Chicks That Have Posed Naked Who Talk About Video Games

Jo Garcia

Call me crazy but there’s something awfully sexy about a hot girl who is not only passionate about video games, but she’s also someone who is more than willing to take her top off.  Hearing Playboy’s Jo Garcia talk about secret rooms in Final Fantasy and how she stores away her video games is quite the turn on.

Is it wrong of me to start envisioning myself taking on the final boss in the form of Jo Garcia wearing her Wii fit gear?  I didn’t think so.  Is it so bad to incorporate the likes of Tera Patrick in a gunplaying, blood spraying role playing game?

I would imagine it’s just a matter of time before the virtual world of porn meets video games.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to have virtual sex while holding a gun. killing bad guys, and eating a sandwich (with a football game on in the background).  Now that’s progress.

In the meantime here’s some naked posers talking video games. Thanks to Pwnordie for some of these.

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