Can You Handle the Intense Action of FARMVILLE!?!?


I’m not a big fan of judging things that I’ve never experienced myself, but in this case does Farmville ever look god damn BORING. I’ve been seeing ducks and chickens and lonely cows pop up  on my Facebook newsfeed for quite some time now, and I just can’t quite understand the appeal, which is a point I believe is adequately expressed by this faux commercial for the game.

Is it just one of those game that taps into the primal urge of people to “level up” and “accomplish” things, no matter how trivial. Like, I’ve been playing Ninjas Live on my iPhone for the past three months despite it being the dullest game ever, but I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to stop before I five star all my Global Dignitaries!

I think my biggest issue with Farmville is the Facebook newsfeed thing. If you want to play a really boring game about farm animals, great, I applaud your seemingly endless patience. But why does it need to be all over my newsfeed? I’ve played Mass Effect 2 for 30 of the last 72 hours, but would you really want all my achievements in the game popping up on your Facebook homepage? “Paul’s Commander Shepard has leveled up to rank 17!” Paul’s Commander Shepard has killed his 30,000th geth!” “Paul’s Commander Shepard has banged Miranda Lawson!” Yeah, I thought not.


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