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You know that stereotype about how all people of some races look the same? Well guess what racists, the same is true of white virtual thirty year olds who make up the protagonist corps of practically every major video game franchise out there. He’s not picture but hell, even Mario is a brown hair white guy! Are all these guys just a homage to him, or are developers really just extremely uncreative? Gee, I wonder what the answer is here.

I can’t say I know all these guys, but who’s that guy two down and two across that looks like Martin Freeman from the BBC Office? And who else is missing here?

  • Russell

    Looks like the FBI agent from Heavy Rain. Funny thing, the main character in Heavy Rain isn’t in that picture, but he’s also a mid 30’s brown-haired white male.

  • Madison

    Pretty funny.

    One more reason why I am infatuated with Bayonetta.

  • Byrd

    70+% of the U.S. population is white, a majority of them have brown or dark hair, and the fastest growing race in the U.S. is Hispanic / Latino. And the average gamer is now well into his 30’s.

    It’s not laziness, it’s what the audience looks like.

    Besides, even if you think that teenagers are STILL the target audience for games – the little shits are useless and would be the first to go in the zombie apocalypse.

  • illeaturfamily

    Normally I don’t like to gripe on who was left out of a list or collage such as this, but one name came to mind immediately.


    Him and his glasses are missing.

  • Bert

    This originated before video games, but the Goddamn Batman is also a thirty-something brown-haired white male in most incarnations. I can’t tell if Bruce is featured here though.

  • Velovan

    Well, at least they aren’t all gingers.

  • Bonkai

    Well what do most of the game developers look like? I’m sure the majority would be brown haired white males in their 30s.

  • Henry

    Better than the long, silky haired, femme-men in j-rpgs.

  • Big Boss

    To answer the question, the guy two down, two to the right is Sev from Killzone 2. John and Jack Marston aren’t pictured either. Neither is Templar from Killzone 1. I can think of a ton more that should be on here too.

  • illeaturfamily



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