Creating the Creatures of Cabin in the Woods

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One of my surprise five-star movies of the year was Cabin in the Woods, the ultra meta horror flick from Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. It was a truly revolutionary film for the genre, and poked fun at it in a way that a hundred Scary Movies never could.

Read no further if you haven’t seen it, as spoiling how epic it gets would be tragedy. For those who have seen it however, below is a gallery from an art book about the film that shows the concepts for the massive collection of creatures that are eventually discovered in the film. Some made it to the final cut, others were lost along the way.

This remains one of my favorite films of this year, and will surely have a place in my top ten list this winter. See it for yourself if you haven’t already, and go in with an open mind.

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  • Tim

    Awesome film. This is an interesting gallery.

  • Emanon

    Just saw this movie last week. I absolutely loved everything about it. I avoided every last little spoiler because I could tell there was something else going on than your typical generic horror flick. I am very glad I did. Part of enjoying this film was understanding the ‘why’ behind it, rather than the ‘what.’ Once I figured out what was going on and the point that the filmmakers were driving at I was completely sold. Easily the best movie I’ve seen this year.

    OT – Loved the gallery of monsters and it’s cool to see all of them here/the concept behind them.

  • Steve p

    Loved this movie, easily a top 5 for the year(probably top 3, but I gotta wait for looper first).

    One thing that would have it infinitely better though was a quick appearance by a smoke monster at the end (seeing as one of the writers was from LOST), even just the sound in the background would’ve been awesome

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