Collossus collection: yes these are PS2 games but if you didn’t get a chance to play these two, here’s another chance in hi-def, plus they’ve got a third game coming out called The Last Guardian

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – While there is far less game than what we’re used to, if you love and followed the MGS series like so many others did on the PS2, you have to experience the magnum opus, the fantastic conclusion

    Anything Ratchet & Clank related: It’s like playing a Pixar/Dreamworks game, amazing graphics, super fun platforming/thrid person gameplay, hilarious characters, just back to the roots of what makes game fun again. There’s three games on the PS 2, and two games on the PS3, with a 3rd one for the PS3 in the works

    Sly Cooper series: There’s 3 games that were remastered for the PS3 and there’s another game coming out soon, super overlooked platforming series on par with if not better than Ratchet & Clank.

    That is all.

  • Trish

    I LOVE mine. Blu-ray, Netflix, Portal. Done….However, R2D2 XBOX is coming out in Dec…Decisions, decisions.

  • Sara C.

    Elnino is spot on with those recommendations. If you have ever had an emotional reaction to a game, Shadow of the Colossus will leave you stunned. If you play through the credits in ICO, it’s quite moving too. The Metal Gear Solid series really pushes the limits of how we play a game, and Sony’s releasing an HD collection of some of the earlier titles this fall (much like the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection). Anyway, before I just completely regurgitate all of elnino’s points, let me end here with a DO IT. I’ve got all three consoles and really do use them all.

  • Kyler C

    I actually just did exactly what you are contemplating, bought the new $250 PS3 about a month ago! So far I have only played demos and purchased one game, but of the demos I have played, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 seem like must owns. Still have to get to Uncharted.

    I just got Socom 4 for my birthday (awesome), and one of the greatest things for me is every game you want is super cheap! Got Socom 4 for 30 bucks.

  • BadServo

    I was int eh same boat a while back. The PS3 had had a price cut, and I had about $50 of unneeded GameStop credit, so I jumped on. I couldn’t be more happy about it. The 360 is certainly still my preferred platform, but the PS3 has some killer exclusive titles that I would have really regretted missing out on. Considering the hours of great fun and new experiences I’ve had on it, I definitely think it was worth the money. Also, most of my comrades agree that the PS3 is the best blu-ray movie player hands down, so there’s always that added benefit.

    The storefront, multiplayer, etc are superior on the 360, but if you’re in it for the games, go for it. Just don’t waste your money on the “Playstation Plus” service.

    A few suggested titles:
    -Heavy Rain
    -Infamous & Infamous 2
    -God of War I & II HD
    -God of War III
    -Uncharted Trilogy
    -3D Dot Game Heroes

    And this month sees the release of ICO & Shadow of the Collossus HD and God of War: Origins.

  • I would say make the jump if you have the means Paul. I really enjoy my PS3. I think it offers some really cool exclusive titles, and the strength of those titles is what drove me to it when deciding between a 360 and the PS3. Plus, you still have your 360 and your PC for your multi-player stuff if that is what you are into. PS3 offers some really interesting experiences such as the previously mentioned Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain and Demon Souls. I’d also toss the recently released Catherine onto the pile there. Which is truly one of the most unique video game experiences I have had in quite some time. If you have a large friend group on XBLA already that will probably remain your multi-player focused machine, and I think in that regard the 360 still has the advantage. However, since the basic PSN features are available for you with no charge you don’t have to worry about a monthly fee sitting unused.

  • Steve

    Being an Xbox guy myself, here is what I’d tell you to do: save your $250 and don’t buy a PS3 … unless you don’t have a blu-ray player already.

    Here is what I’ve found about the PS3 … it’s really only got 2 titles that are PS3 exclusives that are worth playing: Uncharted and Little Big Planet. Everything else isn’t all it’s hyped up to be (e.g. God of War, Infamous, Resistance) as they aren’t as good as the Xbox exclusives (e.g. Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect – oh wait, they sold out and that comes out on everything now). The majority of the games will come out on both systems (e.g. Fallout, Borderlands).

    You can’t tell a difference with the graphics. The PS3 controller SUCKS compared to the comfortable Xbox controller. The free online stuff gets HACKED, or is DOWN 3/4 of the time. The other thing that I get annoyed with is every time (no joke! EVERY. GOD. DAMN. TIME.) I want to play a game there is a fuggin’ UPDATE for it that you HAVE to download. It takes like 10 minutes before you can actually play your game and by that point usually I don’t feel like playing because of the hassle.

    Netflix and Hulu plus are also on Xbox. A lot of the DLC stuff comes out on Xbox before it comes out on PS3.

