David Goh Reworks Famous Gaming Symbols

Artist David Goh is a logo design pro, and he’s taken his talents to rework some of the most recognizable icons in gaming. His series starts off with this rather awesome Skyrim interpretation, and he covers both Assassin’s Creed and Knights of the Old Republic below.

It takes a lot of creativity to do something like this, and it reminds me a bit of the work of the great Olly Moss. I wonder what he’ll focus on next? Any suggestions as to which logo could use a Goh rework?

  • Jack

    Oh MY GOSH that Revan one is incredible. BTW if anyone wants to some how back me in making a SWTOR movie I’m gonna need about 160 million

  • KOTOR = the best thing that ever came out of the Star Wars franchise. The 6 movies included.

  • cage

    kotor easily is my favorite single game of all time. DAMN YOU EA FOR GOING THE MMO ROUTE!!! I want that 3rd sequel…. *tear*