Can’t Wait to See Soul Calibur V…

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The Soul Calibur series used to be one of my favorite fighting games, but my enthusiasm has waned as it’s regressed into more of a boob physics simulator than an actual combat game, and I’m no longer 14 or really care about ogling such digital things.

This graphic above shows how exactly the series has changed its female characters over the last five installments using fighter Sophitia as a model. Over time her clothes have shrunk and her boobs have grown, and the next logical step in the series would say that she’ll show up in SCV wearing a chain mail g-string and a silk ribbon around her chest.

I’m not opposed to sexy female video game characters, but there is a line that crosses into pure ridiculousness, and fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur regularly step over it.

  • Nick S

    Perhaps Ivy’s physics defying boobs made the other Soulcali-chicks jealous. They’ve been kind of insane since SCII… Definitely looks like Sophitia went to the Meg Ryan school of unnecessary plastic surgery.

  • Josh

    I remember on the original Dead or Alive, the amount of boob bouncing would depend on the age you set as the gamer. If you increased it to 99, the boobs practically hit the girl in the face and then went down to her waist every time she moved.

  • Unknown

    Well, maybe it’s because i’ve played every Soul Calibur there is to play but it is a normal development i guess. I mean, there is no Soul Calibur – Xtreme Beach Volleyball (yet :P)

    Sex sells, and it’s a Japanese game… no big surprise here. By the way she looks the same in Soul Calibur V pretty much like in its predecessor. Ivy’s Breast size has actually been “downgraded”. Nevertheless, you still can change the breast size in the Editor (as you could do in SC IV).

    But anyways, Gameplay is still good of Soul Calibur, no matter how slutty the Characters look (not like Dead or Alive).

  • jsternberg

    Sophitia isn’t a playable character in Soul Calibur 5, along with a bunch of the other Soul Calibur veterans.

    Just an FYI. Her two children are playable characters though.

  • 3020

    I always thought IVY was the ugliest of the soul calibur cast.

  • Ted

    Sophitia had a pretty classy 2nd player outfit in SC3 (see below). I really wish they’d gone that route instead of the slutty toga/armor hybrid

    There’s really no defense for Ivy’s sub-bikini stretched to pieces piece of “clothing” in SC4 though. Not even her 2p slutty George Washington can make up for that

  • Bernardo

    Yeah Sophitia isn’t playable in SCV. And the females are actually more conservatively dressed this time around. Not even Ivy has a particularly revealing outfit.

    Game looks amazing regardless.

  • Bernardo

    Also saying that SC has regressed into a boob jiggling simulator is just plain ridiculous. It’s always been about the fighting, this isn’t Dead or Alive after all.

  • skrolnik

    “Click to enlarge”

    I see what you did there.

  • Raziel

    worst SC ever

  • stopmotion

    well so long as the game is good (and even the worst version of this game is still worth playing) a little (or allot) cheesecake isnt really a bad thing.

    large breastted women offend women
    girly looking men offend men
    so the last few final fantasy games have been anoying the hell out of the average guy. why dont we complaine more? because we where distracted by setska’s botomless cleavage. lol