Debate of the Day: Are Killstreaks Deserved or Unfair?

This is something that’s been on my mind since the original Modern Warfare, where the concept of killstreaks always irked me for a few reasons. There are two sides to two different debates about the implementation of the killstreak system, and I’ll briefly touch on them here so you can comment.

First, the argument is that killstreaks reward players who are already kicking ass. Now, you can either say , well, it’s hard to get that many kills in a row, so people that do should be rewarded for it. But conversely, if someone is SO good that they kill 11 people in a row, does the game really need a helicopter strafing around the map racking them up 11 more kills with the other team barely able to even combat the devastation that’s raining down on them?

The second issue is that killstreaks promote camping. Many a time the people I see getting the biggest killstreaks have been sitting in a room pointing at a door with claymores all around them. Running around puts you at greater risk of being shot from any unseeable angle, while sitting in a corner does not.

But conversely, I’ve gotten some of my best killstreaks running around with a silenced submachine gun, as I just so happen to flank the entire  enemy team and quietly murder them all. And as for that camper? Well since I now know where he is, I can flash bang his ass and jam my knife down his throat next time if I so choose.

I think Black Ops has fixed a lot of the issues with killstreaks, as it’s made them less dominant than they were in previous games. I don’t find myself constantly getting drilled by predators or ravaged by harrier jets, and it does feel nice to be rewarded when I earn them myself.

What do you think about killstreaks?


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