Console Start-Up Noises to Pull on Your Heartstrings

Sound is more closely burned into our memories than we realize. It’s amazing what a simple tone or word can bring flooding back, and that’s the inspiration for this post.

We booted up each of these systems a thousand times, so that their start-up tones are etched in our memories forever. The synthetic “SEGA” set off in my head many a day in my friend’s basement playing Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat for hours on end.

Will any of these provide a similar Pavlovian response for you? Go below to listen and find out.



Sega Saturn






Playstation 2


Playstation 3


Game Boy


Game Boy Advance


Nintendo DS








Xbox 360



  • My fav are the playstation 1, and the gamecube

  • TheVision

    You might want to check that N64 one again…

    Also, wasn’t the “Seeee-Gaaaa” Only on Sonic the Hedgehog? I’m pretty sure it was.

  • Paul M

    The PS1 and N64 have the same sound file so one of them is wrong.

  • Gale

    When I was a child I was insanely scared of the PS1 start up noise, I used to mute my tv. I have no idea why but even now it freaks me out a bit.
    Always loved the gamecube though, its such a cute start up

  • N64 didn’t have a boot screen. The video you put here shows the same sound as the PSone boot… so I’m guessing it could be either some faky thingy or a 64 emulator on a PS (PS2 at least I’d think)

  • Drester

    The N64 is the console I played most, but this tune I’ve never heard. Well, I guess I’ve head it, but I don’t remember it.

  • Drester

    @Mecartistronico, I’m ashamed I forgot about that…

  • Aumshar

    The tune played for PS1 and N64 is most likely from a Mortal Kombat game.

  • Bryan

    no snes or nes?

  • silly_sad_machine

    the tune played for PS1 is the tune from PS1, Aumshar. I heard it a thousand times on startup, and it reminds me intimately of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bushido Blade and Twisted Metal. God, those were awesome days in gaming. PS2 start up also reminds me of days gone by … especially GTAIII.

  • Drester


    They don’t have a start up screen

  • Maveric1984

    I used to have a Sega Master System, and it had an opening where the individual letters would expand from the left (with a “growing” sound), then be followed by the iconic “Seeeee-gaaaaaaa” tune. Where this really only happened on Sonic games on the Genesis, it happened on all games for the Master System, making it a true opening screen

  • Mikey

    The PS1 start-up screen is the best one of all time. It just sounds so soothing. It also brings back memories of the Konami loading start-up screen for Metal Gear Solid, which had an awesome little ditty.

  • pedro

    Im totally sure that sound on the ds boot is the same bell we hear in Sonic 1 & 2 in the water levels when an air bubble is released

  • Anonymous

    The PS2, Gameboy, and Gamecube boot screens are permanently etched into my brain. I think that the PS2 boot screen is the one that sticks the most as I was dominantly raised on Nintendo consoles which lacked boot screens up until the Gamecube came around. The PS2 was the only non-Nintendo console I owned.

  • Tony

    Gamecube also had a alternate boot up sound if you held the z button down, and as for the Genesis there was no boot up sound but the SEGA sound happened on multiple games mostly Sonic games but there were a few others. Almost positive there is not boot sound for cartridge based systems since they didn’t really “boot” per say. If I’m not mistaken all of the disc based systems had some form of a dashboard so that is why there is a boot sound

  • Steve

    Gonna go with PS1 being my favorite. It was the first system I ever bought with my own money, as my parents had always bought me my VG systems up until then. So this one was special. Actually, that synthesizer is what does it for me. As for Gale being scared of it, that makes me think of how I was afraid of the old United Artist logo before the movie began. It also had that same synthesizer build-up, along with the eerie acoustic piano.

    Hey, how about an article showcasing the old movie company logos that aren’t used anymore? Some of those things are 80’s-tastic!!

  • Kevin

    The Gamecube had the best boot up tone!

  • Mike

    The Sega Saturn one that’s posted is the one from the Japanese version. There’s a NA version on youtube as well, though.

  • Adam

    My favorite is the Dreamcast.

    It also has a second secret boot sound if you hold down the Z-buttons on four controllers:

    I thought it sounded different. I like the American one better.

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