Daily Dose of Nostalgia: Retro Goldeneye Tracks


It’s kind of weird to call Goldeneye “retro” already, as I feel like I was playing it just yesterday, but here I am, an old man at 22 and hearing this music brings back more youthful memories than I care to admit.

Although, I usually had the game on mute so my parents wouldn’t find out I was playing it. They weren’t a fan of all the guns and death and what not, even if I was James Bond and I was killing evil Ruskies.

Up there is the music from the Facility, but I’ve posted a bunch more tracks after the jump to make you flash back even more. Can’t forget the Temple, right? All of this makes great background music if you’re allowed headphones at work. Makes you think that your powerpoint project is secret government spy work or something.









  • JZ

    Bravo. Excellent suggestion for background music.

  • Madison

    Ah, the memories. What a revolutionary game this was.

  • Me.

    Goodnight Control Style.

    Helicopter Pilot.

    Remote mines.

    In the Complex.

    Equals “Most Deadly”