Cosplay of the Day: The Faceless Cerberus Trooper

Cerberus 8

Usually, nameless good or bad guys don’t really make for all that impressive cosplay. We’ve seen thousands of real-life Stormtroopers now, and their white sheen has sort of lost its appeal, even if the official armor does cost hundreds of dollars.

But I can’t help but be impressed by Steven Massey‘s phenomenal Cerberus Trooper armor from Mass Effect. Yes, you kill scores of these soldiers in the game, but this is one of the most impressive custom armor sets I’ve seen, and Massey makes an everyman villain look like a terrifying boss.

There’s a whole gallery of these below, where Massey joins a few more recognizable Mass Effect faces:

  • Dash

    Does anybody else have a hard time not thinking of the Xtacles when they see ME3’s Cerberus troopers?