Debate of the Day: Can You Get Into Old Games You’ve Never Played?

Even though I grew up with video games, there were a lot of titles I missed because either A) I wasn’t allowed to play them B) I didn’t own the console at the time or C) I just couldn’t afford them because I was a broke kid on $5 a week allowance. Which all naturally went to Pokemon cards.

Since I have a job now, and consoles are backwards compatible, I’ve tried to pick up some of the older titles I’ve missed over the years, and I’ve found it…difficult.

You can go back and play games you loved, no problem. I still play Goldeneye and Smash Bros and the original  Halo to this day. But ones you never have? The connection is a lot harder, as you have to go back into the stone age of graphics and gameplay much of the time. One game I’ve had a major problem doing this with has been Knights of the Old Republic on the original Xbox. After you’ve spent almost a decade on a 360, going back there is just a strange experience, everything feels clunky, like you’re trying to knit with boxing gloves. I know these are supposed to be great games, but it’s just so hard to get into them in this format.

This is why I understand and appreciate the need for HD remakes of games. It gives me hope that I can still enjoy titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, even if I’ve missed them previously. Does anyone else find it hard to try and catch up on old games? It doesn’t seem nearly as hard with shows or movies, but with games, it’s a bit difficult for me at least.