Debate of the Day: Do You Want a New Console Generation Soon?

There’s a bit of buzz on the internet right now that Microsoft has posted several job listings that hint at a next generation Xbox that’s going to be released in the future. It’s no secret that they’re working on the technology to build a new console, which has to happen eventually, but this is the first time we’re really hearing about it, and I have to wonder if anything will be actually announced this year at E3.

But my question today is, do we WANT a new console generation already? This one was supposed to last longer than the others, as Kinect and Move and Motion Plus are all meant to extend the lifespan of their respective consoles with new technology. So if you own a console, do you really want to have to shelve your current system and any peripherals in preparation for a new hardware release that’s going to cost $400-$600?

My answer? Yes. As satisfied as I am with the current line-up of games out there, I can’t wait for the industry to continue to move forward, and I don’t think peripherals are the answer. I don’t own a Kinect, and won’t get any motion system unless it’s bundled with whatever console I’m getting. Graphics are good now, but I know they can be better, and I can’t wait to see what the next generation of titles look like on new hardware.

It just seems like I’ve been plugging away on these consoles for the better part of a decade now (this isn’t true, the Xbox in particular premiered a mere 6 years ago), but regardless, I’m ready for a change. I really do hope there are some big announcements at E3 this year, and I don’t just mean for Gears of War 4 or Wii Sports Colosseum.

What about you?

  • Jack

    I have a feeling that if they do it too early (i.e. now), then this will be the weakest advance in performance and graphics from one console generation to another.

    I think a few more years would be very beneficial.

    If I am completely wrong, they hey, I have no problem with it!

  • all i’v ever wanted was a wii with xbox games and graphics. I hate using controllers, always have. The wii controller is the only one that i actually find fun to use rather than making me wish it was a mouse keyboard combo. However wii games are only really for children, i play them with my 3 yr old daughter.

  • Sverrir Sigfússon

    I don’t think we’ll see anything announced this year, maybe possibly next year (meaning that the new consoles would roll out 2014/15).
    I think that’d be pretty good timing, this generation has been, as you said, given extra life by the motion control add-ons and in 3 or 4 years I think developers will have gotten all that they can out of the machines. But right now there’s still room for improvement and untapped power.
    Then again I find new generation launches terribly exciting so I wouldn’t mind them announcing their new consoles this year, but that’s not going to happen.

  • Gabriel

    I think before they move forward they need to figure out realistic virtual reality, something like being able to be in your room but become immersed in the game. I was joking around with my friend in saying that “could you imagine if you actually had to walk around in the MMO we are in? all the hardcore gamers would be by the starting cities because they are so out of shape they cant make it far enough!” 😛

    But think about it though, we already have motion sensing. Whats the next step in large scale games? It would have to be hitting on some form of virtual reality. Even if it isnt full V.R. then you could at least make a system in which you could have something that gave you some full 360 lookaround (with or without 3D, doesn’t matter).

    As detached as it sounds, more game immersion (in my opinion) would be the biggest thing and company can do, and i know they can come pretty close.

    Final Thought: They need to take their time on this instead of rushing it and giving us the same thing and vomiting 3D all over us. They need to think big and unique! Nintendo Wii did it first with motion control and Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo Need to up the game (And for the love of God not with just 3D).

  • Gabriel

    Sorry if my post is TL;DR lol I just get too hyped up when new console talks start up everytime 😛

  • I’m sticking mostly w/ PC games these days and I enjoy picking up titles from 2-5 years ago and trying them out. A good game is good even if a little outdated.

    So I’m in no hurry to see a new generation of consoles. I’m only NOW at the point where I wish I had an xbox or ps3 so I could try titles that I never had access to. If I up and bought an xbox there would be years of fun to be had on it before wanting something new.

  • Anon E. Moose

    You’re out of your mind, Paul. How much better can they make graphics? Played Gran Turismo 5? Oh, you own a Xbox….well, it’s your problem for picking the inferior console.
    Gran Turismo is so realistic it’s already broken the end spectrum of realism and it’s already breaching in “holy fuck, this is too real”.
    Instead of just churning out new technology, they should put some effort into improving the quality of games overall, not just eye-candy for a fast dollar.

  • “how much better can they make graphics?”

