Coco Bandicoot Cosplay Goes Far Better Than You’d Imagine

Wow, on the list of “things I never thought I’d see in real life” is most definitely a hot version of Coco Bandicoot, Crash’s little sister from the Playstation series. But hey, I’m all for it rather than the millionth iteration of Lara Croft, Slave Leia or Chun-Li. Glad to see someone (DeviantArt’s Ryoko-Demon) thinking outside the box for a change!

For those of you who don’t know who the hell I’m even talking about, below you can find a picture of Coco in the game. Somehow I feel like a male dressing up as Crash wouldn’t have gone so well. And wow, after five minutes of searching, I can’t even find one. He’s a major character people! Get creative!

Check out Coco below:

  • Kaeyne

    I loved the first Crash Bandicoot games! Can’t count the hours and hours I tried to get every one of those friggin gemstones! xD

    Oh, and Coco is definitely a cute character.

  • b-rock

    the mask alone is freakin awesome, let alone the girl!

  • MetFanMac

    I call shenanigans. That looks ‘shopped.

  • mike

    shopped for sure

  • Malro

    And what are you talking about? =__= Everything is rea on this picture I saw her alive! I just don’t understand why people cannot believe in a really good alive cosplay? Is it shoped too?

  • Cygnus

    It’s not shopped, you dumbasses. It’s obvious that she’s wearing gloves.

  • Marissa

    that looks so ugly -.-

  • u_wot_m8

    So photoshopped