Cosplay of the Day: Snaaaaaaake!


Cosplay doesn’t always need to be cute kids or sexy girls. There’s plenty of room for badass dudes as well, as evidenced by Rick Boer here who decided to make his own take on Solid Snake from Snake Eater.

If there’s a way this could be better, I just can’t see it, and this is probably the best MGS-related cosplay I’ve ever seen. There are a few more pictures below to prove that just in case you’re not sure.

Needs more cardboard boxes and exclamation points, but in terms of a costume and model, it’s just perfect.




  • rcrd

    Well he doesn’t look anything like Solid Snake.

  • GeneStarwolf

    This dude looks LEGIT. Best Snake Cosplayer I’ve seen except for maybe this MGS1 Snake I seen at a con in person. rcrd, you even see bro?

  • PokeMan

    That’s not Solid Snake.
    That’s Big Boss aka Naked Snake, Solid Snake’s progenitor.

  • eLTeezy

    Went pretty hard on the ‘shoppage