10 Old Atari Commercials That Get You Nostalgic


Man I thought I was getting old school with Nintendo commercials.  I guess I was wrong.  Truth of the matter is, if you stuck an Atari console in front of me right now I’d probably be more excited to play games for hours on end than I would be to play Playstation 78 (if they ever get around to inventing one, which I’m sure they will).

The point is that I think it’s whatever era you were brought in that will give you the most joy in your gaming experience.  For me it was the 8-Bit NES.  I can imagine how crappy people must think it looks now but if you sat me down and I had Mike Tyson’s Punchout in front of me, I’d be a happy man.

So I must admit, seeing these old Atari commercials definitely brings me back.  Not quite Nintendo back, but it certainly makes me want to play Pole Position.


Centipede Commercial


Pole Position Commercial


The Original Mario Brothers


Very First Atari Commercial – Pong


The Atari Home Run Cartridge with Pete Rose and Don Knotts


Ms. Pacman for the Atari 2600


Yars Revenge Commercial


Vanguard for the Atari 2600


ET Commercial


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