Debate of the Day: Let’s Play Female Armor Bingo!

female armor2

Here’s a fun one. DeviantArtist OzzieScribbler has crafted a game called “Female Armor Bingo” where she map out all the most ridiculous pieces of female battle armor (usually in video games or comics) and then has a separate, and even more hilariously tragic version called the “Rhetoric Edition” which focuses on the (usually male) arguments in favor of this type of armor.

You ideally have to view them both together, but I liked the second one so much I had to feature it first. I’ve literally heard every one of these phrases uttered at one point in my internet writing history, and I hate to say I’ve probably used one or two of them myself from time to time (“Male barbarians also fight half naked,” for certain). I think “She defeats her enemies through distraction!” is my favorite.

Check out the first card below, and think back to every game you’ve ever played where you ran across this style of armor. Once more, we’re likely to dive into a debate about “being sexy isn’t shameful,” and I think there are arguments both ways, but this is certainly something to think about, and a good jumping off point for discussion. 

female armor1

  • Here’s a new one: Boobs = $$$. Dudes like boobs better than no boobs, and companies like money better than no money. WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA?!

  • Draugr

    ‘Once more, we’re likely to dive into a debate about “being sexy isn’t shameful,”’
    But this is a straw man, so including it in the article adds legitimacy to it that is undeserving.

    Debate: Are women objectified?
    After that, Stick around for the maxim ‘girl of the day!’

  • James Howlett

    Haha, like, a 3rd of the links I’m seeing on this page right now are all about objectifying women

  • goseebananafish

    I love a tastefully designed boob plate. Seems like the perfect compromise between style, comfort and protection.