Daniel Floyd’s Animated Lecture Series on Video Game Issues


I’m not sure how many of you know this, but one of my many side-jobs involves a video game blog I write for a site called True/Slant. My corner of the site is called Double Kill, and I try to tackle issues in the video game industry or noteworthy news items.

Well, searching the internet far and wide for issues to discuss in various columns, I came across Daniel Floyd, a gamer and animator that has a web series of lectures where he talks about issues facing the video game community. Though they’re “lectures” in name,  they’re far from boring, and actually are some of the most interesting pieces of VG commentary I’ve seen.

I’ve included the eight-parts-and-counting video series below, which you can watch at your leisure. And if you want to keep up with me on True/Slant, bookmark me here.

Video Games and Storytelling


Video Games and Sex


Video Games and Learning


Video Games and the Uncanny Valley


Video Games and Facing Controversey


Video Games and Choice


Video Games and the Female Audience


Video Games and Moral Choices