10 of the Most Insane Just Cause 2 Stunts So Far


As Paul wrote in his Just Cause 2 review a couple of days ago, the massive world and flexibility allows your character to destroy, demolish, tear apart, and blow up just about anything.  Vehicles can be connected to other vehicles and, as a result, it’s possible to go just about anywhere.  The mode of transportation may not be very safe, but hey, it’s a video game.

From what I’ve seen, Just Cause 2 is a sandbox in the style of Grand Theft Auto, but instead of being filled with ultraviolence, it allows the player to do pretty much whatever he or she wants with whatever he or she wants.  Already, some creative players have recorded videos of some pretty insane stunts.  Check out 10 of the most insane Just Cause 2 stunts below.

By the way, what’s the coolest thing you’ve done so far in Just Cause 2?

Riding around on a gas canister:


Helicopter to airplane to motorbike:


Who needs a parachute?


Pretty insane (and destructive) air stunt:


A whale of a time:


I saw something like this in Terminator 3:


Two planes, one guy:


Sure, you could survive that:


Two cars, one cliff:


Just in the nick of time:



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