Collect Millions of Galds in Tales of the Rays Event

Last Wednesday Bandai Namco gave the latest Tales of the Rays event “The Lord Spirit & Friends.” Previously we gave a little information about this latest event just like the previous article before that talked about the M88 Mobile. You can get two characters from Tales of Xillia ie Milla and Elize. As always, this limited event will provide interesting quests and features that can help you with your adventure.

Just like M88 Mobile, After completing all the requested stages, there is three exclusive stage that can be accessed the Pink Diamond Hunt 1-3. This Stage allows you to get the Pink Diamond, a special item that you must collect to complete a special mission whose time is limited to 2 weeks only. To get this item, you must beat Berry Boar, a very strong pink boar!

For the limited Question, this game is totally different,  you only need 300 Pink Diamonds to get the best prize. But Quest is quite unique because the Pink Diamond is calculated is what you get. So you can freely sell the Pink Diamond anytime.  remember the bag equipment limit you have is 200 items, so do not forget to sell the Pink Diamond before looking back.

Interestingly, the price offered when you sell the Pink Diamond is also very high that is 7650 Gald per chip. And in one stage, you can get 1 to 11 Pink Diamond at once! Imagine how many Pink Diamonds can you collect in 2 weeks? Certainly you can earn millions of Galds, just by completing this Pink Diamond Hunt quest.

In addition, you can also get two grade 4 weapons by completing this Pink Diamond Hunt stage. You can get Milla’s Royale Rose weapon (drop in Pink Diamond Hunt 1 and 2) and Elize’s Captived Hearth (drop in Pink Diamond Hunt 3). Even though you’ve got both of them by completing the quest, you can get both back for another given character that has no weapons yet.

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