    Let’s have another conversation in five or ten years, and we’ll reflect on how dumb that statement was. Gran Turismo 5 will eventually be the low bar, but I guess you don’t understand how technology works.

  • Rob J

    Absolutely not and for several reasons.

    New Consoles with peripherals and that are going to cost a lot of money but thats not what I am really worried about.

    It is my opinion we are only just hitting the golden age of this generation. In previous generations it usually begins when developers admit that they have maxed out the hardware and as development gets easier over time we start to see some of the best game come out that will go on to define the systems/console generation. Look no further than the PS2 for a perfect example of that.

    I just think that if a new generation were to come out withing a year or two then we would be rushing things. It has taken the Xbox more than 4 years to fix a massive hardware problem that has put me off buying one from the start and the PS3 is only now fully making good on its promises of the best exclusives and content that I paid a lot to see. I think now we should be able to enjoy the fruit of our labour and enjoy the best games that developers can come up with on our more than competent, reliable and reasonably cheap hardware…something we cannot possibly say at this point that new hardware will be… at least for a little while.

  • Josh

    Microsoft has continually said that the next console will release in 2015, a full decade after launch. I believe the 360 saw 3 years of development. So let’s assume that they hire these guys and MS starts hardcore 720 development next month. A year from then, they might have a very very very basic prototype to show off at E3 2012. Assuming there is a 2013, they start showing off its performance at E3 that year. Possibly debut Kinect 2.0. They show off a near finished product, OS and all, at E3 2014 and announce a November 2014 launch, which falls right in line with their initial 2015 estimates.

    As it stands now, they will have to find a way to improve on Kinect and expand it for other genres. That is a must. If they want it to succeed long term, they need to make it a viable interface for shooters and team sports games. It was likely be 3D ready as well (when the 3D thing hits, it will hit big. Just like HD. Sadly). Not to mention that I would be willing to bet it forgoes physical media altogether in favor of using the Market to get your games. Those three things are going to take years of research and development to get right. They are right in line with the decade long console generation, honestly.

    @Anon E. Moose: I know you’re a troll, but seriously? How can they get any better than Gran Turismo 5? That’s not even the pinnacle of graphics. That still belongs to Crysis and Crysis 2 on the PC. Do you remember Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec? Back in the PS2 days, that was also considered the end-all, be-all of graphics supremacy. You could not get any better. But here we are with more powerful consoles and PCs taking things to a whole new level. Hell, the PS3 has another 4-5 years before PS4 comes out. I’d be willing to bet that GT5 doesn’t even rank in the top 10 in terms of graphics when the next generation arrives.

  • New console generation!?!? NO!!!! I just bought a PS3 3 weeks ago!

    Seriously though, I think that it would be a bit soon to release a newer generation of console. I think that you need to give game developers a chance to really get a console figured out so that they can take full advantage of what it may be capable of. The one caveot to this argument of course being the relative ages of the present gen systems. It is well documented that the Wii could use a horsepower boost, and perhaps the job posting you mentioned at the top of your article is a signal that MS is beginning to start designing their next next gen system, which I suppose you can’t fault them for and I actually have no issue with. The PS3 I think has the longest window to a refresh at this point as it is the “newest” of the three systems.

  • tissmekyle

    No need for a new generation yet. curent consoles have plenty of power for now. there can always ne improvment and the longer before next gen the more time to improve.

  • Anon E. Moose

    Five years in the future is a while, but in the next couple of years a new console generation is plain retarded.
    Yes, it will upgrade graphics, but mostly just that and it won’t even be THAT significant. In my opinion GT5 is pretty much the current pinnacle of realism in a game, Crysis 2, graphically is superior, but shit, man…it looks like a unicorn took a rainbow dump on a candy cane. Do you like running around with a sugar-glazed gun?
    The leap between the last generation and this one is the unrivaled multi player possibility, the next leap should be something else, not a graphic upgrade.
    Make games more immersing, for instance, cause motion controllers sure failed to achieve that. Perhaps controllerless motion control, kinda like the Kinect eye, but one that requires you to move like a human, rather than a chimpanzee mid-stroke.

  • The Cycle with Sony and Nintendo is roughly seven years and microsoft will adopt that one as well for the next generation.

    that means sony will show ps4 on e3 in year 2012 and release it late 2013.

    same goes with nintendo.

    i think microsoft will follow the same route.

