Choose Wisely

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What the hell are you looking at? A bunch of alien sex toys? No! It’s every lightsaber hilt that you can pick in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game I might possibly, maybe consider getting at some point in the future. Maybe.

Some are distinctly Jedi, while others are clearly Sith. If I had my pick of the litter I would probably go with the second one in the top row as even if your battery went dead, you could still stab people’s eyes out with it.

But of course the more pressing question is…what color blade? Sith you get exactly zero choices, while Jedi have the other handful of primary colors to choose from. Is black an option? I’d be a big hit at raves.

  • Geoff

    Sith has sabers have color options in SWTOR. Ive used, Red, yellow, and blue.

  • looka

    if they were real i would take the 2nd from the middle line and the 3rd from the bottom line.. one blue and the other green, please

  • Stormageddon

    A lot of these look like sonic screwdrivers.

  • Jim Lahey

    I always liked the classic look, like the last one in the middle row.


    Good call. Doctor Who would be pretty pissed if he went to use his sonic screwdriver only to find out it’s a lightsaber. Or he’d travel back in time and become a Jedi. Either way.

  • Kyle

    It doesn’t matter if you’re sith or jedi, the colors only depend on your alignment (like in mass effect, sort of). It’s bioware, so you can be a good sith or an evil jedi. Red and orange are strictly evil (or dark, as it’s called). Yellow and purple are neutral (anyone can use them). Blue and green are strictly good (or light).
    I’m not an MMO fan but I love bioware and star wars. So I would recommend it if you like those two but aren’t sure about MMOs.

  • Nall

    I’d dual wield and be a Borderline Dark Side user.
    Middle row 3rd for my Main hand it would be Blue
    Top row 6th for my Left hand it would be Yellow

  • KK

    No dual-bladed? Lame.

  • VikingIrishman

    There are also some high end Black/Red, Black/Blue, and Black/Yellow color crystals in game, and KK brings up a good point. this pic doesn’t include double-bladed lightsabers.

    For the record, if you like MMOs and understand that a game that is barely 2 months old is bound to have some bugs, SWTOR is absurdly fun. The voice acting is actually good for the most part and the story is a hell of a lot more engaging than WoW’s ever was. Bioware did a really great job.

  • Fester

    There are dual bladed sabers in the game, just not in this picture.

  • Beorach

    I’ve got a Sith assassin tank and I’ve played with three colors so far on a light side toon, iirc. I don’t think I’m counting the red I couldn’t use as soon as I hit Light 1. I’d suggest you set definite limits on your MMO time (like maybe pay to play every other month) so you don’t get completely sucked into one game. It keeps it fresher, too.

  • Ikenowski

    Indeed, choose wisely, and choose something else to play. The game is just a boring re-hash of WoW. It’s sole claim to fame is that it’s Star Wars, a franchise that I have become increasingly disenfranchised with. Yes, it’s a fantastic universe, and very unique with incredible depth. Its problem is George Lucas, who doesn’t care what kind of shit is produced, as long as he has a big check to deposit into his account.

  • Rono

    The hilts in SWTOR don’t look like these AT ALL. You can’t see them with this much detail.
    Btw, don’t buy this game, it’s fun until you hit lvl 50, then it becomes tedious and “grindy”.

  • Jet

    Is it wrong that from the Reddit thumbnail I thought these were Sonic Screwdrivers, and wondered why there were so many?

  • Giauz

    @Kyle: A good Sith or an evil Jedi? Expanded Universe and the PT screws up everything (to the EU’s credit I loved the first KOTOR and a novel titled “Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader” was very well written, but everything else I have read about like changing the nature of The Force and giving it all new kinds of applications and Luke going to The Darkside to defeat the cloned Emperor, all of it just feels detrimental to the feeling of the OT).

    The lightsabers look cool, I guess.

  • fanofthegame

    I would have to dual wield the fourth in the top in my main hand (blue) and the fifth in the second row for my offhand (purple).

  • JTran

    I want the last one in the second row; it reminds me of the old PlayStation controllers lol 😀

  • Mike

    @Rono: Apparently your computer must be fairly bad because I have absolutely never had a problem seeing the detail in the lightsaber hilts on TOR.

    Game is pretty decent, I’d still be subscribing to it were I not in a financial situation where I can’t afford a subscription based mmo right now.

    That being said Boarderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 have been feeding my gaming needs as of late.