Casting the Half-Life Movie

It’s an inevitability that someday all video games will be turned into movies, once we run out of superheroes to reboot. Many have already gotten the treatment, and almost none have been worthwhile, and we’re still waiting for a true champion in the genre.

If they make a Half-Life movie, could that be our hero? I always thought the reason Half-Life was great was the gameplay, and not as much the story, but with the right cast, this could really shine. Some intrepid internet user has gone through and cast all the roles as they see fit. The first two are above, and the rest are after the jump.

Yes, this is similar to something we featured before, but with better pictures and a few switched out cast members. I still prefer Rosario Dawson as Alyx Vance though.

  • Rich

    Why not Robert Guillaume as Dr. Vance, as he did the voice in the game.

  • looka

    I agree that Rosario Dawson would have to be Alyx and Hugh could be a good Freeman.
    Wallace Breen always looked like Dennis Hopper (RIP) to me, he would be perfect for this.

  • Carmelo

    I’d go with a slightly younger cast

  • Drester

    Zeljko Ivanek should play G-man. I saw him in The Event and I instantly thought of G-man.

  • pinkballoon

    Gordon Freeman had just completed his PhD in the game–so he can’t be more than 30. And you can’t put Hugh Laurie in a show and not let him talk. Too bad because the match is inspired.

  • Anon

    Hugh Laurie as Freeman would look cool…but Hug Laurie without any dialogue? Definitely can’t have Gordon Freeman with dialogue.

  • Danny
  • Simon

    I always thought Valve based Freeman’s character on “Zane Zaminsky” from “The Arrival”.

  • gordon

    They should make a Half-life 1 movie :

    From the point of view of Freeman, Shepherd, and the security guard from the Blueshift expansion – mixed all together like Pulp Fiction.

  • Shawn

    Charlie Sheen as Gordon Freeman!

    Google “The Arrival”

  • Raver Rabbit

    Lol you guys must not have seen the ninth gate with Johnny depp
    he would be the ULTIMATE freeman he looks identical to him in the poster for the movie. When i first saw the cover for the movie my first thought was………..GORDON!!!