  • Barnaby

    No way, I’m still playing Xbox and PS2 games. I do have a Wii though, which is not so much “next-gen” as it is “between-gen.” I stopped gaming for a couple of years in late high school and most of college, and now I’m forever playing catch-up. And the older I get, the less time I have to play..

    There is an upside though, whenever I do get around to getting a PS3, instead of paying $60 for one game, I can spend that same amount and get 3-5 first party games used. Even though I won’t have anyone to talk about with, I’ll be looking forward to playing Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock, Resident Evil 4, Resistance, God of War 3… yeah, that’s gonna rule.

  • Erin

    I personally feel we need a few more years, I don’t know, I’ve spent £300 on a console and probably around £400 on games that I don’t have time to play and for what? I still prefer my SNES that I got for free from my cousin when I was 5… in fact I think I still prefer my PS2/1 consoles.
    Games developers need to get their act together before another overpriced overweight machine comes out with a few new gimmicks and peripherals.
    I don’t want to see the software development of my PS3 and PS3 Online come to a grinding halt in a year or two because Sony has found a new cash cow to devote it’s time too.

    Maybe a change would be good, maybe I’ve been too harsh on this generation of consoles. All this last console batch has really proven is companies can dream big and promise a lot but if they can make a quick buck out of some funny movement controllers and appealing to the non-gamer market, they will. I am not optimistic for the next gen of expensive dust magnets and their download only games.

  • Glass2099

    Not yet. I don’t want to feel left out of next-gen again. Also, the current gen needs more time to foster new gaming generations from this casual phase to perhaps a more traditional set of games.

  • Jon

    I think a new console generation would be a gimmick at this point, like the Wii. It would be for people who have to have the newest, shiniest thing. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are more powerful than both of my computers. They can make huge, open game worlds, render high-quality graphics, and are both great consoles. (I left the wii out because IMO it’s a gamecube with motion controls, and I already have a gamecube, rendering the Wii in the house redundant for me). Both consoles are handicapped by the buying public’s weird thought that since technology is updating rapidly, our consoles have to as well, even though I used the same laptop for almost 5 years, and was able to keep up with my friends’ more powerful, newer ones. We always look to the next big thing, the next shiny gadget, then complain why the gadget costs $600. Well, if you’d just be happy with your PS3, XBOX360, or Wii, and kept buying good games, allowing the companies to actually try to make back development costs, the prices of brand-new consoles might actually drop. I think the same applies to game engines, when most developers make a new one every year or two, aiming for the coveted “best graphics” comments, but IMO graphics should be secondary to content. Some of the prettiest games I’ve seen ran like total shit on my XBOX, because all the focus was on pretty graphics, and the processor was slowing down (but it could be the fact that that XBOX360 was actually melting on the inside-quality ;-]) I think Valve is a great example of how to reuse a game engine but still make the games fun. Yes, Portal 2 looks fantastic, but IMO, Half-life 2 still looks pretty good. Hell, I was playing FFXII the other day on my PS2 and thought “damn these graphics are great.” I would prefer more money going into a well-crafted game and a good solo campaign, because I rarely, if ever, play online.

  • Amy

    If they could make games backwards compatible I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I’d buy them up. But as it is, it’s starting to feel like the Sims. Then all the Sims expansion packs. and then WAIT – Sims 2! All the money you spent is now obsolete – buy these expansions. But WAIT! Sims 3! Now buy all the same expansions again, but BETTER!! Uh, yeah, okay…

  • Scott W.

    It pains me to say this, but I’m getting to that age (that one where serious income responsibilities begin) where I’m not sure I want to fork out another $500 apiece for a new Playstation or Xbox (I wouldn’t buy WiiU regardless). I’d rather save my money for a next-gen car or next-gen mortgage. Also, I’m still very satisfied with the quality of my Xbox360 and *Playstation3 (*My Playstation3 is one of the last ones made backwards compatible with Playstation2 and Playstation, not to mention it serves as my Blue Ray Player). But I also understand competition lends itself to these next-gen releases every seven years or so. It totally makes sense for the industry to do that soon. I’m just not sure it makes sense for me, at least not for a couple years. That being said, I’m going to go open my newly arrived Legos! Yay, escapism! #Man-child