    The only real advantage PS3 has is the blu-ray player. And with blu-rays the picture isn’t all that much better, but the SOUND is (because it’s uncompressed). But you also have to start rebuilding your DVD collection on Blu-Ray … sigh more $$$ down the drain.

    So save your $250, and buy Rage, Mass Effect 3, and Gears of War 3 for your Xbox instead!

  • Sam 2

    Hold up, Steve! You are honestly the worst kind of fanboy. The playstation network has been hacked ONCE and was down for ONE MONTH out of 5+ years of service not “3/4 of the time.” If you want to bring up the hack or down time as a knock on the system, fine, but don’t out and out lie. That would be like me saying “EVERY single Xbox red rings.” Updates aren’t as common as you make them out to be. You are honestly going to sit there and call God of War over hyped and then talk about Halo and Gears of War? Well I guess there’s no accounting for lack of taste. The ps3 is better than that children’s art project they call the xbox controller.

    And here I am stooping to the level of some loser on the internet. God DAMMIT!

  • Phat Daddi

    I’ve only had my PS3 since November of last year and my main reason in purchasing it was to “finish” the God of War trilogy. Before that, I had the PS2 (obviously) and was a Nintendo fanboy up until the Gamecube.

    I also liked it since I didn’t have to pay to play online (which I rarely do anyways) and use it as a Blu-Ray player. I’m not inclined in starting my DVD collection over since my Home Theater doubles as my main DVD player anyways.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the exclusive games (Little Big Planet, Infamous and God of War to name a few). The only games I don’t play are FPS which I leave to my computer.

    But, I say get one while the getting is good. It’s not gonna get any cheaper than $250 unless you buy a refurbished one.

    My only complaint is that the XBox controller does fit better in one’s hand, especially while playing fighting games. I have noticed my gameplay is substantially better while playing MvC3 on the XBox360 as opposed to the PS3.

  • tonyctitan

    I have 6 working 360s in my home (dont ask). I love my xboxes. I have one playstation3. I dont see anything wrong with having a ps3 and a 360. You will find that xbox lives network is so much more streamlined and easy to use compared to the playstation network but with the ps3 you get a good game system and a decent blu-ray player plus the ps3 exclusives like uncharted and the god of war series. I will tell you hands down that online anything is much better on xbox though.

  • hahaha

    Steveeeee ….. dont be a fan boy !

    3/4 of the time …

    2 titles only worth it !

    Constant updates … ( you can skip those if you want πŸ˜€ )
    As i found my self in a vast majority of games recently, i am this close to getting an Xbox360 to play a few of those games and be able to bring more games πŸ™‚

    I found owing a ps3 a great experience. I would still buy it today if i was between the two.

    Know that the price is extremely low, then i recommed owning one πŸ™‚

  • Willie McCoy

    I own all the current gen consoles and although I use my 360 the majority of the time, there are some great games that are exclusive and well worth it to get a ps3. Everyone else has stated the obvious ones but I’ve only seen one mention of 3D Dot Heroes. If you end up getting the ps3, please do yourself a favor and try that game. The devlopers described it as the ultimate love letter to Zelda and I completely agree.

  • Monty

    I think it comes down to these two things; 1- do you have or want a blu-ray player and 2- If not, how much do you really want to play PS3 exclusives?

    If you want a blu-ray player sometime in the future, the absolutely get a ps3. Then you can use the PS3 mainly as your Blu-ray player, but, also have the ability to play those exclusive games you want to play.
    If you dont want a Blu-ray player, then the only reason to get a ps3 would be their exclusive lineup. Uncharted series is great, but that series alone would not warrant the purchase. They are great games but they are short (excluding U2’s multiplayer) and all but you could easily play them a a friends house.

    I personally would like to think the PS3 exclusives are really great and would justify the expense. But in reality, Im a cheap person, and I have both systems. Therefore, I dont think that the exclusive line-up on either the ps3 or 360, is enough of a reason to justify the purchase of the other system.

    I was in the same situation last year except the other way around, I had a PS3 and wanted to play the 360 exclusives like (at the time) Mass Effect 1-2 and the Halo games. I use mainly my PS3 for most of my gaming, and only buy and play the exclusives on the 360. I dont regret purchasing the 360, but I feel that I neglect it most because once Im done with the games I dont turn the poor little guy on for a very long time. I feel it looking at me, making me feel bad that I spent all that money on a system I only play one in a while.

    Therefore, as Ive said before, If you will get more use of your ps3 than just by playing its exclusive games lineup, then absolutely get it.