Can Someone Explain the Love for the LEGO Video Game Series to Me?


What you see above is the first trailer for Lego’s upcoming MMO, Lego Universe. I would have laughed in your face five years ago had you told me that Lego was coming out with a game like that, and would have regarded it as a shameless marketing plug. However, for whatever reason, Lego has built itself into an extremely successful video game brand with a legion of devoted followers.


I’m not trying to be funny here, I’m really putting out an open question to fans of the series to explain just why it catches their eye. Lego Batman, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter have all been massive sellers, and it can’t be from pure nostalgia alone. I played with Legos throughout elementary school, but I’m not rushing out to buy these games. And they’re not only for little kids either, as grown adults seems to enjoy them to a unhealthy degree as well.

So what is it about them that sticks your bricks?

  • seriously I have been wondering the same thing, my only thought would be the “fun” feeling of legos and how they are kinda like mis-proportioned dolls like they have in Anime. They’re cute, and when cute things do anything… it becomes appealing…. but really man I have no idea I’m a MW2 guy personally.

  • Madison

    My guess is that most games based on movies – really, just about all of them – are atrocious. LEGO somehow makes them fun and playable. It’s geared toward kids mostly, of course, but I think there’s something to be said about the quality of the games.

  • JZ

    I get the batman, jones and potter games. They are quality adventure games. I dont get lego rock band. At all. Does it have kids bop albums instead of actual music?

  • It is simple: the games are VERY well done and fun to play.

    The lego game series, so far, has spent a lot of time on little details. The Star Wars games are epic! Batman and Indiana Jones are really fun.

    I can’t speak for Lego Rock Band, since I don’t have it, but many families I know have it and LOVE it! Kids find it empowering to have a version of a game just for them.

    I don’t get Madison’s comment about the game quality. The Lego games are some of the best quality video games that have ever come out. Graphics, game play, replay value. All top notch. No, the graphics are not photorealistic like some other games, but they are not supposed to be. The games are made out of Legos!

    I think Batman is the weakest of the series, but still well done. Start Wars is by far #1 and Indy a close second. I have not seen the Harry Potter Lego games yet, so I can’t comment.

    The games are made for kids to play in a safe environment. Sure there is violence, if you are against violence, don’t waste your money on a video game system. The violence is mild and controlled. The games are fun and appealing.

    Keep ’em coming Lego!

  • Madison

    @ WhereIF

    I was simply saying that unlike most games based on movies, the LEGO games ARE quality.

  • I’m one of the people in the “love the LEGO video games” camp, and I can say there’s a few reasons for that.

    1. Nostalgia. I grew up playing with these toys until I was probably 12 years-old, and consider the toys to be one of the greatest ever created.

    2. It is a bit of the cute factor I guess, where the idea of an inanimate object can have human personalities and mannerisms appeals to a lot of people. I find it to be especially popular in the last couple of years, and have also taken to doing this concept in my own photographic work, using a misfit toy robot.

    3. The humour. Besides the games being a hell of a lot of fun, there is a healthy dose of humour in the games as well. Especially the Star Wars LEGO games, they poke fun at some of the most iconic moments in the films.

    4. Gameplay. The games are accessible to people of all ages due to the fantastic gameplay, but still offer areas of problem-solving and the need for skill. Plus, I get to play as characters that I loved while growing up and watching the movies…albeit in LEGO form.

    This is my two cents of course, and others may disagree. Cheers!

  • aaron

    it is turning into a money grab, go back to the lego starwars days, i played that for hours

  • Ashweee

    I’m not particularly excited about Lego Universe, I don’t really understand the long term appeal to it, but Lego Star Wars was fun as hell!

    It’s got great gameplay (better than a lot of games out now)and easy controls.As someone said, it’s enough humor that adults can enjoy it too, for me it’s partially nostalgia for Lego and partially for Star Wars.

    I am also a HUGE Harry Potter nut so when that one comes out I will be buying it. So to me it’s not all because it’s Lego’s, it depends on the series they choose to make it into.

  • Bryan

    I have the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games. They are fun and easily playable. And the humor is good. That’s pretty much it for me.

  • Dave

    They’re just really fun in a lot of different ways.

    I was skeptical at first, but then I played lego batman at a friends house and it is just addicting.

    First you go through the storyline with characters that are kind of campy but funny, and I can’t stress how much fun it is to just smash lego things to pieces with your characters. The villains aren’t too difficult so it’s not horribly frustrating, and there are some puzzles to solve sometimes before you can go on to the next stage.

    Also there are tons of extras. You can unlock the ability to play tons of heroes and villains from the batman universe, and you can unlock different abilities for each character. i.e. Batman has a sonic suit that can shatter glass, and a bomb to detonate explosives. There are crazy vehicles you can drive, batmobile, batboat, batcopter, etc.

    When you’ve finished Batmans missions, you can go to Arkham asylum and do villain missions.

    Then when you’re done with that you can go back to all the levels and try to unlock secret areas using the special suits and characters that you’ve unlocked.

    Just tons and tons of extras, and it’s just super fun to go around smashing things.

  • FrankenPC

    I don’t get it either. Not appealing to me.

  • DAM

    I might be able to offer perspective. I am in my mid-30s, married with two young children. I used to be an avid gamer but as times went by, I lost my edge because I don’t have much time to invest in the new games. Now, I don’t have much time to invest in games and figuring out how to play most of them. Games like Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones are easy to pickup and play for an hour or so, make some progress and put it down. I think the licensing helps because it gives the gameplay some easily-familiar thread, but for me the games work because I can play them any time I have any time.