Can Someone Explain the Love for the LEGO Video Game Series to Me?


What you see above is the first trailer for Lego’s upcoming MMO, Lego Universe. I would have laughed in your face five years ago had you told me that Lego was coming out with a game like that, and would have regarded it as a shameless marketing plug. However, for whatever reason, Lego has built itself into an extremely successful video game brand with a legion of devoted followers.


I’m not trying to be funny here, I’m really putting out an open question to fans of the series to explain just why it catches their eye. Lego Batman, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter have all been massive sellers, and it can’t be from pure nostalgia alone. I played with Legos throughout elementary school, but I’m not rushing out to buy these games. And they’re not only for little kids either, as grown adults seems to enjoy them to a unhealthy degree as well.

So what is it about them that sticks your bricks?


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