10 of the Most Insane Just Cause 2 Stunts So Far


As Paul wrote in his Just Cause 2 review a couple of days ago, the massive world and flexibility allows your character to destroy, demolish, tear apart, and blow up just about anything.  Vehicles can be connected to other vehicles and, as a result, it’s possible to go just about anywhere.  The mode of transportation may not be very safe, but hey, it’s a video game.

From what I’ve seen, Just Cause 2 is a sandbox in the style of Grand Theft Auto, but instead of being filled with ultraviolence, it allows the player to do pretty much whatever he or she wants with whatever he or she wants.  Already, some creative players have recorded videos of some pretty insane stunts.  Check out 10 of the most insane Just Cause 2 stunts below.

By the way, what’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far in Just Cause 2?

Riding around on a gas canister:


Helicopter to airplane to motorbike:


Who needs a parachute?


Pretty insane (and destructive) air stunt:


A whale of a time:


I saw something like this in Terminator 3:


Two planes, one guy:


Sure, you could survive that:


Two cars, one cliff:


Just in the nick of time:


  • J5

    @ anyone who’s playing it

    What would you say is a better game? This or Fallout 3? It looks like you have a lot more player control in Just Cause 2.

  • Bandit

    Fallout 3 by a billion miles.

    I watched the first 3 videos, this is retarded.

  • anakrusix

    I wrote a long, long responce but i decided to shorten it up by going to gamespot.com.

    Fallout 3
    * Freedom to explore what you want, when you want
    * Fantastic, intricate quests can be completed in a variety of satisfying ways
    * VATS combat system results in all sorts of tense and gruesome encounters
    * Outstanding art design makes for a desolate DC
    * Rewarding mixture of excitement and atmospheric exploration.
    *The story and characters can feel a bit sterile
    *Combat feels mildly clunky

    Just Cause 2
    *Enormous, varied island to explore with lots of things to do
    *More than 100 vehicles to drive and pilot
    *You pull off all sorts of crazy stunts
    *Stuff blows up in lots of awesome ways
    *Absolutely fantastic visuals.
    *Some of the missions are more frustrating than fun
    *Some visual glitches
    *Doesn’t support Windows XP.
    *Voice acting is borderline offensive


    Fallout 3 is a Role Playing Game and Just Cause 2 is a Modern Action Adventure Game. Just depends on your taste. Although, I would suggest you download the Just Cause 2 Demo to try it for a week or so before you buy. Maybe watch some Fallout 3 videos on youtube.

  • J5

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input

  • MacGyver1138

    I love these games. The third clip is actually from the first game, by the way.

  • Ant2206

    Just Cause 2 is great for messing about, but the plot and actual game side of things is really lacking. Fallout 3 is the better game by miles. I’d guarantee that 9/10 folks would get sick of Just Cause 2 before Fallout 3.

    Not to say it isn’t fun while it lasts though 🙂

  • anakrusix

    lol, took me about 10 days to uninstall JC2. I didn’t finish it, i just couldn’t stand the voice acting. Fallout 3 took me 3 or 4 months to stop playing it. Even then it remained installed in my pc.

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  • David

    Ummmm yeah, the “plane stunt WIP” is actually from Just Cause 1, not Just Cause 2.