Call of Duty: Black Ops is Already RUINED


So if you thought the care package glitch, One Man Army, noob tubing, akimbo shottys and 10th prestige lobbies were ruining Modern Warfare, just wait until you see this massive Black Ops glitch that is sure to have the internet up in arms shortly.

What’s the big deal about? I’m to frustrated that my $60 game is now garbage so I can’t even go into it, you’ll just have to watch.


  • Jack

    LOL Paul, you scared me with the title as I am planning on picking this one up on my way home from work today. I can’t wait to exploit this glitch!!

  • thegreatfatsby

    For the love of god WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have nightmares leading up to the moment I get this game and see this exploited by campers.

    Apples will be haunting my dreams. I may have to give up drinking cider, eating apple pies and using anything apple related.

    Treyarch, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a side note, some people really need to get a life and figure out that even though Youtube exists so you can put any piece of crap up there and call it your own, discretion must be exercised at all times.

  • Lagrange
  • I will not stand for floating apples in this stage of game design, what a travesty.

  • Velovan

    Give it time, I’m sure someone will find the glitches that really do ruin your 60 dollar purchase.

  • NYxaria

    but but FLOATING APPLE!

  • Bernie

    Saw the title, thought “Oh Crap”, watched the video and fell apart laughing.
    Thanks Paul.

  • Carax

    Holy crap, Issac Newton will be spinning in his grave.

  • I lol’d.

  • cyberdemon66

    i dont realy see the big deal its an appel can we find somthing actualy wrong with the game before we bitch and moan about it

  • jablowme

    I ain’t bying this pos now. MOar akimbo shotties in balck ops!@#!#!@#….. i ahd enough in Mw2