Cosplay of the Day: The Mushroom Kingdom’s Warrior Princess


Peach is always the one getting rescued by Mario, or at best, being a multiplayer character in one of his spin-off games, but what would happened if she tried to make Anita Sarkeesian proud and saved herself for a change? Well, it might look something like this.

Alexia Jean Grey has taken it upon herself to design a battle ready version of Peach, while still retaining the character’s love of all things pink and frilly. There are more shots of the costume, complete with crystal blue greatsword, below.



  • Godling

    Nice photo shoot. For our 1st shot, let’s not do your hair at all. And for the other shots, let’s place you uncomfortably close to a wall where you have no room to move your sword, while also holding said sword like a baseball bat.

    Oh, and great costume. Who did she steal it from? Because it’s at least one size to small for her. Shouldn’t we believe she made the costume herself, or at bare minimum she had it made for her? Wouldn’t she have used her own measurements when making it?

    Overall, looks tacky (being shot where the meth dealers hang out doesn’t help either). Not sure at this point what makes something worthy of ‘cosplay of the day’? Certainly isn’t quality of costume work… or great photography. Maybe it’s meant to be ironic?